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Prologue:100years after Ash wins the Unova League, the world of Pokemon prospers as Pokemon from all over migrate to the new regions. One region in particular grows so much that they had to extend it and add more islands making it more popular with the new sightseeing. Our next adventure starts here with new heroes and new villains and even some old villains reappearances...

Chapter 1: The start of the Journey

At the Poke'Acedemy various classes are held for many occupations including the jobs as trainers, coordinators, breeders and even nurses.

The academy holds over 400 students where freshman hold the most population at 200, the sophomores at 100, the juniors at 70, and the seniors being the least at 30 students. The academy wasn't very popular in the beginning until the freshmen, now seniors, excelled in having the highest scores in the region and the Hoenn region becoming one of the safest regions ever.

The senior class has some of the best battles, the most graceful contests and some of the best medical improvements in the whole academy. The senior class is led by Professor Stein, whose knowledge of pokemon even surprises himself sometimes. " Now class I know that today will be your last day and you will all miss the academy." Professor Stein says as one student sighs out loud to himself. The professor starts talking again,

" Before I was interrupted I was saying that we are going to have one final match and a going away party, as you leave you will be handed your first pokemon and go out to conquer your journey." Professor Stein finishes as a student asks a question. " Professor what kind of match" the student asks as the Professor answers with a smirk and evil chuckle,eyes burning with intense passion.

" Well its simple it going to be a BATTLE!" Professor shouts causing several coordinators,breeders and nurses to yell in protest " No way that is JOB DISCRIMINATION!" but the professor just shouts back with the same expression before " OF COURSE HAHAHA!" as soon as the professor finishes a chalkboard eraser flies and hits him in the face causing him to fall over. Time passes and the party is over now everyone awaits the pokemon battle of the century.

" Okay may I have Hk Pirandello or formally known as "The Blazing God", 17 with a 100-0 win/loss battle record and many championships in pokemon wrestling, and Emma Rosemary or formally known as the " Electrifying Goddess, 17 with a 100-0 win/loss battle record and has many and is still holding the title as champion of pokemon swimming, this is a battle for supreme champion of the Poke'Academy!" shouts the ref.

Hk Pirandello stands to his box with his Academy pokemon Magmortar as does Emma and her Academy pokemon Electivire. Hk has a brown complexion with light brown eyes and curly black hair, as his nickname suggests he is wearing a red polo shirt with yellow and orange flames at the bottom, black straight fit jeans with red, yellow and orange flames at the pockets and at the cuffs of his pants along with his black running shoes.

Emma has a pale white complexion with hazel eyes and has light brown/reddish straight hair with a bang that covers most of her forehead, she is wearing a white sun dress with yellow trimmings at the bottom that comes above her knees she is also wearing a thin yellow jacket with black stripes signaling lightning bolts with white sandals. "Okay ready? Set? Battle!" the ref exclaimed.

Change in POV(Hk's)

Wow she really is a goddess. I thought to myself. Just because she was a girl and a very pretty one in fact that doesn't mean I can hold back. She looked about 5'7'' which meant she was an inch shorter than me. She also looked like she was of royalty by the way she moved and her features weren't that bad either.

They call me the "Blazing God" because of my tendencies to rush into situations and my blazing personality. Emma actually gave me the name our freshman year at the same time I gave her the nickname she has now. You can call us rivals or maybe best friends I don't even know myself.

Okay time to start of with a fiery explosion I thought to myself. "Let's go Magmortar use flamethrower!" I shouted with an intense burning in my eyes. "Thunderbolt." she said calmly. Magmortar opened up his arm canon and shot intense flames only to be met midway by a thunderbolt coming from a charged up Electivire. The two blasts formed an orange and yellow orb before exploding causing smoke to fill the battle arena . " Magmortar quick fire punch then brick break!" I yelled quickly not letting Emma get a chance to recover from the smokescreen. Magmortar ran through the smoke one hand covered in flames while the other glowed white with a red outline.

I thought we had them until I heard a voice calmly say " Electivire thunder punch and then use brick break." Her voice was really starting to irritate me. In the smoke there was a crackled sound of lightning and a familiar white glow. The two attack bashed and collided together for a few seconds neither pokemon succumbing to the attacks. The pokemon were about on the same level.

They canceled the attacks and jumped back to their respective sides, both pokemon were covered in scratches, bruises and burned marks from the fire and thunder punches. I was about to call out to Magmortar when static ran up through his body. Crap he's paralyzed I muttered to myself. Emma must have noticed and smirked and said " Electivire finish-" her eyes went wide when Electivire was suddenly erupted in flames.

" Yes he's burned!" I shouted loud enough for her to hear but she answered with a snort that only I could hear. Then the ref said "Oh no folks looks like the last hit will win for either side." I looked over to Emma who look like she was willing to risk everything but so was I. " Okay let's finish this!" I shouted, Magmortar, Electivire and Emma all nodded. Then we both said at the same time " WILD/FLAME CHARGE!" Magmortar and Electivire both stomped the ground kicking up a cloud of dust only to pop through with flames and electricity covering their bodies traveling a full speed.

The two clashed at the middle and a huge explosion happened sending powerful shock waves towards us. The smoke cleared to show that both pokemon was unconscious. The ref quickly declared it a draw as I went to go shake Emma's hand but to my surprise I received a hug instead I returned the hug as she was letting go. " Umm, sorry about that I was caught off guard by your hug so I returned it." I said shyly looking up at her face, she was blushing her whole face had turned red. I chuckled a little bit and turned to see Stein waving us down. " Hey c'mon Stein wants us." I said grabbing her hand, which was actually quite soft, she nodded and followed along. " So I see you two are a couple now?" Stein asks giggling. " Yea it seems so." I say also giggling which led to a bruise on our cheeks.

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