Mahou Sensei Ichigo!

Greetings everyone, I am MR DEATH RIDER, at your service. This story is actually a challenge set by Infinite Zangetsu. This story takes place 9 years after the Winter War, and it sets well after the Fullbring arc in the manga and anime, whilst it is the beginning of the Negima arc. One thing to say, only few Japanese words in it, unlike my story Love-Ru + Vampire, so no need to worry. One of these words is the 'Saigo no Getsuga Tensho' which means the 'Final Heavenly-Shocking Moon Piercer'. I do hope you enjoy this story.

I do not own Bleach or Mahou Sensei Negima!. They belong to the respective owners of Tite Kubo (Bleach) and Ken Akamatsu (Negima). Enjoy and no flames. Reviews and critics are allowed. If there are no reviews, I would be most disappointed.

"Hello" = speaking

'Hello' = thoughts & thinking

"Hado/Bakudo/Ras Tel Ma Magister" = Kido &/or Mage spells

Prologue: Memories of the Past

A large battle was taking pace in a mountainous area, where the landscape was decimated by simple swings of katanas. A man covered in white with two pairs of six wings on his back, brown hair that went to his back, purple, pupil-less eyes and a large hole in his chest with a cross with a small orb in it was fighting another man. He had a katana that was fused with his right hand. His name was Aizen Sosuke.

The other man wore a black shihakusho, had shoulder length orange hair, eyes with a hazel-brown iris and a black glove on his right hand to mid bicep. At the end of the glove, a long black chain was wrapped around the length of his arm. At the hand of the glove, a black katana was infused. This man's name was Kurosaki Ichigo.

After a few swings and destroyed landscape, Aizen decided to attack Ichigo with a powerful strike. Unfortunately for Aizen, Ichigo just stopped it with his free hand. The strike didn't faze the orange head, even though there was a large crater that just formed behind him.

'Impossible! He caught it?!' Aizen thought in shock, his eyes twitching in surprise.

"Why so surprised?" Ichigo asked.

At this, Aizen gasped in shock, his eyes staring at Kurosaki with disbelief.

"Does it scare you?" Ichigo taunted "That something you can't comprehend happened right before your eyes?"

Aizen stared in shock, but then he narrowed his eyes and chuckled. Suddenly, a dark, purple aura surrounded Aizen as he begun to chant.

"The oozing crest of corruption! The arrogant vessel of madness! Deny the seething urge... Stun and flicker... Disrupt the sleep! The crawling queen of iron! The eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Unite! Repulse! Fill the earth, and know your own powerlessness! Hado #90 Kurohitsugi!" Aizen roared.

Suddenly, a large black box with a purple outline started to surround Ichigo, as it warped the space around him.

"Now that I transcend both Hollows and Shinigami, this is a full incantation of Kurohitsugi!" Aizen boasted.

Ichigo just stared with no emotion as the black coffin surrounded him. As soon as it encased him inside, Aizen smirked in triumph. Yet, Ichigo just used his left arm and swung it, destroying the Kido.

"You don't seem to realize, do you?" Ichigo said.

Aizen just stared in shock as Ichigo continued. "My power is greater than the power you have.".

Ichigo then started to approach Aizen slowly, like a predator stalking its petrified prey. He then took off without warning, bringing the new form of Tensa Zangetsu and slashing Aizen's shoulder. All while Aizen's eyes widened in fear.

Blood shot from the wound, and Aizen retreated to higher ground, using his strange technique. Ichigo lowered his weapon, but stayed on guard. Aizen just clutched his wound, glaring at the young boy in front of him.

"What an odd feeling." Ichigo said, bringing Aizen out of his trance.

"When I backed away in our last fight, you asked me why." He added. "But now you're doing the same thing. So, let me ask the same question: 'Why did you just back away right now?'"

Aizen's eyes widened at what he heard, but then he started to glare at Ichigo, anger boiling inside his veins.

"I see…" Aizen said. His Zanpakuto-fused hand started to shake.

"You're pleased that you stopped my attack?"

His face started to twist into pure anger and hatred.

"Are you pleased that you overcame my Kido?"

The wound on his shoulder started to regenerate, making a bubbly substance appear.

"Are you pleased that you were able to place a scar on my body?"

Aizen then lost his entire demeanor as a fury like none other appeared in his eyes and on his face.


Suddenly, the black oval on Aizen's forehead burst open, revealing a third eye.

However, something happened to Aizen that made Ichigo narrow his eyes slightly. Aizen just stood paralyzed where he was, when blood started to pour out of his third eye. Then Aizen's neck turned to the side, with a crack. Then his pupils suddenly moved to the center of his sclera. As that happened, purple Reiatsu burst from him, and like that, Aizen let out an agonizing scream as a pillar of purple Reishi formed around him. As this happened, Ichigo narrowed his eyes a lot, slightly concerned.

Then, blood started to gush out of the pillar, which collapsed. It revealed Aizen with a black Hollow-like face with three, blank white eyes. There were three holes in his body now, with the Hogyoku in the center of his second hole. His wings also changed, revealing monstrous heads and eye-shaped objects.

"I see… this is completely unforgivable, isn't it, Hogyoku." Aizen said, his voice slightly altered.

"That I, let a mere human get the better of me."

Then, with a simple movement of his wing, Aizen released a small, purple Cero from one of his wing-mouths. It collided with Ichigo at super speed and it caused a massive detonation. So large was the explosion, that a mushroom-shaped cloud formed at the mountains, allowing Ichigo's friends to see it. A massive crater of 20km in diameter was formed by this small Cero. Aizen was smug by his power and approached the edge of the crater.

"I understand." Aizen said as the orange haired Kurosaki appeared from the fire and smoke.

"You took my attack with so little damage. However, that left arm of yours is now useless."

Ichigo just glared at Aizen, but that changed as Aizen suddenly grabbed Ichigo's neck and swept him past the fire. Then, his wings surrounded him and formed three rings of Reiatsu.

"Can you hear me, Kurosaki Ichigo?" Aizen questioned.

"Indeed, for a moment, you broke the boundaries between Hollows and Shinigami to become a transcendent being. But that power is no more! Not a trace of it remains!"

"You're no longer worth trying to understand anymore." Aizen said, disappointment in his voice.

"I, a true transcendent being, will kill you. By killing you, I will completely break free from insignificant Hollows and Shinigami alike!"

Then, by squeezing his captive's neck harder, Aizen shouted. "It's all over for you! Kurosaki Ichigo!"

"Over you say?" Was the orange-head's reply.


"Is this all you've got?" Ichigo asked.

And like that, Ichigo swung his sword, destroying the binds that Aizen had hold of him and causing Aizen to back away slightly.

"Let's end this already, Aizen." Ichigo said with a tired expression.

"I have grown sick… of your… arguments."

Aizen just glared at the boy when he saw Ichigo place his right arm, fused with his Zanpakuto, and placed his left arm on his right elbow. Aizen realized this was a similar stance to when Ichigo activated his Bankai.

"I'll show you." Ichigo warned, a small smirk appearing on his lips as his eyes filled with determination.

"This is the… Saigo no Getsuga Tensho!"

With that said, black and midnight-blue Reiatsu surrounded Ichigo's body like a pillar, which caused Aizen to have shock enter his mind.

"What is… that form?!" Aizen questioned in shock.

The Reiatsu then dissolved from Ichigo, only revealing some of Ichigo's new form. Then, the Reiatsu pushed away from his body, causing Aizen to shield his face with his arm, and when he lowered, he was shocked beyond comparison.

Ichigo was wearing black hakama, made from Reiatsu. At the bottom where his feet were, wisps of Reiatsu leaked off. He was covered in grey bandages that covered his torso, lower face and right arm. From the elbow down on his right arm, black Reiatsu was also leaking off. But what was a more drastic change was Ichigo's hair; it was waist length and as black as the night sky without moon and stars. His hair was flowing from the wind that was caused from his transformation. On his left arm, were a few stripe-like tattoos.

"The Saigo no Getsuga Tensho is… me… becoming Getsuga itself." Ichigo explained, revealing red pupils instead of brown.

"The Saigo no Getsuga Tensho… if I use this technique, I will lose all of my Shinigami powers. That's why it's called the 'final'."

Aizen's eyes opened more in shock.

'I still cannot sense his power.' The mutant thought.

'I have evolved into a being far beyond that of a Shinigami. Just as two-dimensional beings can never interact with three-dimensional beings, no Shinigami or human can sense my Reiatsu unless I bring it down to their level of awareness.'

'Could it… could it possibly be that he… is at an even higher level than myself?'.

With that thought, Aizen gnashed his teeth together and had his eyes narrowed.

"That is absurd! It is impossible!" Aizen hollered.

"A mere human cannot surpass me! That cannot be!"

Ichigo just raised his right arm above his head. Flashes of all the things he has done since he got his powers until now went through his head as he brought his arm down. In his hand was a black blade of Reishi.


As the hand was brought down, a burst of black Reiatsu burst forth from Ichigo's Reishi-like sword, engulfing the land into pitch darkness.

"If you use this technique, you will lose all of your Shinigami powers." Tensa Zangetsu's voice came from Ichigo's inner soul.

"This is farewell, Ichigo!"

Aizen just looked in alarm as he was cut in half and obliterated.

An alarm was bleeping in the background. A sigh was released as an arm hit the alarm clock and a mass of shaggy, orange hair emerged. This was Kurosaki Ichigo, 24 years old, unemployed. He got up and stretched, clicking a few bones. As he got up, he couldn't help but notice that the day was the anniversary that Ichigo used the Saigo no Getsuga Tensho. But he never regretted it, after he got his powers back thanks to Rukia, again.

He left his room, only to see his 20-year-old sister, Yuzu. Yuzu had matured a lot during the last 9 years, but she still had a heart of pure innocence and kindness. Her light brown hair reached her shoulders, despite her having a pigtail.

"Ah… Onii-chan. You startled me!" Yuzu pouted.

"Sorry Yuzu.", Ichigo replied with a large yawn.

"Nah… he's being depressed again, ne Ichi-nii?" A black-haired woman said.

This girl was Ichigo's other sister, as well as Yuzu's fraternal twin, Karin. She, like Yuzu, also matured over the years, even though she tried to hide it.

"Ahh… so where's Oyaji?" Ichigo asked.

"He was busy with a patient last I heard." Karin replied.


And with that, Ichigo headed to the clinic section of the Kurosaki household.

Over the years, many things have happened. The fight with the Fullbringers and many Hollows seeking him put a lot of pressure on the Shinigami Daiko. But Ichigo just went through those times with the aid of his friends. But what he didn't know was that he was in for another adventure, and this one wasn't spiritual.

"Waa~~h! We're gonna be late for the exam~~~~~!" A girl cried out.

This girl was about 13 years old, had brownish hair that was done in long pigtails and wore a black dress-robe. She had a premature body type, as her body hadn't reached puberty yet. Her name is Anya Cocolova.

"Quiet please!" An old man called out.

Everyone in the vast hall kept their silence as they listened to what he had to say. This man was the Headmaster of the Magical Academy and he was quite old.

"Now then, as for the subject matter of the exam." The Headmaster explained.

"For this test… as a pair of two, we will have you engage in monster extermination!"

"EEHH~~~~!?" A young boy cried out.

This boy looked like he was too young to be allowed in the academy, since he was only 10 years old. He had reddish-brown hair done in a ponytail at the back of his head, and wore a similar robe to Anya's. He carried a wooden staff him on his back. His name is Negi Springfield, a child prodigy.

Behind him and Anya, an older girl of 17 with blonde hair fainted. This girl was Nekane Springfield, Negi's cousin, but sister to Negi's mind.

"For further information, do look over the printout you were just handed." The Headmaster added.

Negi, Anya and Nekane, who mysteriously got conscious again, looked over the printout that Anya and Negi received.

: Exam key points:

I. You will find and defeat the monster said to be on the grounds behind the academy.

II. It is necessary to act as a pain.

*Monster Supplement – Mysterious Monster Rumors say it has eaten 1000 Mages:

"I… In any case, don't interfere with me!" Anya screamed at Negi.

"Leave the monsters to me and I won't interfere with you!" Negi shouted back.

'But it said it ate…~' Nekane thought.

'I… I wonder if they'll really be alright.'

With impressive magic, Negi activated his magical item; a British broadsword.

"Hunh~~~ That's relatively impressive for you, isn't it Negi?" Anya stated.

"Indeed, as expected of a collector." Nekane commented.

"Hem hem… One thing before we start the exam. The use of magical items is strictly prohibited. You may only use your staves." The Headmaster said.

"Yo… You gotta be kidding me~~~!" Negi shouted in despair.

"Heh…" Anya said with a smug look on her face, whilst Nekane fainted in the background, again.

"Well, we should have guessed."

Negi then hugged his staff close to his body, saying "I… I've only got one staff…"

"It's already been decided, so there's nothing we can do." Anya commented.

Smirking, she ordered. "Alright! Now that our equipment is in order… Let's go! Negi!"

"Ah… Right!" Negi said with a bit of determination.

"Be careful, you two." Nekane said softly.

After walking quite the distance, Negi and Anya were startled a few times by rustling bushes and hooting owls. After a while, Negi noticed a large imprint on the ground.

"ANYA!" Negi shouted, spooking said girl.

"Wh-What?!" The startled girl screeched.

"A massive footprint!" Negi pointed out.

Anya got a bit annoyed that Negi spooked her out because of a footprint, but gulped slightly when she saw how big it was.

After walking for a few more minutes, a large shadow bored over them, making them look up. Both had shocked faces immediately.


With a colossal roar, the giant monster approached the two, swinging down a hammer towards the direction.


"He-Hey, wait a sec! It's not gonna cut us any slack!?" Anya cried out.

"Alright, we're gonna do this at once! Negi, follow me!"

"EH, EH, GEEH!?"

Both Negi and Anya leapt forward, bringing their left hands to their chest.

"Septendecim Spiritus Aebiales Coentes Inmicum" Anya cried out.

"Fortis La Tius Lilith Lilioth… Sagitta Magica Series Fulguralis!"

"Ras Tel Ma Skir Magister! Septendecim Spiritus Lucis…" Negi chanted.

"Sagitta Magica, Series Fulgularis!"

"Sagitta Magica, Series Lucis!"

Both finished their chanting their spells, firing their arms that held their staves out.

By doing this, they launched out a fury of light-blazed and lightning-shaped arrows into the golem's body, causing an explosion to take place.

"Alright!" Anya cheered.

Suddenly, the golem launched its arm and grabbed Anya, lifting her into the sky.


"A… Anya!" Negi cried out.

'Magic has no effect!?'

"SAVE ME NEGI!" Anya screamed.

"HOLD ON! I'LL SAVE YOU NOW!" Negi shouted.

"Ras Tel Ma Skir… Sagitta Magica, Series Lucis!" Negi shouted, launching arrows of blazing light into the golem's chest.

However, like last time, the spell had exactly no effect on the golem

"Wh… What!?", Negi cried out, flabbergasted that his attack didn't even leave a dent in the monster's body.

Anya then noticed that the golem had opened its mouth and a beam of blue energy started to gather in its mouth.

"Negi! Look out!" Anya cried out as the blue beam fired from the golem's mouth.

Negi retaliated quick enough to throw up a shield, but it did nothing to stop the beam of destruction.

The force of the explosion, however, knocked Negi, sending him flying and bouncing on the ground.

"NEGI!" Anya cried out as said boy landed painfully on his back.

"That's enough… That's enough, alright?" Anya said, tears flowing from her eyes. She then screamed out, "NEGI! RUN!"

Negi opened his eyes, twitching from the pain. He started getting up, but very slowly.

"I can't… do something like that!" Negi said, as he fell down onto one knee.

"If I run from here-…"

Flashbacks from the past flashed into Negi's mind when demons attacked his home, turning most of his neighbors, family and friends into stone.

"It'll end up the same as 6 years ago!" Negi panted.

He then reached for his staff, which somehow survived the explosion.

"At that time, I–…" Negi continued as he rose up and grabbed his staff.

"I couldn't do anything…! Even for Grampa and Sis! I have to change!"

"Negi!" Anya cried out in shock, seeing Negi on his feet.

"To become a Magister Magi like him and meet him once again…!" Negi kept on saying.

"I swore of this staff that he gave me on that day!"

Anya looked on in shock as Negi defiantly stood up against the golem.

"This is the strongest magic I can use at the moment!" Negi shouted out, leaping towards the golem.

The golem was slightly surprised by this new determination, but it growled in reply.


'Father, lend me your power!'


A great blast of wind and light burst forth from Negi's staff and hands, going at the golem at great speed and strength.

The golem actually retreated as it saw the blast coming towards him, as it ripped up trees and levelled rock formations.

Anya was even more surprised, as this was the strongest magic she has ever seen coming from her childhood friend.

The blast of magic strucked the golem, tearing through its chest, leaving a massive hole there.


"Yes! I did it!" Negi cheered.

He then leapt and caught Anya as she fell from the clutches of the golem, which toppled up into many pieces.

"Thank goodness… you're safe, Anya." Negi said good-heartedly as he put Anya down gently.

Anya was blushing slightly as she saw Negi smiling with his eyes closed.

"Negi," Anya started. "Th… Thank y-"

However, Anya never got the chance as her hair brushed Negi just underneath his nose.



With a terrific sneeze, Negi tore most of Anya's clothes off, leaving only stripped panties and the top of her robes left.


After a few embarrassing minutes, Anya redressing herself, both Negi and Anya returned back to the Academy. There, they were enthusiastically greeted by their fellow class members, the Headmaster and Nekane. They were all chatting happily when Negi announced that he only defeated the golem thanks to his father's strength.

"That's not it, Negi." the Headmaster said.

Negi looked up shocked from this, as did the others in the proximity of the area.

"That was your own power." The Headmaster commented, winking and smiling at the young mage.

"HEADMASTER!" Everyone shouted in shock.

"Dreams sometimes grant us incredible powers and growth." The Headmaster said sagely.

"Your dreams… make sure you continue to hold onto them."

"YES! THANK YOU, HEADMASTER!", Negi said determinately.

"The conferment of the graduation diplomas-", the Headmaster said, "You have done your best these last seven years. However, training from here on will be the crucial point. Do not lose your spirit!"

"Negi Springfield!"


After a few minutes, Negi and Anya left the grand hall of the Magical Academy. They were soon joined by Nekane.

"Negi, what does yours say?" Anya asked.

"It's appearing now, but where's your training going to be?", Negi asked.

"I'm gonna be a diviner in London!" replied Anya

The three of them looked at Negi's paper with curious looks.

"Oh… well?" Anya asked.

In glowing words, it revealed:

Negi Springfield – A teacher in Japan:

"A teacher…" Negi started.

"IN JAPAN!?" Nekane finished.


"But Negi's still only ten!" Anya cried out.


This includes the first chapter, though it is a prologue, of Ichigo Sensei!. I hope you did enjoy it. This is my second story. That is all I have for today. You have received a new story from MR. DEATH RIDER, have a good day.