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Carlos' parents walked through their front door to see Carlos sitting in the living room with bandages scattered all over his arms. They just stood there like this was a normal occurrence, which for Carlos it was. Kendall was standing next to Carlos, still holding the squirt bottle firmly in his left hand. He slowly began to explain why their son was beaten up like this.

"Carlos went out to get the hockey sticks so we could play one last game before we had to leave," Kendall explained while pacing back and forth in front of Carlos' parents. "When all of a sudden, I hear someone screaming, so I grabbed the squirt bottle from the kitchen and ran outside to see Carlos being attacked by Mr. Schneider's vicious Rottweiler."

Now Carlos interjected. "Kendall was squirting the dog and I just sat there watching it whimper. After a while I got tired and came in the house. I was watching from the window as he kept squirting the dog until he got tired and walked away."

"That's when I came back inside and noticed that Carlos had all those cuts on his arms, so I told James and Logan to get some bandages and help me put them on Carlos. And that's how we got here," said Kendall in one huge breath.

Mrs. Pena looked at them as if she'd never seen anything like them before- and she's seen magical creatures even you wouldn't believe. She walked over to Kendall and held out her hand. He placed the squirt bottle in the center of her palm and sat next to Carlos on the couch. Mrs. Pena walked back to her place next to Mr. Pena, still clutching the bottle.

They sat in silence for a while, until Mrs. Pena finally spoke, little traces of her Spanish accent peeking through. "You boys are going to be leaving in a few days, so we need to go to Diagon Alley to buy your things."

When the boys heard this, they were excited. They've heard of Diagon Alley, but have never actually been there. Carlos' parents told him lots of stories about Diagon Alley and all the amazing things that can be bought there.

Carlos and Kendall nodded and got up off the couch."We'll go tell James and Logan." They walked into the kitchen and saw James and Logan doing exactly what they were doing before. Logan was still reading, although it looked like he got further into the book, and James had finally found something to satisfy his hunger…blueberry yogurt.

"Hey guys, my mom told us that we're heading over to Diagon Alley to pick up our school stuff," said Carlos.

Logan put down his book and looked up, seemingly intrigued by the conversation, "I read about Diagon Alley and they say that it's the center of wizarding London." He finished talking and all he got were blank stares. Sometimes he hates being smart.

Afterwards, silence filled the room for a few minutes, until James started to choke. A large piece of blueberry from the yogurt had gotten stuck in his throat and he couldn't get it out. Logan jumped up from his chair and grabbed James from behind. He wrapped his arms around James' stomach and thrusted his arms upward until he saw the blueberry fly out of his mouth and hit Kendall in the face. James turned and faced Logan, "Dude, you saved my life, how can I make it up to you?" Logan stood there and thought for a moment until he had a breakthrough. "You have to help me get a British girlfriend." James looked at him and started hysterical laughing. He managed to screech out a few words between his laughter, "That's like…trying to get Carlos…to pay attention…in school." Carlos glared at him. "Hey!" He started towards James with his hand in the air, looking like he was about to slap him.

Kendall stepped forward."We don't have time to start a fight right now, so let's head back inside before we get in trouble." Carlos brought his hand back down to his side and they all walked back into the living room and settled on the couch. "Ok Mom, we're ready to go now," said Carlos.

Logan stood up. "Don't mind me asking, but how are we supposed to get to London in one day?" Mr. Pena smiled and answered his question. "We will be doing a spell called Apparition." He looked at the others, them having confused expressions on their faces. Then, came to the conclusion that they didn't know what he was talking about. Instead of waiting for one of them to ask, he just explained. "Apparition is a method of transportation that basically makes the user have to focus on the desired location, then disappear from their current location and end up in the desired location. It's tricky to pull off correctly and can be disastrous if it's not done right." He finished speaking and looked at the boys to see if they understood. Logan stood up once again and spoke. "That makes sense, but what I don't understand is how do we make the Apparition happen?"

Mr. Pena replied, "We all have to join hands and turn on the spot while focusing on the location. So let's get going then." The boys all walked over and joined hands with each other. Mr. Pena turned and the boys felt arms twisting away from them and gripped tighter. The next thing they knew, everything went black. They were being pressed in all directions and had trouble breathing. It felt like iron bands were being tightened around their chests, while their eyeballs were being forced back into their heads, and their eardrums were being pushed deeper into their skulls.

Before they realized it, they were in London, in front of a pub called The Leaky Cauldron. They walked in and saw various types of wizards and witches at tables enjoying drinks and making conversation. Mr. Pena and the gang walked through the pub together. As they passed the bar, he waved at the short bald toothless man behind it. They kept walking and were lead to the rear of the pub. The door opened and they walked into the backyard and immediately felt a small chill. All that was out there was a bunch of barrels leaning against a brick wall. It didn't look like there was any way to get out of the backyard except by going back into the pub itself. Until Mr. Pena pulled out his wand and tapped some bricks in a counter-clockwise order. Once his wand left the rough red exterior of the brick wall, the bricks started to move and shuffle until there was a huge opening with the two halves of the huge brick wall on either side. Walking through the opening, the boys looked around and saw adults, teenagers, and children shuffling in and out of shops carrying boatloads of supplies in their hands. They looked around astonished, their eyes gradually getting bigger as they surveyed each new shop. Mr. Pena looked at them and smiled. "Welcome to Diagon Alley."