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Dimitris pov

I entered Lucas's room with apprehension. I knew firsthand what he, Sonja and little Ben were going through and it wasn't helping my state of mind. It was hard not to fall back into the depression I had experienced during the first couple of years after I was saved. Lucas was sitting by the window looking out over the snow encased yard.

I couldn't imagine how many lives he had taken over the years, I had been Strigoi for some months till my Roza saved me and during that time I had killed hundreds possibly thousands. The faces of the nameless victims I hunted still haunted me late at night but strangely enough the past week I hadn't had any nightmares. Granted that my wife, God I loved her was helping by exhausting me physically or maybe it was just having her near and knowing that she never held me responsible for my actions that helped.

"You have to eat Dad" Christian was trying to help but I knew from experience that Lucas had a hard road to travel.

"His right" I said from the doorway

"I don't want blood, don't make me drink please" was his tortured response.

I guess I had it a little easier than he did in this respect for as a Dhampir I didn't ever have to take blood again but eventually he would need it.

"We can leave that for now but you still need to eat, how about a little soup and some black bread?" I asked him encouragingly. Ignoring the question he said "Rose is simply amazing isn't she?" stepping into the room further I could see her running laps from the window.

"Yes she is" I said with a faraway look in my eyes. I wonder what it would have been like having my Roza help me through, if I hadn't been so damn stubborn and let her see me. Would it had made a difference as the months progressed?

Christian and I both ate our soup slowly almost as slow as Lucas did, I guess even Christian has demons of his own to confront. If I hadn't been a guardian I would have jumped six foot when Adrian rushed into the room yelling that he couldn't find Ben.

Rose pov

I ditched Eddie in his room to well get over his shock, Ben was sitting on the stairs looking lost and haunted when I sat beside him.

"Hey kid want to do something fun?" He nodded his head looking up at me with apprehension, I bundled him up noting as I did so how thin and gaunt he was. I hoped this would give him a little appetite and a bit of color on his cheeks. We snuck out passed my dad's and Tatiana's guardians grabbing a big basket as we went out the back.

"Alright lets fill this with snow balls, we are going to ambush Adrian and the others, sound good?" I asked him smiling. For a Nano second I saw a little grin so I started telling him all about the epic snow ball fights I had at the academy. I was just in the middle of demonstrating the perfect throwing technique when we heard Adrians panicked shout from the house.

"You ready Private" I said with my imitation commanding officer voice, I had told him previously what the plan was and the little imp didn't let me down.

"Alright when they all race outside start to launch" I was hyped up it had been years since I had a snowball fight and this one would be epic. Ben let out a little giggle. We didn't have to wait long for the first of our intended victims to rush out of the house, from the roof we had perfect visibility and really who was going to look up well no one at first. I was holding little Ben around the waist so he wouldn't fall.

Adrian, followed by Tatiana rush out into the yard.

"Bombs away" I whispered in his ear, and wouldn't you know it he threw the ball with perfect aim hitting Adrian smack dab in the middle of his forehead. We quickly ducked down both of us sniggering away. Peeking over our well hidden little base I nearly laughed out loud, Adrian was looking dumbfounded turning left and right looking for the culprit.

"Ready for more?" I grabbed the biggest snowball we had made and on the count of three we both threw them, hitting Adrian one after the other. This time he fell right on his backside, I had my hand covering Ben's mouth as he started to laugh, pulling him back so we couldn't be seen.

"What the hell?" he spluttered

Dimitri, Christian and Lucas all started busting up with laughter until they were all pelted right in the face with our flying projectiles.

"Oh this means war" shouted Christian grabbing a hand full of snow.

"Yeah but who are we fighting?" Lucas said following his lead

"This is no time for snowball wars, Ben is missing" Adrian yelled at them. Oh this was too funny. In quick succession Ben and I threw more snowballs at them, woops that one hit Tatiana and I lost it laughing so hard I nearly fell off the roof. Our cover was blown as they all looked up to see Ben and I Laughing but trying to look threatening.

"Guardians attack" shouted Tatiana

"Hey get off the roof" yelled Beth, well all right then time for operation raging storm. Ben and I quickly refilled our depleting ammo and clutching the basket tightly in his hands up we flew.

"Bombs away soldier" It was raining snowballs "That's cheating Christian" he was using fire to melt the balls being lobbed in his direction

"And flying's not?" the Guardians turned as one and pelted him with so many snowballs he ended up looking like a snowman. We played until Bens teeth started chattering and then called a truce for now.

Amy and Olena had been cooking up a storm; the table was filled with jugs of hot chocolate, cookies and bread. "Yum I'm starved" I proclaimed

"Hey Ben bet I can eat more cookies than you!"

His little cheeks were all flushed and he had a twinkle in his eye, "your on" he exclaimed and without waiting for the countdown he was stuffing and chomping like no tomorrow.

Adrian's pov

I couldn't help but smile as I watched Ben chomping on the cookies. Rose without trying had managed to get him to eat and laugh, something I had failed to do. Lucas was also munching on cookies and just by looking at his aura I could see he felt a little bit better than he did this morning. What was it about her that had men of all ages doing her bidding? After a half dozen hot chocolate shots Rose declared him the winner. He then did a victory lap of the table.

Rose high fived him as he shot passed giving him a whoop "Thanks Rose" I said quietly. She just winked at me.

Dimitri's pov