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*Kaoru's p.o.v*

"Yo, Shou can you hand me the ramen?" I asked my small brother that grunted, got it from the counter and to my surprise, gave it to me. I found myself smiling to my green haired brother and I petted his head "Thanks Sprout!" I said that was his nickname me and Dai gave him. Dai nickname was Stump… Anyways! "You're ramen is done, Sprout!" I called out for him and settled his bowl down before mine on the kitchen table as we both sat down. "Thanks for the food, Sport!" Shou said happily as he attacked his bowl which made a piece of ramen fly onto my cheek, I laughed as I ate it and finished my bowl. After we ate our ramen and played "Mortal Kombat" I kinda got sick of "Halo", I mean I love video games- they're good but, Shou's been playing too much. I looked at my clock; it blinked '10:03' I sighed and told Shou to go to sleep. Frankly, I've been worried about him, 8 years, motherless, and only having me watching over. My father divorced my mom, he took Dai, and she took me and Shou. My father, Takeo never knew Kimiko (Kaoru's mom) was pregnant with Shou at the time, I only did. She cried but told me it was for the best, my father was getting a bit too carried away with his career; wrestling. That is the only reason why we have a broken family; wrestling. My mother died in a car wreck, 9 months after Shou was born; she was getting him from the baby sitter's house. Drunk drivers hit my mother and… one of them… I- I-… was raped at age 8… I. I. I-was so fucking scared, I was covered in my mother's blood and I got my virginity stolen at age 8-How fucked up is that? After that I found the closest thing I found and hit the one who-you know- and I knocked him unconscious, I found my way to the baby sitters house and told her my story. She was an old women, she was nice and was humorous. Her name was Yuna Hitomi. She died the month I turned 13, the unlucky number. I found it stupid; the only reason why it's unlucky is because the number 12 is the "perfect" number. I am now 16 years of waste and I have been known for robbing, killing (not really, known more for threatening), jumping, being a "slut" for hanging out with guys according to girls, and known mostly for my graffiti. Yup, graffiti was my passion in this town. My gang is called the Tsuki Travelers aka Moon Travelers. I robbed for Shou's education. I killed/threatened because I avenge my people. I jumped people for jumping kids. I'm a "slut" because that's the gender I was supposed to be. I graffiti because; I love art…I have my reasons, no? To see through me must be a miracle because all I contain is depression and love for the respectful people. I started to look for the bills that I have to pay for, I also have 2 jobs; I don't live off of stealing ya know? I live in this hotel by creating themes for the hotel rooms and main lobby. I also work as a cooker in a fancy restaurant, I'll tell ya now-I'm a drop out. That's right, I'm a drop-out- I did it for Shou's and my sake. Speaking of Shou- I silently walked to check on Shou and saw him sound asleep, I went into his backpack to check if he did his homework and found out he did, I smiled at his neatly, finished homework. "…Such a strong Sprout." I said as I went over him and kissed his forehead and I saw him smile. I walked out and whispered "Night, Sprout." I looked at my pay checks and went through the payment for the bills, I sighed in frustration and ran my finger through my hair and damned the world for inventing math. I cursed again and this time I blamed my faggot-ass teacher... I grabbed a calculator from my old school bag and I grabbed my school note book. I flipped my pages and saw nothing but drawing; hey I never said anything about blaming them for not trying to teach me. I started noting down the complicating numbers and the clicks of the calculator didn't make my headache any better but I found out I did have enough for this month's pay and I did a small happy dance while I found out I had $147 saved from my paychecks and the jumping. I looked at the time '12:09', my mouth dropped…Fuck, am I really that slow? I jumped on my couch and wished this sleep to be over in-7 hours. So I can at least take Shou to the bus and make him breakfast.


I muttered a bit too loud and I got up to brush my teeth and take a very quick shower. Than make Shou breakfast, crapes wrapped around jelly with whip cream on top, I grabbed a clean pair of camo baggy pants with a black baggy shirt and I put on my black converse. I grabbed my dyed black hair and put it in a messy ponytail with a forest green ribbon and put on my fingerless leather gloves also my chocker as I grabbed my backpack and checked the time, yet again… '7:33' I sighed in relief and saw Shou done and eating breakfast with a glass of milk. He smiled as I walked in the kitchen "Morning, sis." He recalled, "Mornin', lil bro!" I replied. "I got your bento in the fridge, okay?" I said as I took a seat next to him and started to eat my share with orange juice. As we finished and Shou grabbed his bento, we were talking about how our days gonna go.

Shou: "Are you working today?"

Me: "Shou, I work every day."

Shou: "No, I mean- Are you working?"

I nodded and he smiled as he kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear "Good luck, Sport. See ya after school." "Bye, Sprout. Have a freaking good day!" I said to Shou as he got on the bus. He waved back and the bus took off. Truth is I have my backpack to fool the parents at the bus stop; parents can be way too dense sometimes. Also, Shou knows about my gang and about my history with illegal things. I started to walk away and go to my part time job; cooking time. I have my uniform in my backpack. I entered the big building, went to the sign where it says "Only Employees" and went to another sign where it says "Employee Women Changing Room" I started to change into my uniform. A black hat to hide my hair, a black t-shirt underneath my white cooking shirt, black dress pants, and white socks with black shoes, I suddenly started to cook for the next 4 hours and got my break. Shou gets off in 4 hours. I have work in an hour. "Yo, small stuff! A costumer wants to see ya!" said my best friend; Mitch. He's my age but he works as a waiter, he's pretty tall for our age. He has brown hair and brown eyes that have a hint of gray around the pupil. I smirked at him, as I passed him I low high-fived him and he returned it. As I went to the table to see the costumer wants, hoping that it's a compliment given. There was a man, a teen boy, a woman, and two other girls. As the man turned around, my eyes grew big. The man an teen both gasped and before I could run for it…they said my name… "Kaoru?" I gulped as I said it unexpectedly "Hey…Takeo…Dai…" I heard the last words of the song…

"-You fall away,
It's following you,
you fall away."

Damnit, how fucking ironic…

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