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Sam smiled brightly at the brunette standing in front of her.

"How do I look?" She asked still grinning at her reflection; the cream dress hugging her middle and pulling her in and pushing her out in all the right places.

Elizabeth smiled. "Perfect; if you ask me, they did a wonderful job on that dress" She replied smiling softly.

Sam looked at her inquisitively; her blue eyes searching Elizabeth's face. "What's wrong?" She asked curiously as she unzipped the side of her dress and let it fall to the ground stepping out of it, clad in her corset and underwear; her hands immediately reaching for her shorts on the chair and pulling them on. "And don't tell me nothing; I've seen that look before, something's up; what is it?".

Elizabeth shook her head "You're as bad as John; you know that?".

Sam grinned. "You get that when you're practically a sibling to someone for almost ten years.

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow "How long have you known John? I mean, I know you two went to the Academy together, but how long?" she asked.

Sam smiled and sat down, motioning for Elizabeth to do the same. The brunette complied and sat down next to her friend, her eyes fixed on the blonde awaiting an answer.

"We met in high school when I was moving around, we got along and our dads got a long fairly well, I like to think Mum would have gotten along with his mum, she reminded me a lot of my mum, Y'know? Well the bits I remember. Anyway, his parents kinda had his whole future planned out for him, he was going to take over the family business, his Dad was ex Air force so he wasn't overly fond of John's decision. We moved a year later, I said goodbye to all my friends including him and we met again in the Academy. Along with Cam, John Sheppard and Cameron Mitchell, the two men that couldn't womanise if they tried" She added the last part grinning widely at the memories. "He's been a close friend ever since my first day in the Academy... why?" Sam asked curiously.

Elizabeth sighed. "Did you ever meet his ex-wife?" She asked in a small voice, the shyness in her voice making her groan inwardly, this was Sam she was talking to, why was she so afraid and shy over asking a simple question she wondered.

"I did, even if he had been home more and if they'd put one hundred and ten percent into that relationship; it wouldn't have worked. They just weren't suited. She was a stunner; but she wasn't strong and stubborn and she didn't challenge him the way he needed to be challenged. I don't doubt he loved her, I think he loved her a lot, but I don't think they had the right chemistry." Sam replied.

Elizabeth nodded and smiled at the woman next to her before looking straight ahead at the wall.

"What brought this on?" Sam asked suddenly causing Elizabeth to look at her wide eyed as she tried to come up with a reasoning.

"Just curious?" She tried causing Sam to shake her head, telling the brunette she didn't believe a word of it. "Fine" Elizabeth huffed. "I was curious what he was like in the domestic setting, sometimes I wonder if we're ever going to move past what we are now, a close couple who divide their time between two planets and who sleep together and watch the football" She answered sadly.

"Ahh; I see" Sam replied smirking. "He's fine in the domestic setting if you're talking house trained, he can cook and do the dishes and washing, if you're worried about the commitment thing, you just need to wait a little, I know he has a lot on his mind at the moment and most of it is to do with making you happy, just give it a month or two and talk to him about it then" Sam said. "He really loves you".

"Okay... if you say so" Elizabeth said smiling at the blonde, "We should probably get your dress hung up so it doesn't get wrecked, you guys only have three weeks left" She said smiling widely.

Sam grinned hugely, "I know! I'm just so happy we get to go back to earth and get married, see all the family, maybe move back there permanently, settle down and adopt a kid or two" She said, causing Elizabeth to furrow her brow for a moment.

"Why are you guys adopting?, if I might ask?" Elizabeth inquired.

Sam smiled softly. "Between Jolinar and the nanites, my body was kind of rendered unable to have kids" She replied. "What about you guys, have you talked about kids?".

Elizabeth grimaced slightly "Same issue kind of, the nanites messed with my body, the stress of carrying a baby would put it into stress it doesn't need and possibly can't handle, that and we're not sure how a baby would go with the residual nanites still floating around me".

"I'm sure he understands" She said softly. "Now! Lunch!" She said hanging up her dress and pushing the other woman out of the room.

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