Hey guys and girls!,

Long time no see, how have you been?

well let's get down to buisness!

I am ending this story! no matter what any of you say!

i know i have been gone for a long time but trust me it was for a good reason. i left because i didn't have any inspiration to write and i lost passion for everything! but i went on a journey and found the reason to write again! I would like to say I'm sorry for all the confusion and i know i left some of you hanging in the dark but i am back now and will answer any and all questions!

I would also like to apologize to those who read and reviewed and submitted oc's for this story... i truly am.

Oh! and before i forget i will answer any messages i didn't answer sorrry for that too!

p.s. I am in the midst of creating a new story one with much more action! comedy! and romance! i will also need a co-author for this story... basically someone who can collaborate ideas and stuff with me! they may need to post chapters occasionally! pm for more details!

bye sincerely Hk ^-^