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Pov 1

Hueco Mundo

pain, pain and screaming. I thought, floating in this black limbo. So many voices…I never heard so many voices. Why are they screaming?

Those were my only thoughts as I floated there, in a swarming mass of darkness, pain, and screaming watching this thing eating another of its kin. I have been like this for longer than any human could remember or should, hell; the only thing that I could remember of my live, before I died, was my name, and how I got here.

My name is Xander Shade, and as far as I could recall, I did have a life, not that I could remember much, before I was eaten by that…thing, if one could call it that. The thing that ate me was covered with black tentacle-hand things. There were so many of the tendrils that only a bird-like mask with a perfect hole in the forehead was the only thing that didn't look plant-like.

When it ate me, I thought that was it, game over, you loosed. But instead of nothingness, I wound up watching this plant-bird did from its perspective, or maybe, I was stuck in my new head as my new body did as it wanted?

The days turned into weeks, then months, and then finally a year and a half passed before anything new happened. In a large clearing in the middle of this stone tree forest, my body, now that I have come to terms and accepted my new faith (unlike a few thousand others in here), joined a massive throng of others equally as ugly. I did not understand what was to happen until the mass of creatures, including me, began to merge. To say that the pain was excruciating was the understatement of the eternity.

My mind must of maid some connection to the neural system or something, because I feel the entire process; combine, grow, and expand. When the merger ended I discovered that I had some sway over movement and that I could feel the entire body.

"This," I said, discovering that I could get my transformed body to speak "cannot mean anything good."

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