Tittle: Helping, it's as easy as getting in danger

I do not own the Maximum ride characters, although I wish I did, or they could at-least be real, I'd totally go for Iggy, I just love blind guys, especially ones that can cook, I only own Reachel, Ally, Veronica, Morgan, Alex, and some other characters along the way

This story takes place after ANGEL

Reachel's POV

" you can't go, if you go I won't be able to help anyone." I cried
"I have to go, because if I don't go I'll only get in your way." Alex replied
"Alex you never get in my way, you never have and you never will!"
" Reachel how do you know that? You can never know if you or somebody will get in the way, just look at what happened to your sister Ally."
"Don't you dare bring Ally into this discussion! She's not dead, she may be in a colma but she is not dead, so don't you talk about her like she's dead Alex!" I yelled
"but Look at what's happened to her Reachel, do you remember how she got that way? She was always getting in your way, always telling you not to do something, all the way until she got shot and ended up the way she is now."
" don't you think I know that Alex! I know that ok but I just can't let you leave Alex!"
" why not Reachel, why can't you let me go"

" because I love you Alex! Ok, I said it! I love you, I love you more than anything, that's why I can't let you leave Alex!"

"I'm sorry Reachel but that's exactly why I have to leave, that's why I have to go, so I can protect you."
"please Alex, please don't leave me
"I will always love you, I will always be with you, in your heart, in your mind, and in many other ways
And with that Alex kissed Reachel good by and flew off into the night."

Have you ever heard of a person called Maximum Ride? Well my story is similar to hers, I'm 98% human, and 2% avian or bird, what ever you want to call it, and my name is Reachel, I live three more Avian hybrids, Veronica, Morgan, and my sister Ally, Veronica is 10, Morgan is 12, and my sister Ally is also 14, Alex and i are both 14 the oldest of the group, there were five of us, but then Alex left to get into Fang's group, you all know who Fang is,right? Well if Alex is getting into Fang's group, I'm getting into Max's, and I'm going to help save the world.

I know the chapter was short, but it's like 1:24 in the morning( that's the exact time) this is my first fanfic, hope you likes it. ;P