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"You have got to be kidding me," I yelled, "this fight is clearly in your favor, and yet the three of you still can't land a hit on me."

Sung-Sun, Apacci, and Mila Rose were laying on the sand, in their Resurrección, bruised and beaten. And why was this, one would ask? I was training them as per my agreement with Harribel-san.


"You want me to what?" I asked.

"I would like for you to teach my Fracción how to work as a team," Harribel explained, "I would do it my self, but you would be the better teacher, given your circumstance."

-end Flashback-

"How do you expect us to be able to stand a chance agent you, you're the Segundo espada for crying out loud," Apacci whined.

I just stared at her for a moment, wondering if she was partly blind in her eyes and gave my response.

"Luppi-chan has latched herself to my back, her hilt prodding the left side of my rib-cage; Runuganga is holding my feet and legs in place, slowing my movement to a crawl; and finally, I'm using only one arm to combat the three of you in your Resurrección forms. If of anything, I am completely at a disadvantage, you have the biggest handicap of all time so far, and you still wind-up beaten senseless."

"That will be all for today; Runuganga, would you kindly release my legs."

The three of them groaned as the sand withdrew itself from my legs. It had been three days ago that I started their 'team building,' and progress was abysmal; Apacci and Mila were constantly at each other's thoughts, and Sung-sun was just fuel for the fire. It was a wonder how they managed to come up with the idea for that beast of a 'pet' of theirs. The idea was sound, but if they couldn't cooperate with each other, then neither will Ayon.

And then there is Aizen's true intentions for us, I thought. I had of recently learned that most of us were here because they did not want to get in the way of his plans. What his plans were, however, were not clear; he said he was here to help, but Muramasa, Primer Emperador (my inner-hollow), and I all agreed: Aizen was up to something, and it was going to kill most of us.

At the front gate entrance (put there per my request so we don't wander through halls), Grimmjow was standing there tapping his foot impatiently like he was standing there for a while.

"Aizen-sama called a meeting two hours ago," he grunted.

"And you didn't do the sensible thing and come to retrieve us," I questioned.

He merely scoffed and Sonídoed away, Luppi and I followed shortly after. At the gathering hall, all but the second, sixth, and eighth seat filled.

"What happened to Cirucci," I prodded as I took my spot at the second seat, "did she get replaced or something?"

"Yes," Tōsen responded, "she was recently replaced by Szayel."

And as if on queue, a pink-haired man came in through the main doors and took his seat. Now that everyone was here Aizen cleared his thought, grabbing our attention and startling some of us by how unnoticed he came in.

"My loyal Espada," he began, "first I would like to introduce our newest member, Szayel Aporro Grantz..."

Said man took the short pause to formally bow to us.

"The next is order of business is asses a certain subject that has caught my interest," Aizen continued as Ulquiorra stood up suddenly. He then proceeded to walk himself to the front of the table and did something stomach-churning. Without hesitation, or even the slightest notion that he felt it, he removed his eye and crushed it. Immediately after, a glittering dust flowed from his fist and formed into a screen showing a (rather one-sided) battle between Yami and an orange-hair Shinigami with a solid black daito.

"The Shinigami," Aizen explained, "Is Ichigo Kurosaki. He is, in actuality, a human that has gained Shinigami powers, but due to certain events, has obtained my interest."

"If I may, Aizen-sama," Ulquiorra interrupted, "I have seen what he is capable of, and just because he could cut off Yami's hand, doesn't make him worth more then the thrash he is."

It was hard to argue with his comment; Yami was the weakest of us in his pre-release state. His post release was respectful to an extent, able to jump from diez to cero in terms of power; but in the end, he was nothing more than a raging beast and all it took to kill a beast was something smarter than it.

"So," I broke the short silence, "Has this Kurosaki done any thing to make himself known?"

"I'm glad you asked," Aizen said pleased, "he has been a Shinigami for only little over a year and in that time he has bested a Lieutenant, defeated two Captains, killed more then enough hollows to form a Menos, fended off a Menos, and attained his Bankai in roughly three days."

"Three days," Muramasa repeated, "it normally takes hundreds of years for a Shinigami to gain Shikai; the fact that he obtained both in that amount of time shows that he is not 'trash.'"

A silence fell over the meeting and it persisted to remain. Grimmjow was the first to break this silence.

"From the sounds of things, it would seem that this Kurosaki would be a worthy opponent."

"Or a valuable ally, if trained properly" Harribel countered.

Now Harribel had the better point; it was clear that Ichigo's power was developing at a rate that he, if given the time, would get to the point that he would ether be an immense problem or a benefit if we could get him to join us. So the question was; deal with Ichigo before he becomes a threat or get him fighting for us?

There's six.

Now you, the reader, get to decide. Does Ichigo get offed early, or does he get to join the Arrancar Army (by force if necessary)

No, seriously, you the readers get to decide Ichigo's faith here, you kill him or have him join to (possibly) help off Aizen before he becomes a douchebag-god-butterfly-thing.

If, however, there are less then ten unique votes by the 4th of July, then I will make the final decision.