If you would believe it, I actually have the whole story and its' sequel planned out. know, right? AMAAAAZZIIINGGG.

I'm calling it the 'Waters Churning… Chronicles? Series?' (whatever).

I decided to write this because I love Itachi. 3 Please excuse the generic prologue, I hate those so much as well (hence the lack of detail). Chapter one will be out in like 30 minutes.

To See With Eyes Untainted




When the world says, "Give up,"

Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."

~Unknown Author


It fell hard, obscuring his vision and weakening his hold on the muddy ground.


Around him lie the ruins of Konoha, his beloved place that once housed his most precious of people. Now, though, there was rot and the faint reminder of long-ago memories, of times spent laughing and talking without a care in the world.


Both the teen and the man were breathing heavily, their blood and the blood of their opponents splattered on their clothing. The boy's left leg was shot, ripped by many a kunai and the unbelievable power of the Rinnegan.


His breath came out in visible puffs of air. "Tobi…"

The man, forsaken of his mask, snarled silently. "Naruto…"


Finally, he was in the correct position. The boy saw his marker; his picture of Team 7. He collapsed on the ground in front of it and, contracting his hand to grip the picture slightly, he slammed his right hand onto the ground, calling upon the Seal of Time.


A large array suddenly lit up, points crisscrossing at places where he had marked during his battle. All the markers were his most precious objects; pictures, gifts… And in the very center of the array he crouched, his left leg sprawled beneath him. Slowly, he began to disappear.

Last words.

His opponent's Rinnegan eye (for his Sharingan had long been ripped out, courtesy of one Haruno Sakura) widened, and he sprinted forward. But his approach slowed, encountering a barrier that he could not surmount. The boy looked up, his eyes feral, and he grinned.

"Fuck you."

And he was gone.