The Return of Bryn

Chapter 5

Sinbad felt his heart clenched in fear.

His Maeve.

His beautiful, lovely, fiery Maeve was going to perform a spell that, according to her, had left her near death the last time she tried to conjure it.

He didn't want her to try it at all. He wanted her safe with him and not involved with such powerful magics.

He didn't care that her so-called family in Albion were going to war. They were people he had never seen before. Their war would not affect his travels as a merchant, so why should he care…

Idiot! Of course you need to care! His inner voice chided him. These people are loved ones of Bryn, Dermott, and most importantly….our Maeve! Of course they want to go home and see their families are well and fine! To think otherwise is to think them heart heartless….like you!

He grimaced.

He wasn't heartless.

He wasn't!

Was it so wrong to want his loved ones safe and far away from danger as possible? War was a terrible thing.

It meant loss of life.

It meant loss of innocents.

It meant loss of kindness and friendship.

It brought nothing but heartache, anger, and rage.

He had seen it plenty of times before in a multitude of countries all across the Seven Seas. Was it so wrong to just simply want to exists as oneself, with your loved ones, and be a peace with oneself in the world?

Eck! Now I sound like an old fuddy-duddy!

He shook his head hard. It didn't matter what he thought about bringing Maeve back to her homeland. He had planned on doing so already to hopefully get Bryn's memory back. That had been the plan since the night of Maeve's return to the Nomad. So they were leaving earlier than planned, but perhaps this would be a good thing? They could hopefully stop the war and have peace.

He sighed. It didn't matter what he wanted right then and there. What was important was the fact that Maeve, Dermott, and Bryn, his loved ones, were eager to go to help their family.

It was only right after all.

They were blood.

There were mothers, father, sisters, and brothers lives at stake if Roslyn failed in her duties.

He glanced in the direction she had gone with Firouz.

She hadn't looked well.

Not at all.

He hoped all the stress of war and travel hadn't negatively affected the baby.

He turned back to Maeve and asked as calmly as he could, "What kind of spell is it?"

Maeve glanced at him, bit her lip, and answered, "It's a summoning spell and transportation spell weaved together as one."

Double blinked and said, "What…?"

She gave them a grin and explained, "You see, travel to Albion is as easy as getting to port in Kameland City, but getting to Avalon is more than that. It lays behind a magical barrier that leaves the island invisible to all who know it not. If one did not know it was there, one could pass by the island, within the lake, and never know it was there; and yet, those who live there could see out onto the whole isle of Britannia and see who comes and goes pass the island. As the Guardian of the Gates, my mother is able to raise and lower the magical shield that protects Avalon from invaders. She can let in pilgrims, new priestesses in training, acolytes, sworn sisters of the Order, or bring in the families of the priestesses who live outside the island any time she likes. But those on the outside must wait for her to do so. To try themselves would be like asking for death to come to you, for one would never be able to get through the barrier."

She took a deep breath and added as Roslyn and Firouz arrived back on deck.

Sinbad noticed she looked better.

Her coloring was more fleshed out and Rosie, to pardon the pun, and her back less hunched over.

Maeve gave her a grin, hugged her tight, and said in continuation of her tiny lesson of Avalon, "As the daughter of the current Guardian, granddaughter of the previous Guardian, great-granddaughter of the next Guardian before that, it is in my blood to be able to invoke the passage. I never was able to do so as a child because, as I believe, as a fire elemental I am the exact opposite elemental affinity to easily open the gates. The last time I tried, as I stated before, left me weakened and deadly close to death."

Sinbad, cleared his throat and asked plainly, "Then why try now? You said…?"

She gave him an understanding grin and replied, "I have to. I can't let my country go to war without trying to help in some fashion. If getting Roslyn and Bryn home faster will help, then it's worth it."

She could see in his eyes that he didn't quite agree with her, so she added, "What wouldn't you do to save Doubar if he was to go to war and you could help?"

Sinbad froze at that.

Hadn't he made many sacrifices to keep his brother alive? He was even willing to kill his older brother to make sure he would not infect others with that wolf disease he caught not to long ago.


Because he knew his brother would never wish to harm an innocent.

So he would do anything to protect him, one of his most precious people.

He understood Maeve's resolve now.

He didn't know these people.

Maeve did.

He would do anything to protect his loved ones.

So would she.

Albion could go to war.

Maeve would help.

He loved Maeve.




He would protect her.

He would kill for her.

He nodded and she smiled.

She turned to Roslyn and ended, "And, she is right. With the Roaming Priestess asking for permission, along with my plea of entrance, the Mother will allow me to lift the veil. I will be weak, terribly weak, but I do not believe she will let me die."

Roslyn grinned up at her younger cousin and said, "Well said Maevelynn, now are you ready to cast the spell?"

Maeve took a deep breath and said determinedly, "Yes, I am."

She marched to the edge of the Nomad, and leaned forward over the rail.

She felt Sinbad come up behind her and place his hands on her shoulders.

He whispered into her ear softly, but loud enough to be heard over the wind coming up from the south, "You can do this Maeve. I know you can."

She grinned and said, "I know I can, now. I have you and Roslyn and Dermott behind me now."

She glanced at her older cousin, she was standing proudly and looked ever so much more powerful than she ever could. Roslyn always seemed to be the most powerful of their generation. Never could anyone, let alone her, cast magics as easily as Roslyn could. Be those magics elemental, generic, mental, or ever astrophysical, Roslyn was a prodigy in magical arts. If she had gone to DimDim for training, Maeve had no doubt that Roslyn would have been trained by DimDim, fought with Rumina, and back home within a year. Unlike she, who had needed three years to get in touch with her spiritual powers, and another three years to even get her powers to manifest as weak as they were when she first met Sinbad and the others. Granted, she improved vastly since that meeting two years ago, but she was positive Roslyn would have done so much better than she.

Bryn too, come to think of it. Bryn was a natural as well. Bryn could do SO MANY things with her mental abilities and earthly powers as they grew up. She had been SO jealous of her cousin, but so VERY proud too.

Roslyn gave her a chiding stare for her self-deprecating thoughts. Roslyn knew of her self-doubts, and had tried many times to get her to stop as a child. She had thought she was long over that now though.

Perhaps, since we are going home….all those thoughts no doubts are resurfacing?

She closed her mind to those thoughts. She was better than that now. She could feel her magics. They were powerful! Perhaps not as powerful as the Earthly elements that Bryn commanded or the mental and astrophysical ones Roslyn had under her command, but hers were powerful too!

She was of the same line as they were!

The line of Pendragon runs through her veins!

She wasn't going to run from the Magic the Mother blessed her with anymore!

She raised her hands into the sky and intoned,

"Gates of Avalon, Open to me!

I, a child of thee!

Allow thy passage with these behind,

Sailors of the Nomad, mind!

Gates of Avalon, Open to me!

This is my will, SO MOTE IT BE!"

Maeve felt the magic grow within her. It swirled like a roaring fire within her very core.

First, it was soft and warming.

Soothing to the touch.

Then with each line said though, it grew hotter and hotter until the very essence of herself was being burned by the magic within her blood.

The light of her blessed fires streamed out of her outstretched fingers and converged in front of her like a pinwheel.

Each stream of fire a spoke in the wheel.

Each gathering strength through her will alone.

She bit her lip as Roslyn came forth and intoned,

"Goddess, hear me plea!

I, a daughter of thee!

Allow thy children through thy walls!

Strangers here not are not our fall!

Open the portal as Maevelyn pleas,

This is my will, SO MOTE IT BE!"

Doubar watched with bated breath as first Maeve and then this Roslyn cast their spells. He was nervous with so much energy being tossed about, but he trusted Maeve. Roslyn, not so much, but she was kin of Maeve and he trusted her as such.

He couldn't believe how much strong Maeve's magic seemed to be now! It was twice, three times, no ten times the strength it once was. How was it that this was not enough to open the passage?!

Sinbad watched the area in front of Maeve with growing dread, the portal was not open.

Did she fail?


His sorceress, so determined to succeed, will do it! He just knew she would.

Maeve sighed, as the spell's sacrifice, her magic and life force were drawn upon, and still it wasn't enough to open the gates. Roslyn's plea was heard, she felt, but still it wasn't opening.

She pursed her lips, raised her head to the sky and intoned once more,

"Gates of Avalon, Open to me!

I, a child of thee!

Allow thy passage with these behind,

Sailors of the Nomad, mind!

Gates of Avalon, Open to me!

This is my will, SO MOTE IT BE!"

Firouz watched spellbound as more and more fire streamed out of Maeve.

First, it was golden yellow with a bluish center that converged just in front of the Nomad. A strong enough fire to burn through most woods and some metals he knew.

Then, as he watched his friend cast the spell again, the fires she was summoning began to bleed through into a bluish fire with a a white center. More powerful than most blacksmiths can create to forge their strongest metals.

The pinwheel of yellowish and blue fires were mesmerizing to her. She watched with short gasping breaths as Maeve, her cousin, opened the gates to a place she could not remember living in. Yet, to hear Maeve and Dermott's stories she spent many a month and year there learning her magics as a Priestess of the Order of Avalon.

She mentally encouraged Maeve to bring forth the gates.

She wanted her memories.

She wanted to remember all these people they spoke of with love and passion.

She wanted to remember the lessons of life and magic.

Of the Lady Mother.

Of her ancestor, Lady Caillean.

Of the Dragon, Cainnacht Sioraicht.

She wanted to remember her parents.

Her family.

Her lover.

Most of all, she wanted to remember HERSELF!

The crew watched as Maeve groaned, but remained standing.

She fires grew as their power grew. Where there once was a pinwheel now a large swirling vortex of fire spun in a swirling circle of energy in front of them. They watched awed as water rose from the sea and entered the fires.

A steamy fog erupted where they met.

Roslyn and Dermott grinned, and exclaimed, "You are doing Maeve! Keep it up!"

As the fo grew so thick they could not see anything through it any more, Maeve slammed her hands down her sides and cried out, "Gates of Avalon! APPEAR BEFORE ME NOW! I, MAEVELYNN, DAUGHTER OF ISOLDE, GUARDIAN OF THE GATES, COMMANDS THEE, OPEN THY GATES TO HEN LLEDRITH LLYN!"

The crew watched amazed as the fog quickly vanished into thin air leaving behind a sight the men of the Nomad, with the except of Dermott, had ever seen.

A beautiful white marble, temple-like city rose out of the seas before them.

Bryn, who was standing by Sinbad, gasped and whispered in awe, "Avalon…"