Written for SK-fan7's contest. Category, Opposite Day

Disclaimer: I do not own Shaman King. I have never used mind-altering drugs.

It all started with breakfast.

If anyone in Patch Village had been warned what was going to happen, no one would have guessed breakfast had anything to do with it.

That particular morning, Ryu had come down with a serious case of…something. Faust was busy figuring out what it was and how to treat it. Yoh was assigned breakfast duty. Anna wanted pancakes.

In retrospect, grabbing an unmarked bottle of a white liquid had probably not been the best idea, especially since there was a perfectly serviceable bottle of milk. Yoh never could quite explain that, anymore than Faust was able to explain why on earth he had created a super concentrated caffeine that looked way too much like milk.

Everyone in the collective Funbari Onsen/Team Ren/noncompeting hangers-on group ate the pancakes.

"Hihihihihihihi! I'm HOROHORO!"


It got worse. Hao had managed to invite himself over for breakfast.

"Burn! BURN! BURN!

And that's the story of how caffeine became illegal in Patch Village, and Faust was banned from doing anything experimental ever again.