The Return of Bryn


Sinbad couldn't help himself. It was like the winds of fate were controlling his every move. No matter what he did, he couldn't remove his eyes from his beloved Maeve.

The way her fiery red hair danced in the wind.

The way her chocolate brown eyes flashed with the fires of her element when her passions were invoked.

The way her skin shimmered under the sun like millions of tiny stars tattooed into her golden tanned skin.

She was a goddess.

She was HIS goddess.

They had only just got her back.

HE had just gotten her back.

He had an irrational fear deep within his soul-he feared that she would be taken from him again.

Which was totally absurd because Maeve was a certified white magic sorceress; but all the same-something was going to happen.

Something so drastic, that it could very well rip Maeve away from him again...


A light touch to his shoulder caused him to jump off the log fence he was resting on, spin around in a tight circle, reach for his saber, and stumbled back into the fence in shock.

A woman.

A very beautiful woman.

A very petite, beautiful, woman with sable black, curly hair, brown-black eyes, a homely heart-shaped face, and pouty, red lips.

The irrational fear stuck him again like an arrow to the heart, and yet, he knew that this woman was a kind and gentle woman who honestly meant him and Maeve no harm.

She took a step back and said with no fear or surprise in her voice, "My name is Lady Roslyn craigh Lyon of the House of Lyon. I am the daughter of Lord Lancelot Lyon, King Protectorate, Knight Commander, and First Knight
of the Dragon Order of the Round Table, and Princess Elaine Lyon nee Pendragon of the Houses of Lyon and the Royal House of Britannia. I need a ship to take me back to my home. Are you such an adventuring sailor?"

Before he could answer, for the name sent a jolt through him, Maeve, who had been watching Doubar and Rongar attempt to dissuade their curly haired companion from explaining yet another one of his scientific inventions with Bryn sitting beside her, gasped out loud in shock, "Rose?"

He watched as his goddess smiled grandly up at the older woman, and said as she hugged the tiny black hared woman, "What are you doing here?"

'Rose' smiled and said wryly as they pulled apart from one another, "I'm here because Fergus has met his future wife-to-be, and the big baby wanted me to be there to run interference with all the other women of the court."

He felt a smile grace his lips as Maeve laughed out loud in a bright and cheerful tone and exclaimed, "So, Aunt Aithne and Uncle Galahad have FINALLY gotten him married off, eh?"

Lady Roslyn smirked and that was all the answer Maeve needed it seemed.

How did she know this Lady?

When did they meet?

Where did they meet?

Why was his heart beating abnormally fast?

Whywas the sweat gathering at his temples?

He glared at this 'Lady Roslyn' from the safety of his hair. Maeve would kill him if she saw his eyes just then.

The Lady was sweet; she was dangerous.

She was gentle; she was callous.

She was going to take Maeve from him; he knew it.

She was the threat; he just didn't know what to do about it.

Roslyn turned towards Bryn and exclaimed with a smile as she hugged the equally petite woman, "Bryn! You have no idea how happy I am to see you alive! The last time I saw you, you were one your way to Hibernia to marry Prince Eamon of Airgialla! How'd you get here?"

'What the hell?' sputtered Sinbad in his mind.

Bryn looked at the raven hared woman with wide eyes.

Sinbad was just as shocked.

Hibernia? Marriage? Prince Eamon? Airgialla? Wha…?

Maeve placed an understanding hand on Roslyn's shoulder and said, "Rose, she has lost her memory. My Mind Arts aren't good enough to help Bryn regain her memory, but perhaps yours are?"

Roslyn gasped, stepped back and exclaimed apologetically as a hand flew to her rose colored lips, "Oh! Forgive me! I hadn't realized...!"

Bryn smiled gently at the older woman and said sweetly, "It's okay...I'm guessing you knew me from before the accident?"

Before Roslyn could reply, Doubar jumped in with a questioning bellow, "Lass! Just how do you know the Lady Roslyn?"

Maeve sighed and muttered as she place her fingers on her nose and rubbed the portion in between her eyes in frustration, "They are going to kill me..."

Firouz, who had been watching the proceedings with wide eyes, glanced at Sinbad and then at her once more and asked curiously yet protectively (for like Sinbad he and other others weren't eager to lose their friend once more-for any reason), "Who is going to kill you Maeve?"

Maeve, not really thinking about it, replied, "My father and my Uncles."

Sinbad felt another painful clenching around his heart.

He knew that Maeve had her secrets. Over the past few weeks, she and Dermott had revealed that they were indeed of the royal line of Britannia.

Bryn, herself, was the Princess of Britannia, but it was still unsettling to find out just how little he knew about the woman he loved so dearly.

He wasn't sure he could quite forgive her for the secrecy; he knew it wasn't her idea; he just couldn't comprehend why all the secrecy was necessary!

What was the danger in allowing close friends know?

Roslyn could only laugh.

He glared at her again; this wasn't going to end well.