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And now... the moment of truth...


She bent down on one knee and gently took his hand in hers. "Marry me? For real this time." Her eyes were shining full of love. Holding her breath for what seemingly felt like an eternity, she awaited his answer.

Roxton took in her words. SHE was proposing marriage. She wanted HIM. After everything he had said and done. Despite all his mistakes and not mentioning the mistakes he would most likely be making in the future, she wanted him. However, Roxton was quite conservative and would have rather he proposed instead. He still couldn't believe that Marguerite had beat him to it. The ever-so constant voice popped in his head, **Since when has anything between you two ever been normal? She's still waiting for your answer, goof. You going to keep her kneeling forever?!** Taking her face in his hands he smiled widely. Her face, which had just been full of worry, suddenly lit up.

"Yes. For real." He whispered as his voice cracked from emotion.

Before she could even respond, Roxton let out a loud whoop and picked her up by the waist and started to spin. Laughing whole-heartedly, she wrapped her arms around his neck. Just as Marguerite was starting to feel a little dizzy from all the spinning, Roxton stopped. Brushing a few stray tendrils of hair from her face he smiled lovingly. "I love you, future Mrs. Marguerite Roxton." His head slowly drifted closer to hers.

She pulled back before his lips reached their intended destination. Confusion was written all over his face.

Then she grinned. "Who said *I* would be changing MY name." She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Relief flooded him. "Darling, I could be Mr. John Roxton Krux for all I care. As long as I'm with you." Without waiting for her to say another word, he captured her lips in a sweet kiss, full of hope and promise.

"I love you too." She sighed.


"Who doesn't?"

Marguerite's head jerked up from the table.


"You just said 'I love U2'. To which I replied, 'Who doesn't?'" He narrowed his eyes in confusion.

She shook her head and put her hand to her forehead. What on earth just happened? She stared at his face which was scrunched up in a look that made him look even more adorable. *Did I just think that? Where on earth did THAT come from?* She started to blush immediately. Alright, so everything she saw had all been a dream. But what a lengthy and detailed dream it was. Was it a glimpse of things to come? Well, she could do without the whole being humiliated thing. Was there any truth to the dream? Could John possibly think of her as more than a friend? Could he possibly like her the way that she liked him? Was there a future for them? Did he always HAVE to look that gorgeous, whether in the present OR future?

"Are you okay?" He asked her softly and gently placed his hand over hers.

The warmth of his hand on hers shot up her arms and throughout her entire body. If she was standing, she was sure her knees would have buckled right then and there. "I don't feel too well." It was true. The fact that he was so concerned about her made butterflies dance in her stomach.

Worried about her, he put his hand to her forehead. "You don't seem to have a fever." He quickly glanced at his watch. "Maybe we're working too hard. How about we call it a night and meet back tomorrow morning?"

"That sounds like a plan. I can't believe how tired I am." She yawned.

"I believe it. You fell asleep." He smirked.

"Ohmigod. How long was I out?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe an hour or so?"

"And you didn't wake me up? I can't believe you let me sleep while you worked on the project. I'm so embarrassed."

"Don't worry about it. You looked like you needed a break. You've been working really hard." *You looked so angelic and peaceful, I didn't have the heart to disturb you. Besides, I was happy just to sit here and watch you sleep. I could watch your beautiful face forever.* He thought silently. It was true though. He had spent the last hour just gazing intently at her sleeping form. During his hour-long staring marathon, his thoughts had drifted off into a dream - an quite a detailed dream it was. Definitely not an ideal dream since he had dreamt that he had betrayed Marguerite's trust and had to basically beg for her forgiveness 10 years later. Oh. But the ending of the dream made it all worth it. Roxton couldn't help the goofy grin that was beginning to spread across his face. *Watch it, Roxton. You're stepping into unchartered territory now. You're only in high school. You have plenty of time before you worry about marriage.*

They both gathered up their papers and backpacks. Walking out Marguerite noticed the dark sky. "Wow. I didn't realize how late it was."

"How are you getting home?"

"Oh. I think I'm going to walk."

"Do you think it's a wise idea for you to walk alone at night?" He asked concerned.

"I'm a big girl, John. I'll be fine." She smiled reassuringly.

"Even so, would you mind humouring me and allow me the honour of escorting you home?" He offered an arm.

"Why John Roxton, how very gallant of you." She teased and looped her arm around his.

"I can't let anything happen to my favourite Family Studies assignment partner, now can I?" He chuckled.

Maybe her dream had some truth to it. Then again, maybe it was just the product of a very imaginative person with very big hopes and dreams for the future. But no matter what happened in the future, she was prepared to face it head on. Was there really a future between her and John? Only time would tell.

She looked into his eyes and noticed a small twinkle in his eyes as he looked down at her face. "My knight in shining armour...", she laughed as they walked out of the library and into the night, side by side (the way they were always meant to be).



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