James Potter's Days

Chapter 7 the Final Day

James had decided to ride on his Cleansweep 2 on a cool refreshing Saturday night, and then he had heard a yelp of distress. The distress call came from the tubby form of Davy Gudgeon a fat boy with blond hair whom looked like a piglet with his red cheeks.

Davy had marooned on one of the branches of the Whomping Willow by his white underwear James felt sorry for this sixth year that had practiced apparition and miserably wound up atop this deadly tree that can thrash people within an inch of their lives at any given moment.

James flew through the prevailing gale and grabbed out a clammy hand to the boy but the tree trashed out causing both boys to fall through the tree each branch sinisterly hitting the boys with brute force.

The two boys now lay bleeding on the grass dying a painful death.

The caretaker the goblin Apollyon Pringle came out with a shovel as he was planting new plants for the new and was about to put it into the shed.

He was greeted by the sight that lay before him, two dead children with looks of terror on their faces. So Apollyon looking at the boys who had twigs impaled in his arms and legs dug up the ground they where buried together.

Goblins are known for there callous and uncaring but even Pringle shed a tear for the loss doffing off his cap to them.

In the coming months, it was decided that due to the negligence of the staff that Hogwarts was to be closed due to the deaths of these boys.

Because of this tragedy the students that where taught at Hogwarts, they where either shipped aboard or had gone to the Wyvern Lodge headed by Daphne Dumbarton who according to the Daily Prophet is Dumbledore's estranged wife.

The Burrow Ottery St. Catchpole Devon:

At the table for supper sat Bilius Phineas Weasley his younger brothers Arthur, Francis, Louis, had left the room as Bill was about to private conversation with his father Septimus.

"Dad do you know why I have all this money from the bank?" Bill questioned his father beads of sweat falling from his face.

"Son, you must've noticed from the family portrait that your brothers are redheads. Whereas you have brown hair is that not a little odd?" wheezed the elder Weasley with thick bifocals

"Yes, but I put at the back of my mind. Never thought anything of it..." Bill spoke with an icy edge to his voice

"Well son I am your dad, but Credella is not your mum. Rather her cousin Walburga she spiked my ale with Love Potion then she gave birth too you. Then I was to be wedded to Credella we kept the identity of your mother a secret. Due to the high position her father holds as a senior official on the Magical Banking Exchange Commission. She then on married her own cousin Orion a good alchemist they went onto to have two kids Sirius and Regulus they both where murdered so that's why the money came to you," Septimus sighed

Bill merely stood shocked and pale at the revelation

Then the door swung open it was the thin form of Bill's Arthur came in "Is the reason why we moved back into Cicero's old house is because Dumbledore has been tried and given the Kiss?" Arthur spoke nervously

Septimus nodded "Colewort successfully proved that Dumbledore actually controlled Grindlewald by means of the Imperius Curse. Having also taught Voldemort the Dark Arts privately as an apprentice so they had the Dementors kiss them both. The reason why the Dark Lord was captured easily was because Mr. Riddle's magic had been squandered during the improper act of splitting his soul that's why nobody has attempted it outside the realms of academia." Septimus croaked

"Why did Mrs. Gudgeon's son fail at his Apparition, from what we'd heard he was predicted to be the first in his class to finish it?"

"Ah sometimes you see a more adept practitioner of Apparition can disrupt the equilibrium of a witch, or wizard, who is in the process of initiating the teleportation. Allowing them to control the destination of the initiate and the only person with the power of the enchantments that prohibit the use of teleportation was Dumbledore," Septimus spoke eagerly to his two eldest children.

"Now I can see why you hated the family so much the Dumbledore's Bill said darkly

Septimus nodded taking another sip of tea.

Story notes:

This is end of James Potter's Days I hoped you liked my ending.

I may return to this universe at a later date to see what happened next but I'm not promising anything.

Also be sure to see my interpretation of the next generation.