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Chapter 17: The Grand Adjuchas Encounter

"I can't stand this anymore! I'm so bored~~!"

With those words, one Ritsuka "Gudako" Fujimaru complained as she rolled on the floor in her dorm room, making the two others in the room to sweat drop, one of whom was contacting the students via hologram.

The light, lavender-haired girl could only look at the hologram of a young, adult woman, looking a little worried.

"What should we do, da Vinci-san? Senpai being bored like this isn't really good…" Mashu said.

The now identified da Vinci could only nod while frowning. "Well, there are traces of magic going around the entire campus you're on, magic that I don't know of. Perhaps if I send Holmes there?"

"Ne, da Vinci-chan, can you send Gramps and Shishou?" Ritsuka asked the genius inventor. "And one of the lower tier Servants? I need something to relieve my boredom…"

"Why Scathach and First Hassan?" The inventor asked.

"Shishou is good at detecting magic and runes and Gramps because he's one of the best protectors!" Ritsuka explained. "Not to mention, they're good at hiding from detection, just in case there are enemy mages and what else here."

Leonardo da Vinci and Mashu had to give Ritsuka credit for that logic.

"Besides, others might not get along too well and cause a scene. I don't want people dropping dead because of Kiyohime and Serenity…" She added.

"Well, try and wait a few hours. It will take them some time to reach Japan physically." da Vinci stated before the hologram disappeared.

As that happened, Ritsuka gained an impish grin on her face as she glomped onto Mashu from behind, rubbing her fingers in weird ways under the former demi-Servant's chin.

"Keep me entertained, my cute little eggplant~~!"

"Se… Se… Senpai!?"

Ichigo was typing away on his personal laptop on the desk next to the members of the Light Music Club. It's been nearly a week since he was with Momo in this room when she was hunting for clubs. As he sipped from his cup of Five Roses Tea, he paused a little. He was drinking tea from the United Kingdom in a fancy European teacup. Oh, how will his friends react at this. Shaking his head in amusement, he couldn't help but smile. He got along with the girls in the room.

Ritsu reminded him of Keigo when they were still in school, especially when she got into her joking manner with Yui. Yui was even more goofy and clumsy than Orihime, but at least she had a sense of food. Mio was almost like a mix of Tatsuki and Michiru, serious yet easily embarrassed. He actually found it amusing that she got scared easily despite being very strict with the other girls. Tsumugi was… Tsumugi. Very easy to relax with, and sometimes quite quirky around things she's never seen or done before. And finally, Azusa. He found her interactions with Yui amusing, especially after he find out why she was nicknamed "Azu-nyan". He hated to admit it, but he found that quite adorable.

And it was recently that he met Yui's younger sister, Ui. He had to pause at this, the vast physical similarities between the two made Ichigo think of them as twins, even though it seemed Ui was more responsible and mature. And Ui was at first scared of him, but after spending an hour with them in the club, she slowly got used to him.

Shaking his head, Ichigo sipped his tea once more before continuing to type away on his laptop. He was busy making a schedule for the club to follow on, with some advice from Chad, seeing as the girls wanted to at least perform a few songs when they go to Kyoto in a few months-time, as well as the Mahora Festival later on in the year. He also overheard that before their graduation, the girls wanted to go to a random location in the world for a few weeks to explore. And as their advisor, he would go with them.

As he was typing, a plate with a slice of cake, red velvet, was placed next to his laptop. Blinking, he looked up to see Tsumugi smiling at him. "I hope you enjoy this, Kurosaki-sensei. It's red velvet and should help while you're busy."

Smiling a little, Ichigo nodded. "Thanks, Kotobuki."

Nodding, Tsumugi returned to her seat whilst Yui was talking animatedly to Ritsu about going to the beach for their summer, with Ritsu in return wanting to go to the mountains. Azusa sighed and looked at Mio for help, whom proceeded to whack Ritsu on the upside of her head. This caused said girl to complain about why it's always her. Chuckling, Ichigo continued typing away.

After a few minutes, he finally stopped, stretching his arms upwards as he called the girls to look at the schedule he made. All five members rushed to him and gazed over and around his shoulders, looking at their schedule:

Monday: Free

Tuesday: Practice

Wednesday: Free

Thursday: Free

Friday: Free

Saturday: Practice

Sunday: Free

"Hmm… two days of practice a week?" Mio mused as she rubbed her chin.

"I made it that way so that if there are any tests, you have time to study." Ichigo explained. "Meaning, unless its Tuesday and Fridays, you can slack off or do homework, but if I, or the other senseis, announce tests, you will be studying."

"I can agree with that." Azusa nodded, the older girls nodding in agreement.

"And if needed, I can help you prepare for tests." Ichigo added, making the girls look at him in surprise. "I am your teacher AND advisor, it's my job to help. But don't expect me to give you the answers."

The girls smiled at him, happy to hear that. However, they all blinked as there was knocking on the door. After that, two girls entered the room, both pausing as they saw the cakes and tea on the tables. One girl only sighed and shook her head, a small and amused smile appearing on her face. She was quite short, standing just below 1.6m, medium length dark brown hair and brown eyes. On her face was a square, half framed, red glasses.

"I see Ho-kago Tea Time hasn't changed, ne Yui?" She said, making Yui grin.

"Nodoka-chan!" She rushed forward and hugged her childhood friend, causing said girl to chuckle as she hugged Yui back.

The other girl looked at Nodoka curiously. She was slightly taller, standing just over 1.6m. She has long, straight, silver hair that reached her upper thighs, with her bangs being messy. Her expression was mostly stoic, her navy-blue eyes gazing over the room.

"I recognize the dark-haired girl with the red glasses from one of my other classes, but who's the silver-haired girl?" Ichigo asked as he looked over the two.

This caused both girls to blink in surprise as they noticed Ichigo still seated at his desk with his laptop before him. The silver-haired girl tilted her head in confusion.

"Oh, Kurosaki-sensei, I didn't see you there." Nodoka said in surprise. "I'm Manabe Nodoka from 3-C, I'm Yui's childhood friend and this here is…"

"Sakagami Tomoyo. It's a pleasure to meet you, Kurosaki-sensei. I'm from 2-H, and I'm currently the Fuku-kaichou of Mahora Gakuen. Manabe-senpai here is the Seito-kaichou." The now identified Tomoyo introduced herself.

Ichigo nodded, turning to look at Nodoka. "Any reason to why you're here, Manabe?" Ichigo asked.

"I'm here to check on Yui and the others to see how they're doing despite not having an advisor. Seeing as you are here, I take you are the advisor of the Light Music Club, Kurosaki-sensei?" Nodoka asked curiously.

"I am. I just finished typing a=out a schedule with the help of a friend of mine for them." Ichigo responded, pointing to his laptop.

Seeing this as permission, both leaders of the Student Council approached and looked at the schedule Ichigo typed out. Both girls nodded at this, before Tomoyo blinked when a cup of tea was given to her.

"What is this?" The confused girl asked.

Seeing this, Nodoka could only laugh wryly as she accepted her cup from Tsumugi.

"I did warn you that this club was unique…"

Ritsuka and Mashu had just got back from the World Tree, now accompanied by two others, one of whom was currently invisible. The first one was an older woman appearing in her late 20s or early 30s. She had long, purple hair and red eyes. Her outfit was unique as she wore a dark coloured, full-body outfit that highlighted her curvaceous body, along with metallic shoulder pads. In her right hand was a wicked-looking red spear.

The second, who was invisible, was giving off an aura that screamed DEATH, and had it not been the bond between itself and Ritsuka, Ritsuka, Mashu and the purple-haired woman would have been instantly on edge.

"This place holds vast amount of mana, especially that tree." The invisible being said, his voice deep. "Tis strange, for mine own not knowing. Where are we being in, Oh Contractor of Mine?"

"We're in Japan, my homeland, Gramps." Ritsuka responded to the old style that the being spoke in. "More specifically, at Mahora Academy."

"It definitely is interesting. This tree reminds me of Stone Henge back in my own homeland. I heard rumors it was a gateway to the old world, Though I honestly wouldn't know."

"Old world?" Mashu asked curiously. "What do you mean, Scathach?"

"From the rumors I heard, the old world was a magical world separate from the one we are in. Da Vinci, isn't there records from the Mage's Association that speak of the old world?" The now identified Scathach asked.

The device on Ritsuka's wrist beeped as the hologram of one, yet genderbent, Leonardo da Vinci appeared.

"From what I can find out in Romani's records, along with some I could get from the Association, is that it speaks of a world of pure magic. Though that's the Clock Tower. The Wandering Sea has no information." da Vinci explained.

"And if I may concur, the Atlas Institute speaks of a "Mundus Magicus", which is the Latin term for "Magical World". So hypothetically, this gateway leads to a world, or a plane, that's separate of our own. It's quite fascinating, if I may say so myself." A man said, standing next to da Vinci.

"I see, that does make sense, Holmes." da Vinci nodded,

However, before anyone could say anything, the invisible being accompanying Ritsuka suddenly materialled, the eyes behind his skull mask glowing brightly.

"Pardon thy intrusion, Contractor, but it seems we have a foul presence coming." The being said, a large broadsword materializing in his hands.

As soon as he said that, he looked towards a large crack that had appeared in the sky not that far from them. Ritsuka and Mashu widened their eyes as the crack started to open horizontally, an oval-shaped portal opening. And as soon as it opened, a massive weight crashed against all those spiritually and magically aware.

Ichigo's eyes snapped open, turning quickly to look out the window, startling the seven girls in the Light Music Club.

Momo, who was busy practicing her Kido alone, lost her concentration as her eyes widened in shock.

Negi, Takamichi, Sister Shakti, Yuuna's father, Konoemon, Cocone and Misora paused in shock as they felt the powerful and evil weight on their shoulders.

Zazie, Mana, Kaede, Setsuna and Aya all stopped as they felt the sinister aura and weight crashing down onto them.

Evangeline paused from sipping her green tea, which was prepared by Chachamaru, to look out the window of her cabin, her face narrowing into a frown as she could sense the sinister aura.

Scathach was already taking a fighting stance in front of Ritsuka, the other being placing both hands on the pommel of his broadsword, which he had planted into the ground.

"What the hell is that!?" Ritsuka gasped, having Mashu support her as she ignored the warning alarms coming through her transmission bracelet.

"We're getting signals of a powerful energy coming from the strange gate that appeared in Mahora!"

"Signals are still climbing! They have surpassed Phantasmal Beasts!"

"Holmes! What are we dealing with here!?" da Vinci cried out, looking at the world-renowned detective.

"I do not know. I've never seen anything like this before." The Ruler stated calmly, his eyes narrowing more.

"Director! The readings have gone past Divine! Whatever is coming from that portal is as strong, if not stronger, than the Lahmu from the Babylonia Singularity! It's almost at the same strength as a Demon God Pillar!"

"What!?" da Vinci's eyes widened at this, before turning back to the communicator. "Ritsuka, Mashu! Get ready, this is gonna be a tough battle for you both!"

As she said this, a large, monstrous looking creature stepped out of the portal, standing hundreds of feet above the World Tree. Its body was the size of a small house, and it was shaped similar to that of a gorilla, except it had draconic features to it; claws at the end of its feet and hands, a long, spiked tail, and armoured looking scales over its body. But there were two things that stood out more about the creature. In the center of its chest was a massive hole where the heart would have been, and Ritsuka and her Servants could see what was behind the creature through its hole. But the worst part of the creature was its cross human and draconic white mask on its head.

The giant creature then locked its eyes on the group of four below it, its mask moving into a grin as its glowing red eyes narrowed.

"KAKAKAKAKA! Arriving into the Human World and already waiting for me are strong souls to devour~!" The being laughed, its masculine voice warbled as it then launched itself down to the ground.

This action caused the group to move backwards a few feet. The being laughed as it stood to its full height, towering over even the former Grand Assassin.

"I am the great and mighty Ragardo! The almighty Adjuchas! And soon to be Vasto Lorde!" The now identified Hollow declared.

"If thou are but a specter of thy former self, a being void of life, tis only fair that death plays with thou." The male of Ritsuka's group spoke as he stepped forward, his cloak disappearing in blue motes of light. "If "Almighty Adjuchas" is thine title, then attend and hear mine own. From the mountain abyss do I come, and only death do I bring. I am the "Old Man of the Mountain", the First Hassan-i Sabbah!"

Scathach then moved to stand next to the founder of the assassins, but paused as she looked at Mashu. "I know it might be too much for your body, but protect Master at all costs."

With that said, Mashu nodded and her eyes narrowed in determination. Her body from below her neck begun to glow in a bright blue light, before her clothes were replaced with a skin-tight, black and purple armour that exposed her rear and put emphasizes on her large bust. She had black gauntlets that reached between her elbow and shoulder, black armour boots that reached mid-thigh and her in right hand was a massive, cross-shaped shield.

Whilst as this happened, Ritsuka took a more serious stance as she had her right hand resting on Mashu's shoulder, her hand glowing with blue mana.

"Don't worry Mashu, I have you backed up." Ritsuka told her close friend, before looking at her Lancer and Assassin Servants. "Kick that thing's ass, Shishou, Gramps!"

Scathach smirked whilst Hassan's flaming blue eyes glowed brighter, whilst the Hollow only smirked as its red eyes glowed just as dangerously.

As the fight was about to break out, Ichigo was rushing towards his dorm room where he kept his Hollow Badge, cursing under his breath.

"Of all the times a Hollow had to appear…!"

As he reached his room, he opened the door, surprising both Mana and Zazie. Ignoring them, he grabbed his Soul Badge and pressed it against his chest. As he did this, the two stoic girls widened their eyes at the sight of Ichigo's soul being separated from his body.

Frowning, Ichigo noticed that the girls were looking at him in shock. Rubbing his hand over his face, he looked at both of them with a scowl.

"I'll explain when I return. Both of you stay here, and look after my body. Make it as if I'm sleeping and not to be disturbed."

With that said, Ichigo opened the window and disappeared with a swish sound as he used Shunpo. Both Mana and Zazie then looked at each other, the former frowning more.

"Do you know what happened?" Mana asked.

Zazie shook her head, her face returning to neutral.

"No, but maybe Poyo-oneesama knows…" Zazie replied.

Scathach danced and dodged out of the way of the many red energy attacks the Hollow sent her way, said Hollow punching his fists as his Balas made small craters in the ground. As she dodged, the Adjuchas swung his tail, making it harden as it defended an attack from First Hassan's blade.

Swinging around, it attempted to bite down on the former Grand Assassin, only for said Servant to jump backwards, his eyes glowing fiercely as a pillar of blue fire engulfed the Hollow, causing it to roar in pain as its flesh was burned.

As this happened, Mashu made sure to stay in front of Ritsuka at all times, her shield at the ready. Seeing this, Ragardo fired a few Balas towards them after his flesh begun to rapidly heal. Mashu swung her shield, knocking the energy attacks away just as Scathach appeared behind the Hollow and slashed upwards with her spear, the bladed tip drawing a line across its back and making the creature roar in agony, its tail swiping at her.

"Damn you, damn you!" He roared as both Servants rejoined their Master, First Hassan's eyes narrowing.

"Tis a strange creature. It has healing abilities across its body, yet the stamina has yet to dwindle."

"I agree. Master, we might need to deploy our Noble Phantasms." Scathach agreed.

Before Ritsuka could say anything, more Balas came flying towards them, only for them to be intercepted by small fireballs. As this happened, Momo flashed behind the Hollow, her sword raised and ready to strike at the head.

Sensing this, the Adjuchas employed it's own speed ability and disappeared in a small sonic boom, only to appear a few feet away, its fist thrusting out to send a powerful Bala towards Momo. Momo used Shunpo to avoid the attack, appearing next to Mashu.

"Ah! Hinamori-san!?" Mashu gasped in shock, looking at the girl from 3-A.

"No time to explain, Kyrielight-san. That Hollow is extremely dangerous!" Momo responded, before raising her left hand at the Hollow, blue flames appearing just in front of said hand. "Hado 33! Sokatsui!"

With that said, a wave of blue fire shot towards the Hollow, only for said being to swipe his hand through the Kido and disperse it.

"And now we have a Shinigami? Hah! You are weaker than most Shinigami I have devoured!" The creature grinned at his confidence. "But it matters not, for your souls are mine to devour!"

"Devour on this! Gandr!" Ritsuka shouted, a red energy bullet firing from her right index finger.

Said bullet shot and collided with Ragardo's mask, breaking a small piece of it. The Hollow's eyes widened at this, before roaring in rage and anger, its Reiatsu crushing down on the small group as his eyes glowed with rage.

"YOU MISERABLE LITTLE RUNT!" Ragardo roared, his mouth opening wide. "I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOUUUUUU!"

A red ball of energy begun to rapidly grow in front of its mouth, making Momo widen her eyes in fear. She knew if that Cero connected with them, they'd all be dead. And sensing this, the Servants of Ritsuka agreed.

"Master! Give me strength!" Mashu cried out.

Ritsuka looked at her close friend and Demi-Servant with worry, before nodding and raising her right hand. "Mashu! By my Command Seal, protect us!"

Ritsuka's hand glowed briefly, as one of the tattoos on her hand disappeared and Mashu glowed with a soft light. Mashu then dug deep down into her being and called forth all of her power, a small cloak-like skirt appearing from her hips.

'Galahad, please lend me your strength!' Mashu begged as she raised her shield. "Deploying Hogu! True Name unleashed. I will stand on the seat of catastrophe!"

As Mashu begun to glow with a light blue aura, the Hollow's Cero grew bigger as it poured more energy into it, getting ready to fire it.

"That which heals all wounds and grudges... Our glorious homeland..." Mashu continued to chant, her eyes opening at the end. "Manifest yourself…! Lord Camelot!"

With the last part declared, she slammed her shield down onto the ground just as Ragardo fired off his Cero. Momo could only look on in awe as castle walls appeared around them, a pentagram of energy appearing before them. The Cero slammed into the pentagram, but didn't budge as it struggled to break through. Small cracks started to appear in the pentagram as it held against the death ray, Mashu screaming as she gave her all into her Noble Phantasm.

Eventually, the attack ended, unable to break through. The Hollow growled in frustration, its eyes glaring at Ritsuka with intense hatred. Mashu collapsed onto her knees, panting in exhaustion as her Spirit Origin begun to cackle. Eventually, she gasped in pain as she was forced to deactivate her Spiritron form, returning back to her normal clothes and her shield disappearing.


Ritsuka ran forward and held her Servant. Seeing this, Ragardo smirked as he begins to fire Balas towards the group, only to snarl as a barrier appeared between his attacks and his target. A barrier created by Momo.

"Gramps! Shishou! Use your Noble Phan-"

"Getsuga Tenshou!"

[Author's notice. Insert the Grand Battle theme from FGO here]

Ritsuka was cut off as a crescent wave of blue energy sliced through the Hollow, cutting its arm off. This made Ritsuka widen her eyes as Ichigo suddenly flashed before them, his white haori waving in the wind.

The Hollow roared in pain, clutching its stump whilst glaring at the Captain that attacked him. After a few seconds, his stump begun to bubble rapidly before a new arm shot out of the stump.

"Another Shinigami, eh? And this time a Captain!" Ragardo snarled, his eyes darting back to the dark, orange-haired girl. "Tell you what, let me kill that girl and we can have a real battle!"

Ichigo's eyes narrowed at this, his hand gripping his oversized Zanpakuto harder.

"Thou folly is thy hatred for mine Contractor." First Hassan remarked, stepping forward. "And thy folly shall lead to thou doom."

As he stepped closer, bells could be heard surrounding them all.

"Hearken! For the Evening Bell tolls thou name. From thy title as Adjuchas, thou shall now fall to death." Time froze still as barren wasteland appeared between Ragardo and First Hassan, said Hollow unable to move as its eyes widened in fear.

"Thou shall know thy Death, as Death shall come to all. Azrael!"

With that said, the Assassin swung his blade through the Hollow. However, no blood sprayed out and no screams of pain came from Ragardo. Ichigo and Momo could only blink in confusion as blue lines started to appear over his body. Seeing this, Ragardo snarled and swung his fist at the former Grand.

"What did you to me!?"

"Hmph. He delivered the concept of Death onto you. Meaning your regeneration won't save you anymore." Scathach replied with a smirk.

The Hollow's eyes widened, before he let out a roar of rage as he begun firing Balas at the group again. This time, Ichigo stepped forth and begun swinging his blade as fast as he could, slashing through the attacks and knocking them aside. Some did get past him, though the Lancer intercepted these with ease.

"What's your name, boy?" Scathach asked as she helped Ichigo defend the group.

"Kurosaki Ichigo, and I'm the teacher of the three girls behind us. What's yours?" Ichigo responded, not breaking his concentration.

"Hmph, you remind me of Setanta. But I shall humor you. I am Scathach." She responded with a smirk. "That creature seems to know you, bad blood?"

"Not that I know of. But it's a Hollow. The best way to kill them is to destroy their masks." Ichigo responded.

As this happened, Momo flashed away from the group, only to appear behind the Hollow and swing her blade downwards towards its head. Sensing this, Ragardo used his Sonido to get away again, growling in frustration. This wasn't the way it was supposed to go for him!

"Sensei, what's going on here?" Ritsuka asked Ichigo with uncertainty.

"It seems we both got involved in each other's worlds, Fujimaru. Take care of Kyrielight." With that said, Ichigo disappeared in a flash, appearing by Momo's side to help her as the Hollow attacked her.

Both Shinigami leaders of Squad Five begun to work together side by side, deflecting Balas whilst Momo fired the occasional Byakurai at Ragardo. As this happened, Scathach got into a stance, rearing her spear back in a javelin position.

"Stab and penetrate… thrust and pierce… Gae Bolg Alternative!" With this declaration, Scathach activated her Noble Phantasm and threw her spear towards the Hollow.

Ragardo could only turn to look, the spear piercing through his body and flying out, making it cough out blood as more blood sprayed out of its wound, his rapid regeneration he relied on failing to work.

Due to this, he was stunned and unable to comprehend what happened, which gave Ichigo all the chance he needed, appearing before the Adjuchas and roaring as Zangetsu cut right through his mask.

All Ragardo could do is howl in frustration as he disappeared, breaking down into ashes and motes of energy as his soul, and the thousands he had consumed, was purified. With the Hollow defeated, both Momo and Ichigo walked towards the group, where both Servants lowered their guards.

[Author's notice. End the Grand Battle theme here.]

Ritsuka then turned her attention to Mashu, who was panting and in pain. Seeing this, Momo quickly rushed forward and begun using Kaido on her, doing her best to heal Mashu. As this happened, First Hassan willed his blade away in blue motes of light, his fiery blue gaze fixing on Ichigo.

"Thou has our thanks, Guardian of Death. The Contractor would have been in despair had thou and thy comrade not appeared."

Ichigo nodded towards him, moving Zangetsu to his back, ignoring the interested stare Scathach gave him as he moved to step closer to the three girls.

"How is she, Momo?" He asked.

"Stable, but it seems that defensive ability of hers took a massive toll on her." Momo responded, sighing as Mashu had calmed down.

"And you have our thanks for that, missy!" da Vinci's voice came from Ritsuka's device, her voice making both Momo and Ichigo to jump in surprise. "It would be for the best if Ritsuka and Mashu return to Chaldea briefly so I can go over Mashu in person."

"Luckily, it's the weekend and the students have a small break next week before we begin teaching again." Ichigo responded. "I can accept if Kyrielight is absent, but not Fujimaru."

"Eh!? Sensei!? That's being mean!" Ritsuka gaped at him comically. "You can't separate me from my cute eggplant! She needs me!"

"Would you rather I give you a 20+ essay on history then, Fujimaru?" Ichigo smirked, making the infamous Master of Chaldea to comically cry in despair.

Scathach found this quite amusing, her eyes gazing more at Ichigo. 'Very interesting. Perhaps he can fulfill what Setanta cannot…?'

As this was happening, Zazie poked Ichigo's cheek, her eyes full of curioisty whilst Mana watched in some amusement.


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