This isn't technically new, it's just a silly little epilogue I've had drafted pretty much since the beginning, so I wanted to include it. I hope you enjoyed this long-ass, late-ass story.

Thank you again for reading!


It's been a few months since everything went back to 'normal,' so Antonio immediately notices that there's something off when he wakes up. He feels pleasantly sore, which is unsurprising, he and Lovi had just gotten home yesterday from a World Conference and he had been unable to keep his hands off his amorcito.

As Roma had apparently promised himself, the minute that conference was over he had walked up to England and punched him so hard in the face that he landed on his ass. Antonio didn't think he'd ever been so turned on. He'd been on his knees, sucking Romano off against the door of an empty supply closet not even five minutes later. They quickly headed home after that and by that point he was so worked up again that he could barely wait until they got in the front door to get his little tomate out of his clothes. Within a minute of entering their home, he had pushed Romano down onto the living room couch then ridden him like he'd wanted to do all those months ago.

After they finally made it to their bedroom, unpacked and had one last quickie in the shower, he had settled down enough to go to sleep.

So yes, after yesterday he is sore in the best way. So that can't be what's wrong.

Now that he's actively focusing on it, and not pleasantly reliving the past twenty-four hours, Lovi is kind of heavier than normal. And more spread out.

It's then he notices that he has two warm bodies instead of one in his arms and a third on his chest. It doesn't take long for him to realize what's happened after that.

"England!" The three Romanos all react in varying ways.

"Don't shout, idiota," One growls then clambers off the bed.

"It is too early, Spagna," The second one practically purrs, voice too sultry, "why are you shouting, amore?" That one presses against him fully and starts to draw absentminded shapes on his chest.

"What's wrong, Tonio?" The last one asks, having jumped away and off the bed in fright at the loud noise.

Okay, maybe he can wait a little while to turn them back. What could go wrong? Shouldn't be that hard to convince Lovi to be one person again, right? He might as well enjoy this while he can.

"Ah, tan lindos. Come here my little tomates."

The one on top of him pushes himself into a seated position, those beautiful legs straddling his hips and that perky ass settling into his lap with a grind. "What've you got in mind, cuore mio?" The grin this Roma gives him is confident and salacious.

"Fuck no! You come over here," The first Romano sneers, crossing his arms and glaring at the Roma starting to trail kisses up Antonio's chest. Despite the harsh words, Antonio can see him start to make hesitant steps towards the bed.

"Okay!" The last Lovi chirps before settling in comfortably at his side again. He gives him a bashful grin, not seeming bothered by the second Roma's increasingly filthy attempts to instigate some sleepy morning sex. "Bésame, Tonio?" He asks, voice shy but certain.

Oh, yes. This could be very good. Hopefully Lovi won't be too mad when he turns back.