Chapter 1: The torture begins

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Torunn's POV

"Kind of cutting it close there gorgeous," said Hawkeye.

"Better late than never," I replied as we landed. I grunted as something hit me.

"Torunn!" I heard the guys yell. When I opened my eyes I saw Iron Thor. "Oh shit," I thought as it quickly grabbed me by the throat. I tried to pry his hands off but everything began getting dark. Last thing I heard was James calling my name.

James's POV

I saw Torunn get hit by an Ultrabot's laser.

"Torunn!" Azari and I yelled. Hawkeye quickly began shooting at the robots around us, Azari went to fight with him while I tried to run to Torunn, but Iron America stopped me. I threw my shield at it but he threw it back. I saw Iron Thor pick up Torunn by her throat.

"Torunn!" I yelled. My dad's copy picked me up and slammed me in the stomach. I was thrown into a wall with a thud and bit back a groan. I saw Iron America come my way till arrows shot it backwards. I slowly got up painfully and ran to Torunn holding my stomach. "Dam it!" I thought as I felt a bone pop. I picked her up as Hawkeye came our way.

"Hey you two okay?" he asked. I felt like hitting him for asking a stupid question. "No we're bleeding because we want to," I thought sarcastically.

"I'm okay but Torunn isn't," I replied while looking at her. Next thing I know, a burning sensation runs through my back as a laser hits me. I grunted as I tried to keep my balance and look up as I saw Hawkeye get blown backwards by one of the Ultrabots laser. Suddenly, Iron America pick us up and throw us into a wall. I tightly held on to Torunn so she wouldn't slip from my grasps. I bit back a painful gasp as my back hit the wall. Another explosion sent rocks fall on us. I tried to move but more rocks fell covering us.

"Where are you two?" I heard Hawkeye yell. I wrapped my arms around Torunn's waist and covered her from more falling rocks. A couple seconds later, she stirs and I hear her groan as we got picked up. When I looked up, I saw Iron America was taking us somewhere. I held Torunn in one arm and tighten my grip as I saw Pym following. I quickly threw my shield at Pym, pushing him back outside. I shook my head telling him not to follow as the door closed.

I sighed to myself and held Torunn in both my arms. Luckily, she was unconscious but that didn't make the situation better.. "Wonder where they're taking us?" I thought. I felt my muscles tense when I saw all the robots surround us ready to shoot. I felt my face warm up as Torunn wrap her arms around my neck. I relaxed a little and look down at her sleeping form that rested in my arms. "She is beautiful as Hawkeye says," I thought.

When I was eleven, I developed a crush on Torunn and when I turned thirteen, I fell in love with her. Suddenly, we're hit the ground with a thud as Iron America throw us on the ground. I gently laid Torunn on the ground and stood in front of her.

"James Rogers looks like you are the first to fall of the new Avengers like your father," said Ultron. I threw my shield at it but it didn't do anything. I hear Torunn groan as she wakes up. I hear her gasp and quickly get up/

"James where are we?" she asked as she got ready to fight. I'm suddenly weightless as Iron America pick me up as Iron Thor did the same to Torunn. Our backs hit a wall as they shackled us. Torunn pulled and tugged at the cuffs but they quickly shock her.

"Torunn!" I yelled as I tried to move but felt a sharp pain on my stomach.

"James!" I heard her yell. When I opened my eyes to see Iron Panther slash at my stomach again, I winced and groaned. My stomach is suddenly wet as blood begins to drip. My head snaps up and looks to Torunn as I hear her scream. I feel anger boil through me as I saw them shooting lasers at her. I growled as began to shake the chains on my feet. There was a clang as I kicked the closest robot away. It stumbled back so I took the chance to look at Torunn. Her clothes were torn just like mine but her skin was paler and her once bright blue eyes were dull. I felt the air leave me as Iron America punched me in the stomach. I groaned and stopped moving for a couple seconds.

"LIGHTNING WINDS" I heard someone yell. I looked at Torunn again and saw she was staring back at me. Her eye showed fear, determination, and the last emotion I couldn't understand. It was love directed to me. I thought it was my imagination but it was still there. "She loved me not Hawkeye!" I thought happily. I smiled and she smiled back. Strong winds suddenly picked up all the robots and shocked them.

A girl with silver hair and by the looks of it wolf ears and tail landed in front of us as she clenched her stomach. "Uhh this hurts," she said through gritted teeth. "ANGEL!" yelled a boy that almost looked like me. "I'm alright Alex just forgot to take it easy," she said. He helped her up and raised his hands as a rock shield formed in before us. Angel took Alex's sword and cut the chains. WE both grunted as we hit the floor.

"Oops sorry," apologized Angel. I ignored the pain and went to Torunn's side as helped her up. She gasps and falls back into a fetal position as she holds her stomach.

"Torunn what's wrong?" I asked worriedly. Torunn groaned and muttered something inaudible. Angel walked over to us and laid her hand on Torunn's stomach.

"She has two bruised ribs and one broken. Oh by the way names Angel and dude over there is Alex," she said while she got up. Alex came over with a first-aid kit and a bag full of something.

"Here you may need this," he said and he handed me the kit. I nodded but grimaced as the pain began to catch up to my body.

"Lay down," he told me. I did as he said and he began cleaning my wound and wrapped them up.

"Thanks," I said with a smile.

"You're welcome," he replied. I heard Torunn whimper as Angel carried her to my side and laid her down.

"Hey Alex can you hold her arms up while I wrapped the bandages," asked Angel. Alex nodded and went to her side holding Torunn's arms up. Angel suddenly gasped.

"What's wrong?" I asked worried.

"The wound on her side…it doesn't look new but its deep and slightly burned most likely from one of the lasers," she explained. "No," I thought as I tried to get up. I groaned as I felt something pop inside me. I frowned and thought," Great…I popped another bone."

"James…don't move," Alex warned. As usual, I didn't obey orders as I sat up and looked. Angel was taking off Torunn's shirt and I suddenly saw the horrible wound. It was like a claw marking but it was darker and slightly red. Angel and Alex quickly began cleaning and dressing the wound. When they were done, they didn't even bother to put her shirt back on. "Wouldn't matter…it look like it was about to fall off," I thought as I looked at her golden bra. I smirk as I saw her nice body but hissed in pain as Angel smacked me.

"Gahh what was that for?" I asked annoyed as I rubbed my head. She glared at me and replied," You don't stare at a girl like that or next time I would hit something else even if you are hurt." I heard Alex chuckle then suddenly stop as Angel glared at him too. She turned back to me and laid her hand on my stomach. I sighed in relief as I felt the muscles and bones in my stomach began to feel better.

"Thanks and sorry-er- for you know," I said as I rubbed the back of my head in embarrassment. Angel laughed and said," Don't worry, it happens to all guys James." I was taken back as she knew my name.

"How do you know my name?" I asked her.

"Let's just say your dad was one of my mom's war buddies," she answered. I raised a brow wondering how that is possible, she barely looked 16.

"Wait so you know what happened to him," I asked sadly. She nodded and said," I know what happened to all the Avengers" as she got up and went to check on Torunn. I slowly got up but fell back with a thud. I saw Alex walk over and help me up. I see Angel whisper something to Torunn as she helped her up.

"You think you can walk?" Angel asks her. Torunn nods as Alex lifted his fist and the shield turns into a tunnel. The walls shake as it vibrates with attacks.

Normal POV

Torunn shivers then suddenly notice something… her chest was feeling cold. She didn't feel the warmth of her armor. She looked down and saw she didn't have it on.

"Where the…," she didn't finish as Angel put her hand over her mouth. "Don't freak out Torunn," Torunn heard a voice say in her head. "You could read minds?" Torunn asked. Angel nodded. "Okay weird and one question: WHERE THE FUCK IS MY SHIRT!" Torunn yelled as Angel winced. "We had to take it off to fix your wound okay and don't be mad at James," Angel thought. "Why would I be mad at him?" asked Torunn. "Uhh he kept staring at your chest,"Angel thought. Torunn stopped walking which stopped Angel. "What he…" said to herself. Angel nodded and Torunn looked at James. "Blame hormones," Angel muttered. James notice she was staring at him.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing," she said and shook her head. They began walking again as the tunnel shattered.

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