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Sam smiled as she watched the brunette stare after the man walking away.

"You two are so adorable" she said causing Elizabeth to break out of her reverie.

"What?" the brunette asked raising an eyebrow in a disbelieving manner.

Sam looked at her innocently "You and John; it's adorable, you're both so into each other and yet you're both so afraid to admit anything more than the occasional 'I love you'" she said sighing wistfully as she finished.

Elizabeth stared at her blankly for a moment before replying "Do you honestly pay that much attention to my relationships Sam?" she asked frowning slightly at the thought.

"Not as much as I pay to my own, otherwise I wouldn't have ended up engaged" she said causing the brunette to flinch.

"Ugh, don't remind me! I still can't believe I put him on the spot like that" Elizabeth groaned dropping her head to her hands on the desk.

Sam shrugged, "Why? Really, I am pretty sure an asgard could tell you two had reached that stage and those guys are a bit lacking on the intimate emotions if ya get my drift" she said causing Elizabeth to raise both eyebrows and stare at Sam.

"Because they're clones... it's a jo-" Sam said before being cut off.

"Yeah I get it," Elizabeth said narrowing her eyes.

"Look; It's not like it's that big of a secret for everyone; you spend three years sharing a bed and people start to talk and take notice; hell you spend three years not sharing a bed and they still do that. Point is you two have reached the point where marriage would be a nice thing" the blonde said matter of factly.

"I was with Simon for five years and we never got married" she said causing Sam to glare at her.

"And if I recall he wasn't prepared to come with you and then instead of waiting for you he went and moved on. The difference with this is he didn't love you, that man out there however is head over heels for you" she retorted leaning over the table and picking up the other womans phone.

"Hey! That's my phone what are you doing?" she demanded causing the blonde to grin widely.

"Me? I'm going for lunch with my fiancé, you on the other hand are going to meet up with your partner or whatever he is and sort this stuff out she said typing a message on the screen before putting the phone back on the desk. "Have fun" she added before gathering her bag and walking out the door.

Elizabeth silently stood in one place, her eyes watching Sam walk away. Once alone her eyes darted at the phone and she dove for it unlocking the keypad and opening the message.

'Lunch in ten see you in my office' she read out loud to herself before turning to glare at the blonde that had already disappeared. "ugh" she groaned as she sat in the chair and waited for John to turn up.

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