With Shadow

I head down the hall, carrying my books, as someone crashes into me.

"Hey!" The guy shouts, as I look up too see Sonic.

"Sonic, why'd you crash into me?" I ask, as he shrugs.

"Maybe because, you crashed into me first!" Sonic says, laughing.

"Your such a prep…" I say, turning on my heel and walking away.

"Wait Shads!" Sonic shouts, grabbing my shoulder.

"Don't touch me…" I say coldly. Please don't let go.

"Fine then!" Sonic says, storming into the classroom.

As I follow, looking at the ground.

With Sonic

What the fuck is his problem?

I knew he had an attitude…But what the hell?

I sat down beside Tails, and starting chatting with him. Did you know he was dating Cream now? She came over too comfort him over Cosmo, but then they kissed, and got together. They are so cute!

"Shadow?" I hear, as I turn around too see Rouge heading over too Shadow.

"Yes?" He says, looking her in the eye.

She leans over his desk, probably trying to make him look down her shirt, but he just stared into her…Blue or green eyes. Seriously what eye color is that?!

"I'm having a free drink night at my club, and I was wondering if you wanted too go," She said, winking.

"No thanks…" Shadow says, coldly, turning away.

"Why can't you go!" She shouts, her face angry.

"Because, me and Maria have homework to do." Shadow says, as Maria looks confused.

"We do?" She asked, tilting her head.

"Yes we do." Shadow says, looking back at Rouge.

"When did you start loving homework?" Rouge says, giving him a slight glare.

"Since I failed all my classes last year." Shadow says, getting up, and storming out the classroom, as I chase him out, calling his name.

With Rouge

Shadow likes homework? What did I miss that week I was gone?

I think it's something about that Maria girl…

Does he like her or something? "He can't…" I say flying after the two boys.

With Shadow

"Sonic, why are you following me?" I ask, turning on my heel, as his face is right on front of mine.

"Because…I need to talk to you…" Sonic says, biting his lip.

"What?" I say, with a voice of both concern and annoyance.

"Ok…I know you'll probably never talk to me again but…" Sonic says, grabbing my hand.

"I love you Shadow, I loved you for weeks, maybe even a month, and I really admire you. I know I seemed like an ass the past week but I apologize for that. I really love you, and I'm not afraid to tell you. At first I was, because I was shocked that I-"

Before he said anything else, I kissed him. I felt him kiss back, so I smiled through the kiss. The kiss got deeper, as I licked his bottom lip, wanting a entrance. He let my tongue in, as I adventured every part of his mouth, as his adventured mine. I break the kiss, trying to catch my breath.

"I love you Shadow." Sonic says, smiling.

As I press my forehead against his, "I love you too."

He smiles, then takes my hand, as we head down the street.

"We can't ditch…" Sonic says, looking at me.

"Sonic…Next class is with Dr. Eggman for Geography." I say, looking at him.

"Yup! We can ditch!" Sonic says.

As we laugh, and walk to my house.

With Rouge

What just happened? Did Sonic and Shadow just kiss? Am I dreaming? Are they dating? (A/N you can answer the questions if you want)

Wait…For the bat who get's everything she want's.

I will.

So, I walk into the classroom and stand on front of the room.

"Hi guys." I say, in my regular flirty tone.

"Rouge, sit down!" Knuckles yells, glaring at me.

'Oh Knuckie, you love me." I say, winking, as he blushes for a second.

"No I don't! I wouldn't love a slut like you!" Knuckles yells, having a mental breakdown.

"Whatever…I have an announcement." I say, smiling finally.

"What? No way your pregnant!" Knuckles said, sarcastically.

"Yeah, of course." I say sarcastically as I roll my eyes.

"Anyway…Sonic and Shadow are gay." I say, smirking and sitting down.

"What?!" Amy said, getting angry.

"Yes they are dating." I say, smirking at her.

"No…How did you figure that out?" Amy said, tilting her head.

"They were lip locking in the hallway." I say, looking down, "And telling each other 'I love you'."

"Shit…Shadow's going to kill me." Amy said, storming out of the class.

"Ms. Amy, wait up!" Cream shouts, chasing after her best friend.

"Whatever…" I say, rolling my eyes and sitting beside Knuckles, who looked pissed.

With Sonic

I can't believe it! Me and Shadow are together…

And just had…Sex.

Yes, I just lost the big V.

It's not a big deal.

I'm just scared that someone saw us in the hallway kissing.


"Sonic, you finally awake?" Shadow said, coming in.

Oh yeah…I was having a nap.

"Yeah!" I shout, jumping up.

"Good, I'm going to Maria's…" Shadow said, looking down.

"Can I come?" I ask, tilting my head.

Shadow smiles (A/N I LOVE HIS SMILE :D he hardly smiles, sorry…Had to point that out.), "Of course."

I smile, then grab his hand, rushing to Maria's house.

With Amy

I go back home, and lie on my bed.

"Ms. Amy!" Cream shouts, running up to me.

"Yes Cream?" I ask, sitting up, as she sits on my lap.

"Are you ok?" She asked, looking concerned.

"Of course." I say smile. No I'm not.

"You can tell me anything…I can tell." Cream said, looking at me concerned.

"Ok…No I'm not, like I'm happy that they are together, I'm starting to get over Sonic, but what if Rouge takes Shadow away?" I ask, looking down.

"I don't really like gay people, but all I can say, is they won't tear apart." Cream said, smiling.

"Why don't you like gay people?" I asked confused.

"Because…I'm still little, I'm starting to like them though." Cream said, smiling more.

As I giggle, "Thanks Cream." I say, kissing her forehead, like a sister or mom would do.

Cream giggles, "Your welcome Ms. Amy!"

As we go downstairs, and grab some drinks.

With Shadow

The reason I didn't want Sonic to come, is that it really was a G.U.N mission.

I couldn't bring him, could I?

But I already said…I was going.

"Sonic…" I say, looking down.

"Yeah Shads?" He asked, looking at me.

"This is actually…A G.U.N mission." I say, as Sonic laughs.

"This will be fun then!" Sonic said, smiling.

"Sonic…Some people might die." I say, looking at him.

"Bad people?" He asked, as I sigh.





"Probably not."


"I don't know." I say, gritting my teeth, thinking about how weird my best friend was acting.

She might be jealous about Maria coming back…

"Oh…" Sonic says, then doing his trademark. (A/N Sorry there's lot's of these…But it's a thumbs up and wink)

"There it is." I say, going inside.

As Sonic follows me silently.

"Hi boys, or I can say gays." I hear, as me and Sonic turn around to see…


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