'I can explain!'

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Gibbs watched in slow-motion as the building collapsed, Tony still inside.

He gasped as the shockwave knocked the breath out of him.


This couldn't be happening.

'NO! My son!' His voice shattered and he felt someone's arms fold about his shoulders, preventing him from running forth in search of Tony.

'My son!'

He felt his world slowly crumble around him, no longer aware of anything but the building that had just collapsed with his only son inside.

'That's my son! My Boy!'

Gibbs let out an anguish cry and he would have fell to the ground in a heap were it not for the arms that had once been restraining him now holding him upright.

This wasn't right.

This couldn't be real, it must be some sick joke...

Some dream,

No – Tony couldn't be dead, not after everything he'd been through...

Not now.

But then he heard something behind him.

A slight cough...

That same cough he had heard hundreds of time while nursing a certain sick child.


Gibbs spun on his heel, the arms (which he would later find out belonged to none other than Tobias Fornell who had arrived not moments before an been updated on the situation by McGee) releasing him from their firm grasp as Gibbs stood there.

A myriad of emotions crossed his features: Shock, relief, a little more shock, but he soon steeled on the overpowering joy that came with finding out his boy was okay.

Embracing Tony in a hug that would have done Abby proud, Gibbs let a single tear escape his eyelashes and meander down his cheek.

'Oh God, Tony! Oh God, oh God, oh God! Jesus Tony what were you thinking! Oh jeez'...'

Tony began to tremble in his arms.

'Oh my son... Tony, Thank God you're okay! Thank god!'

Faintly aware of the fact he was rambling and people were beginning to stare, he let go – if a little reluctantly.

'I'm okay Dad, I'm okay now...' DiNozzo whispered, smiling a bit at his father's expression.

'I-I thought you were gone! I thought...' Gibbs stammered, and if he weren't so damn exhausted and in pain, Tony would have laughed at the insanity of it all.

Tony comforting his father, the great Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Ziva and Tim stood to one side, just behind Tobias, gawping and utterly stunned as they watched the scene unfold in front of them.

But then Tony's injuries caught up with him and just as the adrenaline of the explosion wore off, he collapsed into his boss's waiting arms.

'Someone call an ambulance!' Yelled Fornell and Gibbs simultaneously, snapping the others out of their haze as Ducky and Palmer rushed forward to aid the two men currently surrounding Tony.

'Let's get him onto his back now shall we' Said Ducky calmly.

The next ten minutes or so seemed to pass in a blur for Gibbs and the next thing he was aware of was Tobias holding the back door of the ambulance open for him and Ducky assuring him they'd get the crime scene under control and meet them at the hospital.

'You've certainly got a lot of explaining to do to your team when we get there' the old ME muttered so only Jethro and Tobias could hear him.

Tobias chuckled, ''A bit' doesn't even cover it gunny...'

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