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Midori stepped out of her father's bathroom, her hair draped over her shoulder as she ran the comb that had been Izuru's White Day present to her through it. She looked around and noticed that the light in her father's study was still on. She stuck her head in there and stated, "I'm done with the bath, tou-san. You should take one before you go to bed."

Rojuro looked up from his paperwork and nodded at Midori. "I'll make sure to do that, Midori-chan."

Midori then inquired, "May I go on a quick walk?"

"Sure. Just make sure to wear one of my robes. It tends to get rather cold and I don't think you'd want to be sick on your finals week," Rojuro answered as he returned to his paperwork.

The young woman huffed indignantly, placed her hands on her hips, and tapped her foot impatiently. "Tou-san…"

Rojuro placed his pen down and put his hands up in surrender, chuckling good-naturedly. "All right, Midori-chan. I'll go take my bath now."

Midori sighed and walked to entryway, looking around for one of her father's robes, when he suddenly draped the one he had been wearing over his night-robe over her shoulders. She turned to regard him curiously when she noticed the look he was giving her. It was a look that portrayed all the love and affection he had for her as her father and it nearly made her break down into tears and cling to him. The feeling lessened only slightly when he leaned down and kissed her cheek.

He gave her a genuine smile and said, "I sincerely hope that things work out well between you and Izuru-kun. The both of you have suffered enough for your lifetimes."

Midori wrapped her arms around him in an instant, desperately trying to fight back her tears at the warmth emanating from him. "Arigatou gozaimasu…otou-sama."

Rojuro hugged her lightly and then released her and ushered her to the door. "Get going on your walk. I promise I'll be clean when you get back."

Midori cast him a slightly skeptical look before she exited his quarters. She shivered slightly in the crisp evening air before she set off at a leisurely pace. She smiled as she thought back at the warmth that she received from her parents on a daily basis…


Midori's gaze turned skyward towards the waning crescent moon as she thought back on her visit with Izuru to his parents' memorial stone. She had stood by while he visited with them, telling them about how he had been sorry that he couldn't visit them lately, about how he met 'the most wonderful woman in existence', and how he would 'do all in his power to maintain her happiness'. She had even talked with them, but for her it had been awkward. Like she had intruded on something sacred. As Izuru had shunpoed back to the Seireitei's shopping district, she had felt slightly relieved to leave that place.

She also recalled the other encounters she and Izuru had had throughout the remainder of the day leading to dinner. There had been Momo Hinamori, the sickly girl who was getting ready to stand down as the 5th Division's lieutenant and also happened to be another of Izuru's closest friends. Then they had run into the 7th Division's captain, Sajin Komomura, his wife Miyako, and his dog Goro. Izuru had taken that opportunity to report the one member of the captain's Division that had given them trouble earlier. And the final memorable encounter had been with Rangiku Matsumoto, the 10th Division's lieutenant. Midori couldn't suppress the involuntary shudder that coursed through her at the memory of the woman. She had been outrageously drunk and totally out of control; Midori and Izuru had been lucky to slip under her radar and make a run for the 3rd Division. Surprisingly, dinner had been quiet, but Midori welcomed that silence to the relative chaos of the previous encounter.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she collided with someone, dropping the comb she had been clutching tightly in her hand. She shook her head vigorously and bent down to pick it up, stammering, "Su-sumimasen. I wasn't paying attention."

"No, the fault was…mine?" Midori's head bolted upright and noticed the person she had bumped into was Izuru, who was bent over to pick up a pocket book that had fallen to the ground. Izuru chuckled and Midori couldn't help but join him as they picked up their respective items and stood up.

Midori gaze the book a second glance and suddenly recognized it. "Hey, isn't that the book of haikus that you bought at that book store we visited?"

Izuru nodded. "I've actually read it several times through and marked some of my favorite ones." He pointed at the multiple tabs that Midori now noticed sticking out of the tiny book.

Midori shifted on her feet, a slight blush creeping onto her cheeks. "Do you…write any haikus?"

Izuru suddenly blushed slightly and admitted, "Yeah. It's a hobby I've had for as long as I can."

Midori smiled bashfully and inquired, "Could I hear one?"

Izuru crossed his arms and clenched his eyes shut, his eyebrows furrowing slightly. At first Midori thought he was going to refuse her request, but when he opened his mouth again, he blew her mind.

"Night, the moon and stars,
My love, playing on her flute -
A beautiful tune."

He opened his eyes and uncrossed his arms, smiling unabashedly at her while she turned crimson and her hand involuntarily squeezed the comb she had in her grasp. She winced and released it suddenly upon feeling it pierce her skin. She turned her hand over and noticed several tiny points of blood on her palm. She was about to ask Izuru where she could find a bandage when he suddenly cupped one of his hands under her injured one and used the other hand to fan her fingers out, a look of concentration on his face.

He then looked over to his left and noticed one of the 3rd Division's small ponds. Returning his attention to Midori, he asked her, "Could you go wash your hand off in that pond over there?"

Midori looked over and noticed the pond as well before she nodded and walked over there, careful to keep her father's robe away from her bleeding hand. She knelt beside the pond and slowly dipped her hand into the water, forcing herself not jerk it out at the frigid temperature of the water. She held it there until Izuru came up and knelt next to her, placing her comb's teeth in the water as well before wiping it off on his own robe. He placed the comb on her lap and then gently grabbed her forearm, pulling her hand out of the pond for him to inspect. He put one of his hands below her frigid hand and the other above it and suddenly his hands were encompassed in a soft blue light. That light, which Midori realized was a form of Kido, sent warmth through her hand; and when he cancelled the Kido and revealed her hand, the pricks of blood and their sources were gone and her hand was no longer frigid.

She held her hand up to the moonlight and inspected it, awe written all over her features. "That was amazing, Izuru-kun!"

Izuru just shrugged and commented, "I used to be a member of the 4th Division so any injury like that is no problem."

She looked at him, her eyes dancing with mirth. "Well, arigatou, Izuru-kun! Now tou-san won't freak out!"

Izuru's expression became thoughtful and contemplative. "Have you told him? About us, I mean."

Midori scratched her cheek and admitted, "I didn't really have to tell him. Somehow he knew and he actually wished us the best of luck."

Izuru relaxed and leaned in closer to her. "I'm glad to hear that. And actually, I had another question for you." Midori nodded apprehensively, prompting him to go on. He clasped her two hands within his and quietly noticed that it was almost like their hands were created to meld together. He gazed deeply into her eyes and asked, "Midori Otoribashi, if the day after your graduation, we've been going strong from this day, will you agree to marry me?"

Midori's heart stopped for a second, not quite believing what she heard. But it sank in as he held his gaze with her; and she couldn't help but slide her hands out of his grip and slide her arms around his neck. Her answer was barely audible as his hands snaked around her waist.

"Yes, I will. I promise."

Izuru found it extremely difficult to not burst into tears of complete and utter joy as he held her close enough to smell the freshness of her recently-cleaned skin and hair. He was holding the most precious thing in the world in his arms and he'd be damned if he let something or someone take her away from him. He released her waist and removed her arms from his neck.

He saw the confusion in her face until he leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. She willingly leaned into the kiss and cautiously opened her mouth. Izuru felt the motion and his tongue snaked out of his mouth and traced the contours of her lips before entering her moist cavern. He moaned as she lightly sucked on his tongue and traced over it with her own as she sought entrance into his mouth. He linked their tongues together and guided her tongue into his mouth, savoring her moan at the feeling of pressure that his tongue had given hers through the 'guidance'. They had to break it off there to satisfy their bodies' need for oxygen but they rested their foreheads together as they sat beside the lake, panting and smiling at each other.

Izuru leaned away momentarily and grabbed Midori's comb. His left hand stroked some hair out from beside her face and then gently pinned it in place with the comb. Midori grabbed his hand, which had almost gone and stroked down the entire length of her hair, and pressed it against her cheek, gently nuzzling it all the while.

However, the two of them were completely oblivious to the third party that was standing in the shadows of the walkway they had collided on. Rojuro watched the affection that was passing between his daughter and his lieutenant and noticed how natural it was for the two of them. He smirked and decided that he had made the right choice of giving the two of them his blessing; he also hoped that their relationship remained strong until Midori's graduation next year.

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