James Potter Days

By Mathieu Leader

Harry Potter is owned by JK Rowling and not by me

Chapter One the Truth of the Cloak

Authors Notes:
Although in the books it was implied that James and the Marauders became friends instantly I won't have James forms the Marauders till midway through this piece so it seems natural.

The Ministerial candidates Eldritch Diggory, Evangeline Orpington, and Norbert Leach, the predecessor to William Bletchley the retired minister are all Ministers of Magic information from Pottermore.

For the matter of the DADA professor will be revealed at some point

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The thin skittish form of James Elijah Potter had got up from the bed early on Sunday Morning. It had been a whole fortnight. Since he had arrived at Hogwarts which to James's mind, he thought at least would be but that could not be more further from the truth.

James was worried about his mother Ophelia Fawcett had been admitted in the Nightingale Convalescent at Lands End. She was being treated for a bad case of the Stoppages a horrendous condition which robs witches and wizards of their magical ability if left untreated the excess magic stored within them would result therein a fatal internal implosion.

Many Pure-Blood families cruelly called this condition the Squib Flu, the Unmentionable Malady, Charlatans Syndrome, or the Traitors Gift, this illness was called this because according to wizarding folklore a traitorous muggle under the guise of a mage slept with a witch whose father was a wealthy baron the baron was angry at there betrayal so he cursed his daughter to not be able to perform magic. So did the learning of the Charlatan's Curse begin growing in popularity until it became a terrible plague afflicting all witches and wizards right up until now?

James was also disappointed that there was no Defence against the Dark Arts as nobody had applied for the post. But for those students who where to take their OWLS and NEWTS in their fifth and seventh years got taught by heads of house.

James's horned owl Athena came from the foggy weather outside with a letter James had opened the letter with his penknife.

James read the letter aloud

Dear James

The prospect of your mother regaining her magic will be by Christmas according to the doctors. I understand that you've been coping well, with the fact that I've been away at the hospital being by my wife's side. Courage has always been something our family and friends have prided themselves on for generations moreover because of this I will reward our families' most valuable procession the Invisibility Cloak.

Kind Regards

Lawrence Potter

From the infinity envelope came a glittering transparent cloak and now stared at in sheer wonderment completely spellbound.

But then hurried the cloak back into the Infinity Envelope, fearing theft of such a powerful artefact would likely to have been confiscated by the cruel swarthy goblin Appollyon Pringle who was over a century old and had been caretaker at Hogwarts for quite sometime.

James was impressed at the Infinity Envelope's capacity to fit objects of any size having got it from a shop in Diagon Alley.

James got dressed in his robes for breakfast to which he tucked into bacon and three thick slices of bread with raspberry jam.

Now James stared in surprise at Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore whom was dressed in flaming orange robes.

He had tapped his glass of mineral water the tap was amplified to get peoples attention. Dumbledore spoke loudly "Students and faculty I know it is unusual for me to make an announcement on a Sunday. But I have an important announcement to make as all you maybe aware William Bletchley the successor of Norbert Leach to the post of Minister of Magic for four years has been ousted due to him being controlled by a malign influence suspected Death Eater Activity. As Chief Warlock of Wizengamot I dissolved parliament so the Ministry have offered the opportunity for those students third year or over to vote for the new minister."

Then Dumbledore gestured to a broad shouldered woman with sandy blonde braids she had hazel eyes with red lips, she was dressed in a blue dress. Dumbledore then spoke calmly "May, I introduce to Ruth Brown from the Electoral Office from the Dept of International Cooperation. Whom will be counting the votes that will decide who wins the leadership of the community of British Wizardry." Ruth then gave a small curtsey of respect.

Then Mrs. Brown assumed the phoenix shaped podium as Dumbledore sat in his throne chair at the staff table.

Ruth spoke firmly in a Welsh accent "Hello Hogwarts it is a great honour that I act as this adjudicator for this election now I will explain affairs on how the Ministry elects its officials. There are three main parties to whom candidates can come from firstly May Ellicott from the Sorcerers Conservatives the party to which Bletchley belonged too." She then paused and then flicked her wand from it fluttered a dazzling green ribbon sprung forth twisting into an S.

"As well as the Eldritch Diggory representing Libertarian Legion," then she flicked her wand again now the S shaped ribbon unfurled into an L shape and it went from a glittering green to an icy blue she continued coolly "Finally Evangeline Orpington of the United Wizards Party," then flicked her wand again the ribbon was transfigured into a W which was orange.

"Also there is one more thing to speak of to post votes the votes will be submitted via The Goblet of Fire voting will close on October 31st when the new Minister of Magic will be announced." Finished Ms. Brown

As James finished his breakfast he felt a firm prod in his back from a bony finger. He turned around to see the lumpy yellowish goblin with a single wiry tuft of white hair, he had amber eyes.

"The head wants to see you young Master Potter," the goblin said in a slurred grunt

"Ok Mr. Pringle," James relented quietly ushering him away from the table and the goblins warty webbed hand touched James's back.

James felt himself rush through an elongated tube his vision blurred seeing vibrant colours.

He now stood within the Headmaster's Office a large circular office adorned with portraits of previous headmasters and headmistresses of Hogwarts.

Professor Dumbledore came with the cloak in his hands. His blue eyes stared at James with intrigue "James, this cloak is nothing short of a miracle. When I was a young man I was friends with a man who conspired a conquest to have the whole world in his hands, together we would lead the world for the greater good. But his methods where darker than most wizards he even took over the mind of a dictator called Hitler to have his influence felt within the Muggle World. But to accomplish the task we needed to find three relics of immense power The Elder Wand possibly the most advanced wand created. The Resurrection Stone a stone that has the power to communicate with the dead. Finally the Invisibility Cloak which you now have because you are the last living descendant of the Perevell's it is the only item that grants anyone true invisibility." he spoke calmly

"Why are you telling me this sir?" James asked confused

"Because I and many others have been tempted by these items if all three where hypothetically brought together one would be The Master of Death, or the Immortal Wearer, one would live forever and with The Dark Lord raising in power knowing a mind that is fixated on living forever you should keep it under your watch at all times. As relics like this can bring out the worst in people I'm talking from personal experience Potter." Dumbledore spoke darkly with a single tear glinting in his eye

Then Dumbledore handed him the cloak back.

"How did you get my cloak if I placed it in my Infinity Envelope?" James then became puzzled and asked tentatively

"Mr. Pringle being a goblin has a different sort of magic than wizards a curious kind of magic that wizards have not quite replicated. Unless you count time-turners of cause, goblins have the innate ability to fetch items from different points in time. Allowing them to travel through windows in time either past, future, or present, or dare I say even an alternative scenario of events that may have happened or may have not happened. This is why throughout the centuries Hogwarts has preferred to keep goblins as caretakers. But unfortunately this innate ability has much or less died out considering goblins are much more keen on monetary matters," Dumbledore lamented

"So you're saying that Pringle picked up the scent of the magic that came from the cloak and then went back in time to collect it?" James spoke brightly

"Very good James, How do you know about goblins scent tracking ability?"

"My mother was a member of the Goblin Liaison Office till she got the Stoppages so the Ministry gave her a substantial payout." James spoke calmly

Then Potter left the headmasters office wearing his cloak completely unseen by students he then trotted down a flight of steps to a locked iron door on the sixth floor.

Then James undid the cloak and raised his wand. "Alohamora," muttered James the door bolted open revealing a dark corridor

James with trepidation went inside having cast a beam of white light James went further inside revealing a rectangular room draped with mauve curtains the floor was wooden. Sitting on a chair in the far corner was a third year Ravenclaw with soft baby blue eyes with sandy blond hair and the fine wispy beginnings of a beard then the Ravenclaw came off the chair.

The Ravenclaw spoke in a kind cool voice "Who are you and what brings you here?"

"I'm James Potter, who are you?" James answered nervously

"My name is Quintus Quirrell," Quirrell spoke happily

"Where are we?" James asked curiously

"This is the Prefects Common Room. Any prefect can use this room if they wish," Quirrell said cheerily

"But are not prefects generally fifth years?" asked James surprised at a mere third year being in their common room.

"Yeah generally, but it can be used as a communal common room I came away just to do some studying got to prove my worth as I'm a half-blood." Quirrell said sadly

"Don't worry Quinn. I'm not a purist although I'm a pure-blood," James spoke eagerly

"I have been researching families as part of my History of Magic project, within the latest Natures Nobility A Wizarding Guide to Genealogy I have found out something very interesting to do with the Voldemort apparently this wizard was once called Thomas Riddle born out of wedlock between Thomas Percy Riddle the son of the fifth earl of Hawley and Merope Rebecca Gaunt whose parents where from the House of Gaunt who in turn where descendants of Salazar Slytherin the founder of Slytherin House. Moreover there is something even more interesting. Riddle's maternal grandmother Cressida Gaunt had divorced and remarried a wizard called Andrew Mackinnon and had a daughter who married Nicholas Flint." Quirrell spoke excitedly his eyes alight with joy

"Does this mean the Dark Lord has living relatives?" James asked intrigued

"Not that you would want to admit to having a lunatic for a cousin!" exclaimed Quirell with a mixture of fear and laughter

"I guess I've made my first friend then," James said happily with a pleased grin on his face.

I have also made a friend I cannot wait till tell my mum Sue about this she is a cook at the canteen down in the Ministry whilst my dad Alan works as a postman we live at 67 Magnolia Crescent in a muggle village called Little Whinging which is in Surrey. Perhaps you could come for a visit." Quirrell said pleased grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

"Oh Quinn, can I show you something!" James stuttered with excitement

As James placed the cloak on within an instant James was now unseen.

"An Invisibility Cloak those are rare items Mum told me about those when she cooked a lunch of roast beef for the head of the Auror Office he had one." Quirrell jumped for joy as James went out the door.

As James got out of the office he took of his cloak once more.

James then noticed a podgy boy with a blond pudding bowl haircut sweating terrible at the sight of a smug sixth year with brown wavy hair that had brown eyes whose wand was raised in anger.

"Poor Pettigrew if you only gave me those copies of Advanced Potion Making, Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection, from the library, so I can give the much needed answers for the NEWTS then this whole tragic affair could have been avoided." The sixth year spoke in a sinister whisper

Whilst the boy spoke in a mixture of stammers and sobs "But Lockhart I did the best I could,"

"Pete your best in my eyes is the worst," cackled Lockhart cruelly

"Locomotor Mortis!" Lockhart shouted

James noticed the boy's legs had now knotting themselves around into what appeared to James looked like an ugly disfigured tree trunk.

Then unable to move the boy whimpered in horror as within an orange flash of light Peter had a dumb vacant expression on his face.

James frightened at the whole scene ran to the stern form of Professor McGonagall whom had walked on by she taught transfiguration to all of Hogwarts students.

Then McGonagall swooped over to the smug form of Lockhart who gleefully stared at the stupefied form of Pettigrew.


Lockhart now went as pale and as grey as the ghosts and McGonagall turned to James and said kindly "For alerting me to the danger Potter 53 points to Gryffindor,"

"I will remedy the situation Potter," grinned McGonagall

Then McGonagall raised her wand and muttered "Status Quo,"

Then Pettigrew's legs untied themselves and was back to there original state and the glazed look that was on Peter's face went away instantly.

Then Pettigrew got up and sobbed "Thank you very much Professor,"

"Hmm... Peter its not me you should be thanking but rather this loyal Gryffindor from your house," McGonagall winked she said in a cheerier tone

"Thank you for helping me, I've been having some trouble settling in." Peter spoke rather relieved

"No problem Pete, I hope we can be friends," James spoke excitedly as the two newfound friends stared at their Head of House escorting Gilderoy to be suspended.

James overheard Lockhart shout loudly "One day Professor I may become a professor at Hogwarts,"

Professor McGonagall replied curtly "Not in my lifetime I hope,"