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Valentine's Day.

A day for love and lovers, sweets and sweethearts. For the past two years, the day had just been another jab in the heart for Faust VIII, another reminder that his wife wasn't there to spend it with.

This year was different. This year, in Patch Village, he was finally able to be with his beloved once more. Even if she wasn't actually alive, that was a mere technicality more than made up for by her mere presence.

"What am I gonna dooooo? Anna's gonna kill me! I didn't get her anything! I didn't get dinner reservations? I'm doomed!"

He'd have been able to enjoy it even more if his teammates hadn't decided that, as the only real adult (and married man) on their collective teams, he was the one to turn to for advice. Ryu was technically an adult, but only if the only qualification necessary for adulthood was age. Besides, no one in their right mind who knew Ryu would think of going to him for advice in anything related however tangentially to romance.

So it fell to him to help however he could, to the best of his ability. Which wasn't much, mostly. With Eliza, everything had been easy. He knew she loved him and she knew he loved her.

He had, however, been terribly socially inept, so apologizing to an irate girl was something he had gotten good at.

As soon as he had suggested a solution that was reasonably likely to work and Yoh had dashed off to implement it, Ryu had asked for advice with his newest crush. Not that he was likely to get anywhere even with help, but the older man's advice (if you think it's a good idea, it probably isn't) might allow him to crash and burn a little more gently.

Or it could hilariously backfire. Either way.

After finally finishing dealing with everyone else's problems, he was finally able to see to his own plans.

Dinner reservations would have actually been counterproductive in his case, as his beloved could not currently eat (watching someone else eat is never fun), but a simple walk in the park was always lovely, and a sunset was always beautiful and romantic…

He'd had grand plans that involved them spending the entire day together, but there was no time for half the things he wanted to do now.

Then he got to the park and found out there was a fight being held there.

Later, as he was pounding his head against a wall, Eliza murmured, "It's allright, love, I know you tried."