It has been six years since I have seen them, six years since I shut down the bond and six years since I had half my heart and soul ripped from my chest. My name's Rose Hathaway I'm a shadow kissed angel of war and my life was never meant to be easy.

Present day

"Rose phone call", my brother yelled up the stairs. I had no idea who would be calling me I haven't made any friends to call me being a rogue hunter with wings will kind of do that for you and although I can hide them at will most of the time I just couldn't be bothered, but that was for another time. I sighed and slowly got up my brother Felix was holding the phone out to me "I will see you when I get back" he said over his shoulder and then he was gone.

I stared at the phone for a couple of seconds and then put it to my ear

"Hello Rose speaking"

"Hello Roza" a voice I had missed like crazy said

"Yeva, I should have known" I held my breath as I waited an anticipation of what was to come

She gave a short burst of laughter "You need to come Roza we are in grave danger, I dreamt of an army coming to Baia we need you Roza please help us, please come" she said urgently

"Of course Yeva I will see you soon" I said with shaking breath I hung up the phone I hadn't realized Felix had come back in so lost in my thoughts I was

"Sister are you alright? you have gone pale" he asked concern evident in his voice

"Yes Felix, although for how much longer I don't know, that was Yeva and she needs help a strigoi army is marching toward Baia and she has asked me for my help I need to go" already grabbing the clean clothes from the dryer

"No Rose, No! You have no obligation to them anymore" I could see how badly this was agitating him after all he was the one who found me broken, bleeding and battered and he is the one who holds me when I fall

"They helped me out when I was hurt and had no place else to go, I do owe them" I snapped at him "They are not him and they don't deserve to have me turn by back in their time of need"

He was silent for a while so long in fact that I started to worry

"Ok I'm coming with you" he stated and went off to pack his bag, that's what I love about Felix no matter the mission or task he always had my back as I had his. I finished packing quickly not wanting to drag on flight time and soon we were out the door or well over the balcony. As my wings unfurled I was up I loved flying it gave me a sense of freedom, of being alone with no worries of course I am never alone Felix is always with me but the silence is calming I guess but tonight I just flew not thinking not feeling just enjoying the night sky.

Dimitri's Pov

I stood at the airport with my ticket in hand, this would be my second trip home since I was restored I had been hoping that this time I would have my Roza with me but I couldn't find her I had searched for her after she left but she was long gone and hell I don't blame her I would have left too I don't deserve her my savior, my goddess I am such a fool


I had been sitting in church what for I don't know I'm going to hell for what I had done to all those innocents I could still see their faces and hear their pleas as I drained the life from them and what I had done to my Roza well that killed me I couldn't stand to think of her and the awful things I had done to her how I had used her feeling for me used her love for me against her. I felt some one's eyes on me but didn't look up

"Comrade" the voice of my angel said what I said after that replays in my head, the look on her face will haunt me to my dying day

"I've given up on you, love fades mine has"

She gasped and clutched at her chest and looked down through her guardian attire I could see a splotch of red spreading across her shirt, she looked down touching her chest and lifting her hand to have a better look blood, and it was slowly spreading

"What have you done" she gasped turned around and fled out of the church. I slumped in my seat thinking about what I had just said and done, looking at my own hands I noticed a red like substance coating them. My Roza's blood oh god what have I done

That was the last time I saw Rose Hathaway

Lissa's Pov

It has been six years since I saw my best friend and sister, although I doubt she would refer to me as that these days. I sat thinking about that day, the day I had ripped what was left of my friends heart out of her chest


I saw Rose stumbling from the church she didn't look good there was red on her shirt and hands and she was crying tears that were pitch black "rose what happened? What's wrong?" she fell to her knees and cried "please Rosie what happened" I asked again I was starting to get really worried Rose never cried

"Dim..Dimitri" she was having trouble putting a sentence together but I had heard enough

"why Rose why can you not leave him alone, why can you not get it through your thick head that he doesn't need you or want you any more, I saved him and I am all he needs right now"

Rose looked up at me and I will never forget the look of betrayal in her eyes "you saved him? You saved him what a fucking joke Valissa, you saved him. Really how did you save him was it you that left school gave up everything you loved and worked so hard for, was it you who went to Russia and told his family what had happened to him? Was it you that was captured fed off tortured and used by the man you loved? Oh let me guess it was you who found out about the myth of restoring strigoi it was you who planned how to break a man out of Tarasov no lissa all you did was stake him what I couldn't do but you know what fuck you fuck him and fuck this life" by the time she had finished she was screaming at me and tears were leaking black from her eyes I thought it was mascara but something was telling me different.

I watched my best friend and sister walk away from me that day. Why would I say that to her, what had I done. It was the last time that I would see her.

Rose's Pov

We had been flying for several hours before the lights of the Belicovs came into view taking a deep breath I landed smoothly on the front lawn. I stood looking up at the house that I had once called my home Felix landed softly behind me

"You don't have to do this sister" he said gently taking another deep breath to center myself I walked up to the door raised my hand to knock but before I could the door opened and a high pitched "Roza" was being screamed. I was embraced before I had a chance to look at who was hugging me

"Roza I'm so sorry, I didn't mean anything I said I know he loved you and you him please forgive me" it came out in one big miss mash of words but I understood her

"Victoria, it is ok I forgive you" I said calmly

"Vika who is at the door?"

"Oh mamma you will never believe it" she opened the door and I was visible to Olena "Roza where have you been? Why did you leave" she was shouting and hugging me at the same time.

"Yeva called and asked me to come, as for the rest it is a long story" I said wearier than I thought

"Well don't just stand there come in"

"Olena, Vika I would like you to meet my brother Felix"

"Pleased to meet you Felix, I never knew Roza had a brother sit, sit you must be hungry" she was saying all this as she was bustling around the kitchen "I just made black bread this morning" she placed a plate piled with black bread and butter on the table

"God Olena I have missed your bread" I said. Looking over at Felix I had to laugh at him, all six foot eight of him stuffing his face like there is no tomorrow. and Vika was watching him with a fascinated and curious look on her face. I have to admit that my brother is hot as but looking at Vika she was practically salivating watching him

"So Roza you will be sleeping in Dimitri's old room and Felix you will be in the spare" I don't think she saw me flinch at the thought of sleeping in his bed but I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

"Ok Olena we will see you in the morning, thanks for the bread" I made my way up to the room took a deep breath and opened the door. It looked the same exact way it did when I left it

"It is good to see you again my child"

"Holy shit Yeva you scared the stuffing out of me" She just laughed and sat on the bed.

"Thank you for coming so quickly Roza I know what it is costing you to come here" it was the first time Yeva had spoken to me so gently. I couldn't help nor stop what happened next I burst into tears and Yeva hugged me rocking me back and forth "It is ok Roza it will all be ok" she crooned to me slowly rocking me back and forth I don't know how long I sat and cried for but Yeva never left my side "its ok my little angel it will all be ok" she whispered in my ears and slowly being rocked in Yeva's arms I closed my eyes and drifted off into what I hoped would be a dreamless sleep.