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In Southern California, in Orange County, on a street by the name of Olive Avenue, sat a house. This may seem perfectly normal to most, but for others of a "different" kind, a family of such distinction from the normality of society was rare, especially in days such as these.

The fact that there was a pureblooded wizarding family out there who was actually against what most purebloods supported was a miracle, to say the least. Very few witches and wizards even believed that Lord Voldemort had indeed risen again, yet this small family on Olive Avenue believed just that. Mr. and Mrs. Pena both had jobs at the American Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. Their jobs were very suiting, given the fact that their only child was a disaster waiting to happen. Yes, Carlos Pena was a rambunctious child from the day he was spawned. Breaking his father's wand at the age of two, his parents quickly became well aware of what they had to look forward to over the upcoming years.

At the age of sixteen, Carlos hadn't changed much. Instead, he had three close friends to wreak havoc with whenever he pleased. The four of them particularly loved the sport of hockey, and Carlos was hardly seen without his helmet firmly placed on his head.

The last week of August, though they were on vacation, was something of the end of an era for the four friends. In a few days time, they would be taking part in an exchange program through their school, The Southern California Institute of Magical Education, shipping themselves off to Great Britain, where Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry stood in their future. In some ways, the boys were excited, mainly to come across girls with British accents, but in other ways, they were very solemn. They would be leaving behind hockey, their friends, and for Carlos, his beloved corn dogs. Leaving behind his precious bread-covered hot dogs on sticks was a tragic thing for him, something that very few could understand.

Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, and Logan Henderson were sitting in Carlos' kitchen while his parents were out, semi-sulking, semi-hungry, and semi-longing to play hockey. Carlos had gone out his front door to retrieve the hockey sticks from his garage for the last time, but he'd been taking an abnormally long amount of time. Kendall silently suspected he'd sneaked a box of corn dogs with him, eating them like candy in the corner of his garage. It wouldn't be surprising; he'd done it at least three times over the past week alone. James was occupied, his head in Carlos' refrigerator, looking for something edible to satisfy his hunger. Logan sat alone at the kitchen table, reading Hogwarts,A History.All he ever did was research, his nose constantly in a book.

Five minutes went by before they heard a scream that definitely belonged to Carlos. Kendall stopped staring into space and got up, looking out the window to the front yard. Something was chasing Carlos in circles, something large and black with four legs- the crazy old man next door's Rottweiler. Grabbing a squirt bottle off the kitchen counter, Kendall opened the front door and braved the possibility of being eaten for one of his best friends. Logan did not notice this; too busy researching the Wizarding School they'd soon be attending.

James slammed the refrigerator door shut. Logan jumped and looked up from his book.

"I hate that we can't do magic outside of school!" he yelled, pacing the kitchen in circles. "Do you think they'd care if I did one, teensy weensy spell? We'll be gone in a few days, anyway."

"Don't risk it," Logan replied calmly, used to outbursts from James similar to this and returning to his book. It was the same song and dance every summer. Kendall and Logan, being the most sensible of the four, had to do their very best to prevent James and Carlos from performing underage magic. Each summer, their urge to do magic seemed to get worse and worse. That will all change though. On September the first, they'd be starting their sixth year at Hogwarts.