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Nobody knows I'm all alone

Leaving in this castle made of stone

They say that money is freedom

But i feel trapped inside it all

And as i sit so high up on a throne

I wonder how I can feel this low

On top of the world is beautiful

But there's no place to fall

Castle Walls - Christina Aguilera

Unexpected Return


I cannot believe Damon! He's being such a butt crack. We'll he's always like that, but today... I just can't anymore! I can't belive he said what he said. It was so uncalled for and he said it right in front of Rebecca, Rebecca!

After Jeremy and I left I dropped him off and drove to my house, but then remembered i left something at Elena's house that I have to go get it. I arrived at my destination in less than 3 minutes (mocking my GPS' voice). I got out of my car and walked up her porch. I knocked on the door and realized that there was another car parked in the Gilbert's driveway. Wow, that car looks familiar. Almost like... Oh No!


After Caroline and Hot Gilbert left Damon told me about what went down with Him and Caroline, and actually I wasn't that surprised that Damon did that, but i was surprised and very, very, very angry, no pissed is more like it. I feel like beating the shit out of him! How could he, how could he do that to Caroline, poor little Caroline. Ugh, how could he just take advantage of her lonliness, and low self - esteem. I just don't know anymore, i need a break.

After Damon told me the story, we drove to get some thing to eat and drove to the Gilbert residence, only because Damon wanted to go make sure Elena was okay, and I wanted to go see Hot gilbert.

Damon and I got out the car, and walked up the steps. Then, he knocked on the door more like pounded and it opened to reveal a very annoyed Elena.

"Hey 'Lena" Damon said rather childlike. "Shut up, Damon!" Elena said back while slapping him on the chest.

"Ugh! Can you two stop flirting!" Rebecca yelled, "It's disgusting!"

"We're not- no- he just- we're not." Elena's face was the brightest red in the freaking world. You could see probably see in the dark with it. Haha! Rebecca you are one funny girl!

Damon just stood there smirking his life away. I'm not done with you Damon. Just wait till later. Just wait. Muahahahah!


I was suddenly brought back to life by the most anoying voice at this moment.

"What!" I yelled back. Who does he think he is. yelling at me after what he told me. "You yell at me one more time and i will punch so hard you'll go back to hell!"

I have no idea what got into me, but i just went all Jackie Chan on his ass. I don't know how much punches and kics and slaps and knees and bites it took Damon to realize what was going on.

But Once he realized what i was doing he grabbed my arms, flipped me around, and dropped me on his shoulder.


I don't know what happened, but i suddenly felt a huge pain in my head, and did nothing while the shadows over came me.

"Hi" said a young girl with blonde hair, "I was just, um, wondering if, um, you would, um, like to play with me?"

The young girl was so scared and nervous, but she had to do it. If she didn't then she would look like a complete fool in front of her friends.

You see the young girls friends dared her to go up to the most popular boy in middle school and ask him if he wanted to play with her.

The boy looked up when her heard a voice, and saw a small girl. He didn't hear what she said. She spoke to low.

"Excuse me?" asked the boy, "What did you say?"

"I'm sorry, i didn't mean to bother i just came up because my friends dared me and the told me to ask you if you wanted to play with me, and i didn't mean to bother you. I'll just go back. Sorry!" The young girl looked like she was about to pee on herself. She had never been that scared before.

"No, no your not bothering me. I just couldn't hear what you said, but now i understand. Sure."

"Sure, what?" Asked the blonde headed girl.

"Sure I'll play with you. That's what you came to ask me, right?" said the boy.

"Um yes. So, what do you wanna play?" asked the young blonde girl.

"I don't know. How about the prince and the princess. I have to go save you from the pirates that took you, and that are trying to make you 'walk the plank'" he said that last part in his best pirate imitation he could.

"O-okay." said the blonde girl.

"You don't have to be afraid of me. I won't hurt you." said the older boy, "So what's your name?"

"My name is Rebecca Forbes, and yours?"

"My name is Damon Salvatore. It's a pleasure Miss." Damon said in his most fancy voice.

Rebecca tried to hide her blush, but it was hard because her skin was so pale.

Damon seemed to have notice her blush because he smiled.

"The pleasure is all mine."

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