The New Demonic Titan


Naruto x Starfire


Author's Note


99.99 Teen Titan vampire fics are badly written ass. Vampire Robin-who is a fucking perfect looking and walking god swoops Starfire self insert off her feet. Oh wait, except all the ones where the vampire fics are Raven.

Well guess what. This isn't a vampire fic. Its a demon fic featuring AU versions of Naruto characters. Don't ask questions. Just enjoy it. Its fanfiction.


Story Start


He knew of her, seeing the news reports and from seeing her in action. That long and lustrous auburn hair and glamorous orange skin (orange was his favorite color after all) along with her rather large and curvaceous stature. She was Starfire of the Teen Titans and right now the traitor of their order had his fangs sank deep into her neck like he was a fucking vampire. A blood curdling howl escaped his mouth as he leapt from the roof of the building.

The traitor looked up, his dark hair and pale features only seemed to magnify his cruel and triumph smile. He had to stop himself from chasing after that smug bastard. He looked down at the twitching form of the woman. Her emerald eyes were filled with agony and fear. ''I'm sorry young one...'' all Starfire could make out was sorrowful blue eyes. ''...sleep peacefully.'' he said as darkness overcame her.

Hours had passed, she tossed and turned before gasping and sitting up in a bed unfamiliar to her own. ''Where am I?'' Starfire asked as she winched and rubbed her neck. There were bandages where her neck had basically been tore out. She gasped upon seeing a figure enter the room with a tray. Fear filled her face as she tried to summon her star bolts but nothing happened.

''What have you done to me? I demand you release whatever fowl spell you have cast on me!'' she demanded as the blond haired man chuckle.

''I was not the one to infect you young Tamarenean. It was, a creature, a traitor amongst our kind.'' he said as he brought over the meal. Starfire blanched as the overpowering smell of flesh filled her nostrils. Her stomach tightened with hunger pangs. Her nose twitched as her mouth bean to salivate. She couldn't stop herself, tearing into the meat like a wild animal. Hot tears of shame welling in her eyes as she continued wolfing down the food.

''There's no reason to feel shame.'' the blond spoke in a soothing voice. ''Don't worry young one. I'll help you through this.'' he said as he went to get more food for the had been so long since there was a new demon amongst their kind they hardly used the new outdated terms. What was that term again? Aah yes, Fledgeling. Though even if she could fly like a bird that didn't suit her. For now he would call her vixen.

Starfire held her head. "What is happening to me?" she whimpered as she tried summoning her power again, only to get a faint green glow from her hand.

''You were changed,'' the voice from the doorway said.

Starfire turned to see the same man as before. Golden spiky hair, he was tall, dressed in a dark dress shirt and black slacks. He looked so much like the other man it unnerved her but he was different. He was gentle, felt warm in a way that she didn't know from anyone besides Robin and even he was distant.

''What do you mean?'' she fearfully asked.

''Last night you were attacked by a demon of sorts. He has infected you, whether he intended to eat you or turn you I'm not sure. All I can tell you is that I'm the only one that can help you.''

''W-What am I becoming?'' she questioned.

''Essentially a demon. The origins of our kind connects back to birds and vampires. I'm a different case because I was part kitsune before my conversion and considering you're an alien there is no telling what hell the change will bring about on your body.'' the demon said as he reached over to a desk, pulling open a drawer and pulling out a flask. ''I am sorry...the creature that turned you used to be my brother. You can say we had a falling out.'' he explained as he took a swig of the flask.

Starfire's eyes softened sympathetically. ''I do not get along well with my sister. She hates me, wishes for my death.''

''Something we have in common,'' the blond haired man replied and nodded.

''I am Starfire of Tamaran and of the Teen Titans. Tell me stranger, what is your name?'' she asked as the man looked at her with a thoughtful expression.

''I've been known as Ten Tails for so long it would be nice to go by my old name. I am known as Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto. I won't ask you to call me anything but Naruto when we're alone, but if we are around others refer to me as Master or Sempai. I don't want anyone to have access to my name unless necessary.'' he informed her as she nodded.

''Am I? Am I going to be forced to eat people?'' she hesitantly asked. The eat she wolfed down was unlike anything she had tasted.

''No, we have a specially made, organic if you will, food as a substitution.'' he answered her with a wry smile. ''In order to curve your infection I will have to completely turn you. Become your sire in a matter of speaking. Such a thing requires trust, but if you aren't sire you'll become what is known as a ghoul. Mindless creatures driven by the hunger and the scourge of all dark creatures.''

''Why me?'' she asked with a shudder. ''Why would anyone do this?''

''My brother is a sick and twisted individual. This is his idea of a fun.'' he said as he moved to another drawer and pulled it open. He reached in and plucked out a ceremonial knife with a red black and silver handle. ''Even in the old days he was a psychopath. I am sorry this has happened to you...Vixen.'' he said as she blinked at him curiously. ''By choosing my assistance you become my responsibility. My affinity is towards foxes and when I sire you, you'll inherit some of my traits and that means fox traits. That unfortunately includes blood thirstiness and maybe even a desire to kill when provoke.''

Starfire gasped in shock. It wasn't the idea of killing that shocked her, she was a proud and noble Tamarenean warrior. Killing to defend one's home world was a very honorable thing, well at least back on her home world, but the thought she wouldn't be able to control herself.

''Its one of the things you'll have to come to terms with.'' Naruto gently told her as he placed a hand over hers. ''Get some sleep vixen. Tomorrow you'll have to begin my training.''

''But my friends...the Teen Titans...'' she began but he cut her off.

''I have already sent them a message. Until we are sure you're alien genetics won't have any unforeseen consequences on your genetics, we need to keep you away from other people. The last thing we need is for you to kill someone in a fit of hunger.

"This is just too much," she said, holding herself and crying. He embraced her and pulled the girl close to him, pressing her against his chest. He gently stroked her hair.

''I know Vixen.'' he said as he comforted her. 'I should have killed him then when I had the chance.' he thought as he comforted her. As he continued to tenderly stroke her hair Naruto decided that once and for all his brother was going down.


Chapter End


Naruto as a 'Maker' (True Blood term-The most accurate vampire term I can think of at a moment. Clue on to which crossover I'm going to eventually be doing.) with Starfire as his demon is an interesting story, is it not? Anyway, I am on fire tonight people so review the story damnit. So yeah, expect lots of lemons.