Hey, readers! Here it is: my sequel to The Gibbs Project. You don't have to read the story to understand the characters, but I think it will make a lot more sense. I think this is going to be the start of an Alex Rider series that I've also planned, but I'm not exactly sure yet. It could happen, it could not. Anyway, enjoy the story!

He looked over his shoulder as he sprinted down at alleyway. Were they still chasing him? The echoing sound of pounding footsteps gave him his answer. He groaned. They were still after him…

He had to lose them.

He tried to sprint faster down the alleyway, only to hear the footsteps behind him speed up as well. He took deeper breaths to get more oxygen into his lungs and to his muscles so that he could push himself harder. He could feel his muscles tiring and weakening, but he pushed himself on. He could see the end of the alleyway. If only I could…

His train of thought was stopped suddenly when he heard a bang and felt the ground beside him explode. He nearly fell to the side. Bullets, great, he thought as he continued to run on. The next bullets landed closer to his feet, almost catching him. He nearly cheered for joy when he ran out of the alleyway into an open street… right into the rain. He'd forgotten about how hard it had been pouring when he'd entered he alleyway.

He searched frantically for somewhere to hide as he sprinted down the road. He knew they wouldn't shoot when there were innocents that could alert the police, so hiding in the crowd wasn't that hard to do… if there was a crowd.

Everyone had left the usually busy shopping area already to get home to their families, so there was barely anyone there. He could easily get shot and barely anyone would realize.

He spotted another alleyway on the same side of the street, just a few blocks down. If only he could get there in time…

He sped up as he neared the alleyway. The chasers would be out any minute…

He jumped into the small alleyway, hiding himself behind a large trash can, and took deep breaths to calm himself. He hoped they wouldn't find him…

Upon hearing the sound of footsteps, he held his breath. The footsteps neared the alleyway entrance before there was a shout. The footsteps retreated slowly, before disappearing altogether.

He gave a huge sigh of relief before getting up and walking cautiously out of the alleyway. He looked around to make sure his pursuers were actually gone before putting the hood up on his hoodie. Now to find shelter…

Petty Officer Peter Marks opened his fridge to find it, yet again, empty. He sighed. "I really have to go food shopping this week."

The Petty Officer was around twenty-eight years old, with close-cropped red hair and bright blue eyes, and had a square jaw that gave him handsome features. At that moment he was wearing an old Harvard sweatshirt with a pair of grey jogging bottoms. The Harvard sweatshirt wasn't his – it was a 'hand-me-down' from his older brother who was currently working in law.

Peter picked up a small Chinese menu from a counter on his right before walking into the living room and picking up the house phone from its stand. He dialed a number.

"Hello, Spring Garden Chinese, how can I help you?" a man with a slight Chinese accent answered on the other line.

"Hi, I'd like to order some Chinese?"

"Of course. May I take your order?"

Peter looked down at the menu. "Yeah, I'll have some barbecue roast pork…"

"How many portions?"

"Two please." Peter looked down at the menu. "And some spring rolls – two portions."

"Ok. Anything else?"

"Uh, can I have one portion of Chicken Chow Mein and…" Peter paused when he heard a knock at the door.

"Anything else, sir?"

Peter ignored the voice on the line and walked slowly to the door, getting his gun from its holster on a table by the door, just in case it was some murderer. No one would come to his house at this time of night, especially as he usually lived in Quantico and this was his spare house when he needed to get away from it all.


Peter placed the phone down on the table by the door before holding his gun out at the door. Should I just shoot through the glass or look at who it is and then shoot? He placed his hand on the doorknob carefully, taking a deep breath, before suddenly twisting it and pulling the door open, pointing the gun at whoever stood there.

The person stood in front of him froze. "All you could've said was that I'm not wanted here."

Peter stared at the person in shock.

A teenage boy stood on his front porch, soaked to the bone, with a strong jaw line and handsome features. He had deep brown eyes and a tall, muscular figure – he was probably around 6ft tall, give or take a couple of inches. He wore a dark blue hoodie with the hood up so that his hair wasn't visible, and a pair of dark jeans with a pair of Nike trainers. That wasn't what unnerved him, though. The features were frighteningly familiar to Peter, like he'd seen him a couple of times before…

The teenage boy pulled back the hood he was wearing, revealing a mop of fair hair that hung down to his ears with his fringe in his eyes, and Peter nearly gasped. He knew where he'd seen the boy before.

"A…Alex? Alex Rider?"

Alex smiled. "I see you still remember me, then."

Peter picked up the phone. "Uh, that'll be all, thanks."

"Ok. Your delivery should arrive in about half an hour to an hour, sir."

Peter smiled. "Thank you." He hadn't bothered about telling them his address – he'd phoned them so many times, they must've remembered it. He ended the call and turned to Alex, who was still standing outside the door, hands in his pockets, soaking in the rain.


"Aren't you going to invite me in?" Alex smirked.

Peter couldn't help but smile. The boy's smile was contagious, after all. "Sure. You need to get out of the rain, anyway." He stepped to the side as the boy walked into his home, leaving a trail of water behind him.

Alex looked around the place. "Nice place you have here."

Peter shut the door and followed Alex into the living room. "Thanks. It's all I could afford."

Alex stood in the middle of the living room. "Are you going to put the gun down, then?"

Peter chuckled as he placed the gun on the coffee table. "You must be freezing, Rider," he noted aloud as he noticed Alex shivering a little as he observed the room. "I'll get you some clothes."

"I'm fine… really…" Alex tried to convince the Petty Officer.

"Sure you are." Peter left the room and headed upstairs to fetch Alex some clothes.

As soon as Peter had left the room, Alex headed for the window that overlooked the street. It was dark outside, making it hard for him to see anything out there. Yes, he could still see people walking out on the street, but it was too dark to see any of his pursuers, even if they were still there.

He sighed and walked away from the window, knowing that if he stayed there any longer his pursuers might shoot him. That was, if they'd followed him here.

"Here we go," Peter said as he entered the living room, carrying a blue t-shirt with a pair of loose jogging bottoms. He'd also brought down a pair of socks and one of his old hoodies. He handed the pile to Alex, who took them gratefully.

"Thanks." He looked through to clothes. "This many clothes?"

Peter chuckled. "You looked cold when you were standing at the door. Be grateful."

Alex smirked. "Yes sir."

Peter smiled. "Bathroom's the first door on the left, Alex."

Alex nodded before leaving the room. Just as he left the room, Peter heard the doorbell ring. He walked to the door and opened it, expecting it to be the Chinese delivery guy, but he frowned when he saw a short blonde woman standing at his door.

"Uh… hi?" Peter asked.

"Hello, I am looking for my son?" the woman said.

Peter frowned. "Sorry, I haven't seen any little kids around here…"

"He's about fifteen years old, with fair hair and brown eyes. He's quite tall," the woman described.

Peter looked slightly taken aback for a moment. "Uh, sorry. Not seen anyone around here like that. Try next door." He shut the door in the woman's face.

"That the delivery guy?" Alex asked as he walked out of the bathroom wearing the new clothes. All of them fit perfectly, apart from the hoodie which was about two sizes too big. To Alex, however, it felt snug. With the extra long sleeves, he felt like a little child again.

Peter shook his head. "No." He turned to face Alex. "Alex, come and sit down. I need to talk to you."

Alex frowned and followed Peter into the living room, sitting on the sofa so that he was facing the window. Peter faced him on the sofa, sitting facing away from the window. There was a short silence before Peter spoke.

"Alex, why exactly are you here?" he asked.

Alex tensed. After all his months of spying, it only took one month of relaxing for him to finally drop his spying habits. He cursed inwardly. "Uh…"

"Alex…" Peter warned. "I can still take my clothes back and kick you out of the house."

Alex sighed. "Well…" But he never got to finish his explanation.

There was a clink as something cut through the glass window, and Peter gasped in pain before falling off the chair. Alex frowned before he noticed the blood leaking out of his back. He looked up at the window quickly, noticing the small glint of the sniper gun, before turning his attention back to Peter. The Petty Officer was dying. He got down on his knees and quickly turned the Petty Officer onto his front, applying pressure to the wound.

He didn't notice the pursuer come into the house until it was too late.

The soft footsteps behind him alerted him to a presence, and he turned quickly to see who it was. He got a glance at his face, but he didn't get to study the person.

Nor did he get to save the Petty Officer's life.

Because before he could even comprehend what was happening, he was out cold.

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