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Chapter 2


ALL: "I'm sexy and I know it"

I couldn't hold it in and burst out in laughter and started hitting the car ceiling at my friends singing but especially since they got Satsuke to sing is the main reason. I looked up at all the boys again and saw the redness on their cheeks in embarrassment. I wiped the tears away from the corners of my eyes and looked at them innocently.


*Kaoru's p.o.v*

As we made through crowded city, we finally reached the town of our destination- at least according to Mitch's IPhone…

"Gaw! Are we there yet?" Youji asked.

It was so suddenly in the silence that I jumped from my seat and glared at him, he stuck out his tongue only to anger me but I smirked.

"-Not so clever now, Youji?" I said as if it was a threat more-likely.

He shivered and looked away with a guilty face; I already did mention that I was known for threating too. All of the gang members have something they want to protect and we all have a broken past.

Youji & Jirou: They lost their dad and mom at age 13 because their dad was an ex-Yankee but, they, the Yankees; let Youji and Jirou live because they forced them to learn weaponry-skills and they learned hand-to-hand combat, Jirou is more skilled in strategy with weaponry. Youji is skilled with distance and what the weapon could do/it's range power, believe it or not Youji not matter how childish he is, he is the smartest one in the group when it comes to that certain knowledge.

Satsuke: He was an orphan since the day he was born; he lived through poverty half his life until he got into this gang. His mother died giving birth to him, and his father got murdered because he had to pay the leader of a Yankee group but, sadly he did not have any money so he told his pregnant wife to leave and hurry to safety. Satsuke is skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Ichirou: Lost his older sister in a rampage with Yankees, that killed many people who lived in his small town. Ichirou had a very strong bond with his older sister because they were twins that were polar opposites but, they loved each other very much. It drove Ichirou insane for 4 years (he was at age 11 when it happened), he was locked in a mental institution and given medication. Ichirou is skilled in using weapons.

Mitch: Like Youji and Jirou; he lost both of his parents. But, at a very young age, I think around 6 if I recall. His parents were killed with no reason behind the assassinations, at least something we couldn't find out. Afterwards he lived with his grandma. Mitch is skilled in finding/tell location (we're in) and general strategy.

Me: Takeo and mom got divorced when I was 7 and when I was 8 my mom died in a car "accident", and I got… raped. I was the only person who could take care of Shou so I decided to have a Yankee career for Shou's sake. It would teach me how to use weapons and fighting, I would know this just in case anything happens. I am skilled in navigating people.

Frankly, I've never pitied my gang members for their pasts and all. It wouldn't feel right, pitied; one of those words that seem to try and coax you to their extent, what an ugly word.

"We have arrived!" Youji exclaimed at the top of his lungs.

Jirou clamped him hand over Youji's mouth and smacked his head for his loud outburst. I snickered with Ichirou and Mitch as Satsuke rolled his eyes and decided to open the door he was closest to and got off the humble ride, pft! Yeah right-humble ride my ass! Ichirou knew his car sucked do that's why he's trading his for a mustang. A Mustang! My favorite kind of car… God, I'll love to use my pick pocketing or my smith lock skills on Ichirou.

"come on, Kao. We're here." Mitch said softly as he put out his hand, expecting me to grab it. I put my foot out instead of my hand and looked at Mitch; he gave me a funny look and he tugged at my leg, making me lose my balance and hit my head on the door I was leaning on the opposite side. Which made Ichirou open that doors side as well, and I now had my head sticking out at one end and my feet at the other. I muttered curses under my breath and finally made the choice to not be as lazy anymore. I got up and headed through the restaurant doors…I stopped opened the doors for the guys and said "Ladies first." Youji, Jirou, Satsuke, and Ichirou stopped immediately and let Mitch go.

"Gee, thanks Kao that's real-WAIT! HEY!" Mitch shouted at me

Youji smiled and the rest of us snickered.

"Get on with it, you dorks." I said as I made a hand motion on letting them pass.

They rolled their eyes and as soon as we got there we went to the cashier and ordered. After we finished, Satsuke pointed out that there are 'Service buttons'. You might of not thought about his idea but, Satsuke loves pranks. Ichirou and Satsuke made a plan where we go to each corner or center tables and press the buttons at the same time and see if anyone comes. We all scattered, found a button, and looked at each other mouthing:



"You punks! Get outta my store!"

We all bolted for the door and into the car. Silence… "Bwwahhhaahaa!"

"That was fun." Ichirou said as he put on his seat belt to drive us back home.



"What time is it?"

"Kay. Thanks Icchi!"

"No prob."

I don't know why but the car ride was pretty silent and we all got dropped off. We all said our "see ya later"s and hugged. I thanked Icchi as I walked into my and Shou's aparetment. I made some udon for Shou, I just felt in the mood to make it-weird. After I leaped into the couch face down I heard a voice…

"Looks you enjoyed that leap, poor couch."

"Leave me alone Shou!"
"Yeah. Yeah-Is that Udon I smell?"


"Thanks for the food!"

I heard a hew slurps here and there but I smiled into the couch as I heard he was going to go to his room and do homework. I closed my eyes and felt really sleepy… sleepy… sl-*KNOCK KNOCK*

"Oh for the love of god! Knock-Oh~ hey Takeo… Dai… Mitzuki."

Speaking about love and god… here's hatred and Satan's ex-bride. Ha.

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