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John Sheppard groaned as he rolled over in the bed to encounter cold sheets on the opposite side.

"Elizabeth?" he asked as he cracked an eye open and scanned the room.

John sighed as he saw no visible sign of the woman being there and got up pulling a shirt over his head before making his way to the bathroom.

"I wouldn't go in there if I were you" a male voice said jokingly from behind him as he walked towards the door of Elizabeth's office.

John spun around to look at the other man before replying. "And why not General?" he asked causing the other man to smile.

"Please, it's Jack. And secret women's business, or so I am told" he said causing John to raise an eyebrow. "Wedding dresses or something and I can't see" he added shrugging his shoulders.

John smirked at him before turning around to the door "You're the groom; you can't see, its tradition apparently" he said opening the door and leaving the older man shaking his head, lips curled into a smirk.

John knew what it was like for a woman to be flustered about a wedding, he'd helped out with his sister's wedding enough to know what it was like, constant worrying about cakes and dresses and shoes. Something he was glad he never had to deal with.

Picking up a sketch off of the desk he looked at it closely noting the measurements that were written alongside the detailed picture.

"Who's the designer" John asked looking at the two women sitting in front of him.

Sam smirked before pointing to the brunette next to her "She is" she said smiling as she handed another page to the scruffy haired male in front of her.

"Seriously?" John asked looking between them both

"I dabbled when I was younger and Sam wanted a specific dress" Elizabeth replied her eyes glued to the paper in front of her.

John looked at the other page he was handed "So does this mean I get to see you wear one of these in the near future?" he asked holding up a wedding gown sketch.

"Propose to me and then we'll discuss it" she said without looking up causing John to gape at her and Sam to giggle.

Elizabeth shot a sideways glance at the blonde next to her that was trying hard to stop giggling her hand clasped against her mouth in a bid to stop it.

"Uh, you know what? I've gotta go discuss something with Jack" he said fumbling around the words as he left the office leaving the brunette to glare at the giggling blonde.

"You look like you've seen a ghost; I told you not to go in there" Jack said chuckling.

"She wants to get married" John said soberly, his face straight no hint of the smirk that was there only moment s ago.

Jack laughed, "I know, I proposed to her"

"No, not Carter... Elizabeth" John said causing Jack to immediately sober.

"Elizabeth?" Jack asked disbelievingly. "Elizabeth Weir wants to get married?" he asked again his brown furrowing as he contemplated the news.

John nodded as he replied, his eyes seeking out the brunette in the clear office before them. "That's right; Elizabeth Weir wants to get married" he said reaffirming the answer to Jacks question.

"Well you better get cracking on finding a ring" Jack said clapping a hand on his back before walking away. "Oh and a word of advice, do it sooner than later" he called over his shoulder leaving John standing in the middle of the hall his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes staring at the ground.

"Well fuck" he muttered "Guess it's time to go find mums ring" he said to himself as he turned and walked off in the opposite direction unaware of the brunette who's eyes were following him through the glass wall of the office.

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