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Bleach (c) Tite Kubo
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Midori gently slid her flute's carrying case into the duffel bag that contained all the things she'd need for her stay with her dad in the Seireitei. He was there for a week to evaluate how well his Division was running and to attend the monthly Captain's meeting. She was only staying with him until the morning after tomorrow, seeing how she had finals after the weekend.

The thought of tomorrow, which also happened to be White Day, made Midori's heart skip a few beats. For the past month she had been unable to get Izuru's confession out of her mind. At the time, her emotions had been slightly askew from a break-up she had suffered the day before said confession. She hadn't wanted to make a decision on the spur of the moment but end up making Izuru and herself suffer if it had turned out that she had answered incorrectly. So her response had been to plead for some time before she answered him. Izuru had just smiled, agreed to give her the extra time, and then hugged her. The memory of his warm embrace had Midori's heart fluttering and her stomach doing flips.

She then happened to glance at the clock and notice that she only had a few minutes before someone from the 3rd Division came to escort her to the Seireitei. She went back through her things a second time, running to the bathroom and grabbing her toiletries upon discovering that she had almost left them behind. As she stuffed those items into the outside pocket of her duffel bag, a Senkaimon materialized in front of her dresser, and the doors opened to reveal the person who had come to retrieve her.

Midori's jaw hit the floor when she was able to clearly see who it was the had come from the Seireitei. "Tou-san? What are you doing here? Are you shirking any work?"

Rojuro chuckled and patted his daughter's head, explaining, "No, I'm not shirking any work, Midori-chan. As for what I'm doing here, I'm here to pick you up, of course. I would have asked Izuru-kun to, but…"

"I want to surprise him tomorrow, tou-san!" Midori interjected. She then and crossed over to her bedroom door and said, "I'll go and say 'bye' to everyone."

The man only nodded, his glasses bouncing slightly on his nose from the motion. "Be sure to be quick, though. The Senkaimon can't be held open much longer."

Midori nodded understandingly, ran out of her room, and skipped down the stairs two or three at a time. Upon reaching the first floor, she stuck her head into the living room. "I'm leaving for the Seireitei now. I'll see you all on Sunday."

From her usual position on the couch, Nikki looked up from the book she was reading and smiled serenely. "See you on Sunday, Midori-chan. Have fun tomorrow. Give your father a 'hello' for me, won't you?"

Akina didn't even look up from her opened textbook as she slyly commented, "Yeah, good luck confessing to Kumo-san."

Across from Akina at the dining table, Tokkou looked up from his own textbook and frowned at his older sister disapprovingly. "That's not very nice, Akina-neechan…"

Akina's only response to him was to stick her tongue out and then return to her studying while Midori just rolled her eyes and ran back upstairs. She quickly grabbed her duffel bag's handles, saying offhandedly, "Okaa-san says hello."

Rojuro chuckled ruefully. "Of course she does." Gesturing towards the Senkaimon with an open hand, he asked, "Ready to go?"

Midori nodded and walked into the blinding light, Rojuro following her and the doors sliding shut behind them.

I know I mentioned Midori's music awards in BfHL, but just so you all know what she can play: piano, flute, violin, and clarinet. The reason she took her flute will be revealed in a later chapter~~~