James Potters Days

By Mathieu Leader

Harry Potter

Chapter 5 A Philosophers Thoughts

At the Jamaica Inn located on the grassy mounds of Bodmin Moor an ancient alchemist by the name of Nicholas Flamel was staying there.

An alchemist was the closest thing to what a Muggle would call a scientist and Flamel was an eminent one at that. He was enjoying a glass of gin as he lived not too far from the pub in the secluded village of St. Giles, a small but quaint community of wizards and witches obscured by the moor so Muggles could not see it.

Then he heard footsteps entering the bar a wizard in a beige raincoat appeared with a short neatly trimmed white wiry beard and a moth-eaten fez atop his receding hairline. The wizard sat down next to Flamel who looked displeased at having some company whilst having a solitary beverage at the bar.

"So Colewort what brings you to the tavern?" asked Flamel eyeing the odd elderly wizard suspiciously

"Thought I'd be the one to tell you the news that Orion's been kidnapped. Moreover that naughty kid at school, Tommy has given himself the title of Lord would you believe it," said Colewort coolly

"Yes I can actually Colewort, although I had not much too do with Riddle throughout his time at Hogwarts as he undertook his Alchemy lessons by himself. The reason why was the then headmaster of Hogwarts senile Dippet let him have free range of the library just because he charm the birds from the trees. But once I did supervise him on books about the process of Transmutation his thirst for knowledge was impressive. But his lust for power was the most terrible thing I saw manipulating all of the Slytherin he had eye of everyone. An evil eye at that... Riddle could gain the trust of anyone who wandered in his path. Because of this Dumbledore had to curse the Defence against the Dark Arts post because whichever witch or wizard would apply for the job Riddle's associates would do them in." Flamel spoke curtly to the professor with an edge of frostiness to his tone.

"It is sad that my apprentice has been kidnapped... But I'm sure somebody with agile mind like Orion can survive. But there must be a reason as to why a person like you has come to see me other than to tell me that?" questioned Flamel annoyed

"Yes my sabbatical at Wyvern Lodge involved extensive retraining on Defence against the Arts because I will be teaching that subject this year at Hogwarts." Colewort explained curtly

"But your starting a bit late are you not Stephen?" asked Flamel curiously

"Yes I am but there is a sensible reason as to why I'm starting late, there is no rule to when a professor at Hogwarts can apply. Anyhow that cruel curse won't work its magic on me. Because I did not apply September so I could be the Professor of Defence against the Dark Arts for years to come I will have done something extraordinary that my predecessors including the last professor of Defence against the Dark Arts Professor Aristotle Mackinnon would not have done."

"Oh beware the green eyed monster Stephen trying to outfox an ingenious wizard like Dumbledore, will have consequences. Dumbledore can be at times a very dark brooding soul... If he wants to he could overthrow Voldemort and the Ministry and swat them like an irksome fly. The Dumbledore family have been eccentrics I remember Albus's sister Adrianna she was crazy tried to kill her mother Kendra with a sleeping potion. Of cause their where calls to have Adrianna committed to an asylum after all she did poison Professor Cicero Weasley the then Charms Master at Hogwarts when he gave her the acceptance letter and she gave him a cup of tea. She was angry at her mother for telling her that she was a Squib. I know this because before becoming Hogwarts alchemist professor I was Charms Master for a brief period."

"How come she was sent away after poisoning a great wizard like Cicero..." gasped Colewort nervously

"Dumbledore only gained his position within the Wizengamot from his father Percival who used his influence to prohibit the Weasleys from proceeding with a trial. Because of this the Weasley clan immigrated to Australia." Flamel spoke sadly

"I guess outwitting Dumbledore is a dangerous task but that's a risk I'm willing to take to teach these kids..." Colewort spoke coldly