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With Shadow

Shadow was up to his limit. The A.R.K almost killing the entire planet. Sonic saved it. Shadow was smirking at the thought of the blue hedgehog. 'If I could tell him how I fell about him then that would be awesome. Hedgehog, I am in love with you.'

Shadow started walking to the hedgehog's house.

At Sonic's

Sonic looked around his house at his friends. Even Rouge and Knuckles were there.

Cream was still sobbing and cuddled up with Amy who was trying to cheer her up.

"F-Foods ready!" Ella shuttered as all the sad Sonic friends walked slowly over to the table.

"Yes! I'm starving!" Sonic yelled as the rest of his friends glared.

"What can't blame a guy for being hungry, can you?" Sonic asked as his friends shrugged.

Sonic then looked up into the sky and prayed in his mind.

'Shadow, I hope your alright.' Sonic gave himself a smile then looked back at his now giggling friends.

Shadow then looked through the window off of a tree.

"I'm alright Sonic, I just hope you're alright." Shadow said as he looked at his chaos emerald one more time.