Okay, so I told IShipFabrevans that I was going to open I oneshot collection a while ago, and just today she reminded me that I had never kept my word on that, so here is my oneshot.

Seeing Things Differently

Sam was watching her. Quinn Fabray. She was sitting by herself in one of the sitting chairs in the library, reading some old, worn out book. Sam watched her from afar, watching her every move… in a totally non-stalkerish way.

Sam still couldn't believe it. That was Quinn Fabray. The very same Quinn Fabray that was his neighbor all throughout elementary, middle and high school. How had he not noticed her before? This was his senior year in college and he didn't even know Quinn went here. Sam watched as she slightly smiled at her book before flipping the page with her delicate, little hand. That was Quinn Fabray? No, it couldn't be. It just couldn't have been.

Quinn Fabray was the quintessential annoying, girl who had the world's biggest school-girl crush on him. The Evans' family had moved into the house across from the Fabray's when Sam was four and every since, Quinn was his number one admirer. She would chase him around the play ground at school, try to share her cookies with him at lunch even though he didn't want them, and she would go around telling everyone that he was her boyfriend.

Now, to a four year old Sam Evans, this girl was the most evil, annoying person he could think of. He was teased all the time about her by the other boys and Sam hated it. He didn't 'like' Quinn. At that age girls were gross and had cooties; so Sam made sure he stayed as far away as he could.

That didn't stop Quinn's affection though. It went all throughout elementary school and in middle school she would always stare at him in class, and try to hold his hand when their parents made them walk home together. Sam didn't think she had cooties then, he was too mature for that, but he still didn't find anything appealing about her. She was just so annoying. She was a little weird too, and in a way, kind of plain…she okay, he guessed, but definitely not as hot as some of the other girls in his class. Her family owned a farm and lived in a small beat up old house; there yard was a mess and they never even bothered to clean it. The Fabray bunch were fighting to make ends meet and for that Sam pitied Quinn. She had no friends and would always eat lunch by herself. Sometimes Sam would feel guilty and think about going to sit by her, but that would probably give her the wrong idea, so Sam didn't.

Sam tried everything to get rid of her, he went out with other people, hoping she'd get the message and every time he and his friends would bet on something, the guy who lost to Sam would have to go ask out crazy Quinn Fabray. She always said no though and that's what drove Sam insane. He didn't want her! Why couldn't she get that? He was the start quarterback and she was a lonely loser with no friends who everyone made fun of, even if they socially could be together, Sam wouldn't have wanted to be with her. Sam just never saw her as anything other than crazy, annoying Quinny Fabray.

Senior year he went out with Santana Lopez, the hottest girl in McKinley and, unknown to him at the time, Quinn's biggest enemy. Santana Lopez was everything that Quinn wasn't, she had everything Quinn didn't have and took everything Quinn had ever wanted. Sam genuinely liked Santana though, she was hot, smart and popular; what more could a guy ask for? He and Santana became the school's 'it' couple and Sam noticed that sometime after he started dating Santana it stopped. All of it stopped. Quinn just…stopped. There were no more sneaked glances, no more intentional touches, no more handwritten poems or notes, no more Valentines, no more showing up at his house offering his family fresh eggs from her dad's farm...none of that. Just like that it all stopped.

Sam was kind of confused when it had all stopped; he concluded that it was her finally getting the message that he didn't like her when he went out with Santana. When Sam didn't feel her staring at him in class or feel her smile at him when they made eye contact, at first, he thought Quinn was just sick or something, but she showed up in school every day; and a few days later on the arm of Noah Puckerman nonetheless. This shocked Sam beyond belief. Noah Puckerman? She forgot about him and went to Noah Puckerman?

Noah Puckerman was the residential school bad boy and Sam hated him. He didn't know why, but he just did. People were in awe of Noah Puckerman, apparently doing time means your some kind of hero, Sam didn't like the way girls (Santana), would look at him. He wanted to punch the guy's face in, and after he saw Puck and Quinn show up to school arm in arm, Sam's rage doubled. He should've been happy she had moved on but for some reason he wasn't.

He tried to talk Quinn out of dating Puck, telling her that he was just using her to make Santana jealous and that he would break her heart; but Quinn didn't listen to him and one week later she was walking home from a party Puck had brought her to, crying. Her hair was disheveled, her dress ripped, and her eyes red; it was below thirty degrees and she had no jacket. Sam had been at that very same party and had seen Quinn run out of the room Puck had brought her into, crying and rushing out of the house; Sam had just seen it by accident, he wasn't spying on them or anything. He wanted to run after her for some stupid, odd reason, but ofcourse he talked his heart out of doing so.

Sam had seen Puck sucking another girl's face a few minutes after Quinn had left and that resulted in him breaking Puck's nose. It wasn't because he was upset that he had hurt Quinn; it was just because he just didn't like the guy and it was time he did something about it…or that was what he told himself at least. Quinn didn't know about what happened after she left the party and at school the next Monday, Sam found out what went down with Puck and her. He tried to get in her pants but she wouldn't let him, so he dumped her. It was as simple as that. Quinn was known for the rest of the year as 'The Prude.' Sam felt for her, he really did, but he never said anything to her. Never even tried to talk to her or even smile at her. As far as she knew, he thought she was a prude too.

Sam and Santana broke up after Prom a few months later. They just weren't working out and Sam didn't love her; so he ended things. Sam thought that Quinn would go back to stalking him after him and Santana broke up, and part of him hoped she would, but she didn't. Nothing changed, except the fact that Sam Evans was back on the market; he didn't date anyone else though. Sam went to Ohio State after high school, getting a full ride football scholarship; he didn't know where Quinn went to college… well, until now.

Sam had walked into the library looking to get some studying in before the big game against Michigan on Saturday because his grades weren't that hot right now and even though he was projected to be a top five NFL draft pick, Sam wanted to be able to show his parents that he had graduated. He was sitting in a desk beside the window and had just looked up from reading Macbeth when Sam saw her.

He was just scanning the room when he saw her. At first he didn't recognize her but after she lifted her head up from the book, Sam saw those eyes… Sam had always thought Quinn had had the prettiest eyes, but he shoved that compliment under all of the others that he could've given her. Sam felt like he had opened a whole new door. He had never thought of Quinn Fabray as pretty and now he was realizing that she wasn't just pretty. No, pretty didn't cut it when it came to this girl. She was beautiful. That was the Quinn Fabray that wanted to be with him basically all her life and he shooed her away? Sam still didn't believe it was her.

The funny thing was that when Sam looked back, he realized that this was the way she had basically always looked. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a loose pony tail atop her head and she was dressed in sweatpants and a baggy sweatshirt, no makeup; Sam thought he had never seen any body more beautiful. There had to be something different about her. If this was the same Quinn Fabray, how could he not have noticed this before? He had all his life to notice her, but he didn't. Who was this new Quinn Fabray? She wasn't the old Quinn Fabray. Sam couldn't take his eyes off of this Quinn Fabray. Sam assessed her carefully, trying to find what was different about her, but he couldn't. She couldn't have not changed…

Now, Sam Evans was seeing things differently. Deciding to be brave, Sam walked over to the breath-taking girl that he knew as Quinn Fabray…


Quinn sighed contently and sunk deeper into the comfortable reading chair, flipping the page of her old, battered copy of Gone With the Wind. Quinn loved the library; it was where she could just relax and not worry about how she was going to get the money to pay off her rent this month.

Aside from the studying to become a journalist, Quinn worked at a small coffee shop on campus; she got paid minimum wage and had long hours and cranky customers but it was all Quinn had right now. After her father died and they had no one to run the farm; they had to sell it. No one wanted a farm right along the highway where smoke and pollution filled the air, so it still hadn't sold. Quinn's mom was working two jobs just to make ends meet and would send the surplus, if there was any, to Quinn to help pay for her tuition or rent.

Quinn quickly shook those thoughts from her mind, making sure to only focus on her book when she felt someone sit in the adjacent chair next to hers. Quinn looked up quickly and smiled that man that had sat down beside her; not realizing who was actually sitting there. It took her a while to realize who it was that was sitting beside her, but when she did, she couldn't believe it.

Sure she knew that he went to school her. God, there were posters of him everywhere. He was going to lead Ohio State to a National Championship this year and was probably the most beloved man in all of campus. Quinn just looked at him in confusion, her eyes meeting his; she wouldn't let herself get lost in those deep green orbs like she did all throughout her childhood, adolescence, and high school life.

"Hey, Quinn!" Sam said smiling at her. When did he ever smile at her? Quinn couldn't think of one time he had. "I didn't know you went to school here."

"Yeah, I do," Quinn said hoping for it to come out strong, but it came out soft and quiet.

Sam nodded, thinking she didn't recognize him, he said, "Uh…I'm Sam Evans… we used to be…uh…neighbors." He couldn't call her his friend, they weren't friends.

Quinn held back the urge to giggle at his adorableness before mentally slapping herself to snap out of it; why did he always do this to her? "I…uh…know who you are, Sam," she said, giving a half smile not looking into his eyes.

"Oh…I just thought that…you know…that you probably didn't remember me," Sam said with a smile. Only if, Quinn thought.

"No, I remember you," Quinn said looking forward, "it's kind of hard not to remember you when you're on TV all the time." Sam grinned at her, but she didn't look at him.

"So…uh…how're you doing, Quinn," Sam asked, feeling like a total douche bag, he never showed her he cared before, even though he did, he always cared.

"Fine," Quinn lied. She was not fine, she was miserable; but he never seemed to care before, so what made her think he would care now. She just wanted him to leave; she didn't need Sam Evans making her feel things that she didn't want to feel. She had been so stupid when she was younger; chasing after a guy who clearly didn't like her. She realized this though, she knew how stupid she had been and she was never going back again.

"That's good," Sam said looking at her as she looked around the library; was she always this beautiful? "I, I'd really like to catch up with you sometime, you know…if you'd want that." he tried to be coy but in his mind he really, really wanted her to say yes. He didn't know what came over him, but god those eyes…even though they barely made contact with his; Sam was sure he was a goner already.

Quinn looked at him in shock; he never wanted to talk to her before, but now he was actually offering her to 'catch up' sometime. What the hell was going on? Quinn wanted to catch up with him…god, did she ever. But she couldn't. She wouldn't let herself fall under his trap again…not after what he'd said or the way her treated her. Not after what he'd done.

"I don't think I can," Quinn said, trying not to sound rude, "I'm really busy with school and everything…sorry." The disappointed look in his eyes almost killed her, but she wouldn't let his get to her…never again.

"You sure? There's a coffee shop nearby, it wouldn't take long just an hour or less," Sam tried to persuade her. It was weird…he never thought he'd have to persuade Quinn Fabray to go out with him.

"I don't think that's such a good idea, Sam," Quinn sighed. He wasn't just going to leave her alone, was he?

"Why, do you have a boyfriend or something?" Sam asked, mentally crossing his fingers, hoping she'd say no. Quinn looked at him and slowly nodded; if that was what it was going to take for him to leave her alone, then she had a boyfriend. She didn't like lying, but it was necessary in this situation.

"Yes, and I have to go meet him in a few minutes," Quinn lied, hoping that she sounded believable. Sam ignored the weird feeling in his chest; of course a girl like her wouldn't be single forever. Did he really think that he was the only one who saw how beautiful and aside all that…great she was?

"Oh…uh, well, um…okay," Sam said, trying not to sound too disappointed. Did he really think everything would be the way it was? "That's too bad…I'll, uh, I'll see you around, Quinn." Quinn smiled politely and nodded. Sam stood up and walked out of the library, not looking back.


3 days later

The big game was today. Ohio State-Michigan, 1 vs. 2; it doesn't get any better than this and for senior Sam Evans, this was a huge chance for him to show NFL scouts that he deserved to be the number 1 overall pick, instead of that kid from Alabama who everyone thought was the next Ray Lewis. Who ever won this game was guaranteed a spot in the National Championship and that was all Sam had worked for in his four years at Ohio State.

Sam had a special game day routine and ofcourse he was going to follow that routine today. Well, that was until he saw Quinn Fabray working in a coffee shop as he was passing by on his morning jog. Without even thinking about it twice, Sam entered the small, empty coffee shop.

Quinn wasn't paying attention when he walked in; she was absentmindedly wiping off the invisible mess on a table; trying to make herself look busy. Everyone was tailgating or hanging out by Ohio Stadium and since the coffee shop she worked in was further in campus, it was a fairly easy day. That was until Sam Evans decided to show up.

Sam just walked up to the counter and cleared his throat, all while smiling. Quinn was too busy in her thoughts to hear him come in, but when he cleared his throat Quinn jumped back, startled.

Sam laughed, "Can I get someone to help me order here?" he asked teasingly. Quinn sighed, holding back a giggle, and walked over to the counter, putting on a smile that she was required to speak to customers with.

"How may I help you sir?" Quinn asked, hearing Sam chuckle.

"Sir, huh?" Sam asked humorously, "Never thought I'd hear myself being called 'sir' in your pretty little voice." Sam knew he was flirting and so did Quinn, he knew that he shouldn't, she had a boyfriend for crying out loud but Sam really didn't give a shit. He was Sam Evans, whoever this guy was could go fuck himself; what was he going to do if Sam flirted with his girlfriend? Hopefully it wasn't an offensive line member or anything because then Sam would be screwed.

Quinn fought back the urge to smile… widely; he had never complimented her before and it felt go good when he did, but she wasn't going to let him know or let herself accept that. "I, uh…thank you?" Quinn said with just a small smile in place of what would've been a huge one if she's had less willpower.

"You're welcome. Don't worry, it's a compliment," Sam smiled at her and Quinn ignored the change in speed of her heart beat; she refused to accept this.

"So, uh…what're you doing here Sam? Shouldn't you be prepping for the game or something? You guys didn't look so good last game," Quinn said, wiping the counter with the cloth she had been using on the table.

"You watch my games?" Sam suddenly felt like he was on cloud nine, before he mentally kicked himself back down; she can be a football fan and watch Ohio State play for the fun of it, not just because she wants to see him.

Quinn then realized that she had just spilled that she had watched him play; well play, do interviews, warm-ups, handshakes… god, she needed to do a better job trying to forget about Sam Evans.

"Uh, yeah," Quinn said, looking down, "my dad and I used to watch Ohio State play all the time so…" Quinn bit her lip from showing any signs of emotion; she didn't want to show anything to Sam Evans.

"Oh, how is your dad by the way? And your mom?" Sam asked obliviously, "I haven't seen them in forever." Quinn just looked at him, if he was trying to play some cruel joke but his eyes were completely sleaze free. He couldn't have possibly not known…

"Sam, my dad died during senior year of high school," Quinn said looking up at him.

Now Sam was speechless. "I…uh, I had no idea, Quinn," Sam finally said solemnly.

"Funny how that works, huh?" Quinn said, or rather snapped, "You were my neighbor and you had no idea that my dad died; I guess I'm not really surprised though." Quinn knew that it was low and that she shouldn't still be holding on to the way he had treated her back then, but she couldn't just let all of that go. She had cried herself to sleep that night and almost every other night after that too.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sam asked narrowing his eyes.

Quinn rolled her eyes, not caring that she was being a bitch. "Stop acting so fucking clueless, Sam, you know very well what I mean," she didn't care that she was letting it all out now, "you know how you treated me back then, how your family treated mine. My mom even personally asked your mom to come to the funeral because my dad didn't know a lot of people and he would've liked to have at least some people at his funeral; but you guys didn't even show, you guys were too good for us."

"Quinn…" Sam had no idea what to say, "I swear, I… I didn't know..."

"I didn't expect you guys to come anyways, especially you," Quinn sighed, just wanting him to leave her alone, "you never did care what happened to me."

"Quinn, that's not true!" Sam protested but he wouldn't have even thought that if he treated himself like he had treated her. "I did care; if I'd known, I would've come to the funeral, I would've been there for you. I'm sorry for the way I treated you Quinn, but shouldn't you be over that by now?" The glare he got from Quinn answered his question.

"Why should I get over it, Sam?" Quinn asked, her voice rising, "Do you even remember the way you treated me? It might've been nothing to you but it was a lot to me. And frankly, I don't care what you think or what you do anymore. I'm okay with being not good enough for you; but you have no right to pretend like nothing ever happened and waltz back into my life."

Sam sighed, "Quinn…" he leaned in closer, "I never meant to hurt you, and yeah, I know, I seriously fucked up back then, but Quinn, you were never too good for me. What's wrong with asking for forgiveness?" Sam reached out his hand and took Quinn's, but she immediately snatched it away. Sam Evans was trying to mess with her head again; she wasn't going to fall for it this time.

"Nothing, except the fact that 'I'm sorry' isn't going to cut it this time like it did all those other times Sam. You're probably used to people pining over you and groveling at your feet, but you're not going to get that with me anymore. When we were younger you could've said sorry and I would've gone back to swooning over you, forgetting anything ever happened, but not this time," Quinn took a deep breath and steadied herself using the counter.

"Quinn, please…" Just then a young couple walked into the shop, standing behind Sam, waiting fir their turn to order.

Quinn sighed, looking up at Sam, "Are you going to order, Sam?" she didn't meet his eyes.

Sam looked at her, trying to meet her eyes, but she just looked down and that's when Sam knew that he was going to have to do anything in order to have her forgive him. Sam felt like he was 17 again; what was Quinn Fabray doing to him? "A medium cappuccino, please," he said normally.

Quinn nodded before walking over to the blender and making his cappuccino; she walked back to the counter and handed Sam the beverage, making sure that their hands wouldn't accidently graze. "That'll be $3.15," Quinn said not making eyes contact, Sam took out his wallet and pulled out a five dollar bill along with an extra ticket to the game that night that he was going to give that girl that he had spent the past few nights with…but she wasn't important.

Sam handed Quinn the money and the ticket. Quinn looked down at the ticket, puzzled. "I'd really like if you'd come," was all he said before he walked out of the coffee shop, coffee in hand, leaving Quinn holding the single ticket.


"Dude, looks like Fabray is totally going to get all hot for you now that Puckerman dumped her sweet ass," one of Sam's friends, that Quinn knew as Jack, said. Quinn watched Sam intently, waiting for his reaction, as she spied on the boys from behind the book shelf.

Sam laughed, before faking a groan, "Puckerman's a dick, I still can't believe she stopped swooning over me for him," Sam said haughtily, earning a laugh from the guys.

"Too bad she won't give it up, I'd love to tap that ass," said another of Sam's friend, named Ryan, causing Sam and the others to burst out laughing.

"I doubt she'll give it up to you," said Jack leaning back against the book shelf, "I doubt she'll give it to anyone but Sam." Another wave of laughter.

"I doubt that prude will give it up to anyone," Sam said high fiving Finn, his best friend. All the guys laughed, getting into another conversation, but Quinn saw or heard none of that. The silent tears that were falling from her eyes and blurred her vision, and the sadness surged through her body, drowning out everything else.

Quinn shook her head, trying to clear those memories from her head. She could spend all day rehashing bad memories of Sam, but she wasn't going to let that bring her down as she walked into the stadium.

'Suite seats, ofcourse,' Quinn thought as she was guided up into the air-conditioned, fairly quiet, luxurious club suite. Sighing, Quinn plopped herself down into the comfy chair so she could watch the game.

She had no idea why she decided to come. It would've been best if she didn't; she shouldn't have showed up here, she wasn't even that big of a football fan, but she just couldn't not come. It's not to say that she didn't ponder for hours in her apartment of whether or not she should go. And here she was; sitting in a club suit of one of the biggest football games of the year, here to watch Sam Evans play. Why she was all dressed up, she had no idea. She tried to go for cute, but casual, wanting to make it seem like she didn't really try to dress up, but truthfully it had taken her hours to decide what to wear. As far as Sam knew, she had a boyfriend and hopefully he didn't suspect anything in her coming here. Having a boyfriend, or making him think she had one, would give her some excuse into not wanting to talk to him…other than the obvious ofcourse.

She had cried as soon as he had left after shakily giving the couple their coffees. Why did he do this to her? No guy is worth crying over and if he is, he won't make you cry. But Sam Evans was worth crying and boy, did he ever make her cry. She cried days after days in high school and she had cried now too. She shouldn't cry over someone who wouldn't cry over her, and she was sure as hell that Sam Evans didn't cry over her, but there are something's that you just can't control. This was not what Quinn wanted.

Quinn looked down on the field with intense concentration as the Ohio State players ran out of the tunnel, earning a loud ovation from the crown of 100,000. Her eyes scanned the field for Sam, spotting him walking alone behind the rest of his teammates; dressed in the home scarlet and gray; looking every bit as much handsome as she knew him to be.

After getting to the sideline, Quinn saw Sam look up to wear she was sitting. Her breath caught in her throat. He was looking for her… He seemed to have found what he was looking for because he looked at her and smiled, before giving a short wave and jogging over to mid-field for the traditional coin flip to start the game.

Quinn knew very well why her heart was beating as fast as it was and why she felt her cheeks getting hot… Sam Evans was doing to her what he had done all through out most of her life. He was making her fall in love with him…

Quinn didn't want to admit but he had this hold over her. This hold that she couldn't break and never would be able to break. Even after everything, it's hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone when your heart still does. You know your in love when you can't stand being around that person, but when they leave you can't stand being away from them. Quinn didn't like it, but she couldn't control the way she felt. This didn't mean she was going to forgive him and go running back in his arms just because he gave her the time of day. No, she wouldn't surrender that easily. But every time she looked at Sam, she felt her resolve becoming less and less.


She came. Sam still couldn't believe she had come. He shouldn't have been thinking about this now, but maybe, just maybe he still had a shot with her. Sam felt like shit after their little encounter at the coffee shop; he hated himself for the way he had made her feel and the way he had treated her.

Sam knew that he treated Quinn like shit back then, and even though it wasn't always his fault, Sam blamed himself. Peer pressure shouldn't have gotten the best of him. He knew he had crushed her…maybe he wasn't so sure about the specific moment or moments that made her fall out of love with him. Was she even ever in love with him? Infatuated? Yes. But love? Sam wasn't sure.

The feeling in his chest that Sam had when he talked to or even looked at Quinn could only be compared to the way he felt when he saw or talked to Quinn in high school. He didn't know it back then, and he really couldn't put his finger on it now.

"Evans!" Couch Meyer yelled at him as he was in his trance, "get your ass in the god damned huddle. What the fuck is wrong with you!" Sam quickly broke out of his thoughts and shook his head as he jogged out to the guys on the field who were already positioned in the huddle.

Sam put all of his focus on the game for the next three hours and it was going pretty good for him until the final seconds of the forth quarter when they were down by four and the only way to win was by scoring a touchdown. Sam was under center; he hiked the ball and stood in the pocket. Knowing that this play would determine the game. They were at the 10 yard line and there was 3 seconds left in the game; the entire stadium of 100, 000 were silent, waiting for what Sam Evans was going to do. Sam knew he was running out of time, his offensive line couldn't hold Michigan's vicious defensive linemen forever, the fact that they were blitzing didn't help.

Just as a 300 lbs defensive end was coming at him, Sam ducked quickly out of his grasp as the pocket collapsed. All his receivers were tightly covered. After ducking a linebacker, Sam threw the ball in the end zone to Finn, his most trusted receiver, who also happened to be triple covered. He didn't even see where the ball went because he took a shot from a defensive tackle from behind and fell flat on his face with a large thud.


While everyone's eyes were on the ball and the end zone. Quinn's eyes were on Sam, who had just gotten popped by a huge Michigan player. Quinn winced as she saw him take the immediate hit and fall straight into the ground. Everyone else were cheering and the noise in the stadium was deafening, but Quinn couldn't even pay attention to the fact that they had just won the game with the receiver catching the ball, which was perfectly placed in his hands by Sam. All Quinn had her eyes on was Sam, who still hadn't stood up.

Everyone had just then noticed that their star quarterback who was about to take them to the National Championship was down. Sam's teammates and couches gathered all around him, blocking the view of Quinn, who was standing up in concern. The stadium quieted down instantly and after what seemed like forever to Quinn, Sam was finally brought to his feet, but was straightening out his shoulder; the same one that Quinn had seen him injure in high school.

The entire stadium erupted again and this time, Sam was part able to see it. He didn't see what happened or how the receiver had caught it, but he didn't care. They had won. They were going to the National Championship. Sam's eyes met Quinn's, who was watching him from her seat; he smiled at her and she smiled back, that heart-breaking smile that only he seemed to notice in high school.


'You shouldn't be here, this is wrong. He probably doesn't even want to see you …' Quinn sighed but nevertheless entered the player waiting area. She saw players girlfriends, family members and friends all piled in here, waiting for their loved ones. Quinn felt uneasy being here, but she just had to come. She didn't know why, but she felt like she could no longer control what she did. It was all out of her control.

The players started piling into the large hallway, finding their loved ones and hugging and kissing them. She wondered if Sam's parents were here, she looked around but no where could she see Joe and Anne Evans. Quinn put herself in a corner, waiting to see if Sam was coming in to see her, or anyone else for that matter. He was Sam Evans for crying out loud, I'm sure he had loads of friends.

Sam walked through the door; he had his back to her. He quickly scanned the room for any sign of his parents but ofcourse, they didn't come. He didn't expect them too; his dad would probably call him later tonight and tell him that he played a great game, even though Sam knew that he hadn't watched the game. And his mom would be too drunk to call tonight but she'll call tomorrow afternoon, after she's gotten rid of that hangover she seemed to have every morning.

All of Sam's friends were on the team so they were too busy hugging and kissing their family to worry about him. He hated the waiting hallway; it just reminded him that no one loved him enough to show up to congratulate him. Sometimes he would go say 'hey' to Finn's parents who were like a second family to him; then leave straight away.

Quinn saw him stand right in front of her, his back to her, searching the crowd before his head dropped and he started walking towards the exit. 'It's now or never Quinny' Quinn thought before she ran over to him.

"Sam!" she called watching him whip around him surprise and look at her, slightly shocked before smiling at her.

"Hey, Quinn," he greeted her walking over to her, a smile still on his face. He didn't know why she came, but he couldn't say that he was upset that she had; "I didn't think you'd come tonight."

Quinn blushed, looking down, "I had nothing else to do so you know, I decided it couldn't hurt," 'real coy Fabray.'

Sam nodded but was still smiling, "I'm glad you did, though." It didn't get any truer than that.

Quinn blushed again, "you, uh, you did really good out there tonight," Quinn says biting her lip, which Sam thought was absolutely adorable.

Sam couldn't hold back his wide grin, "thanks, Quinn," he would've said more but one Finn Hudson just had to come by and clap him on the back.

"Yo, Sam, we're heading out to the club! Gotta celebrate you know, you game?" Finn asked, expecting, like always, for Sam to say yes, but the pretty, blonde girl in front of him that looked familiar, threw him for a loop. No, way that was… "Whoa, you're Quinn Fabray. What she doing here Sam?"

Sam couldn't hate his best friends any more than right then and there.

"Uh, yeah. I guess I should be going, now. Bye Sam," Quinn said looking down, and quickly walking away. She hated Finn Hudson as much as all of Sam's other idiot friends back then…maybe more.

Sam watched her go before turning to Finn, "dude! What the hell did you do that for?" he questioned his best friend who had a confused look on his face.

"Why the hell were you talking to Quinn Fabray?" Finn asked, answering Sam's question with another question. But before Sam could answer, one of their teammates called them over, yelling that they had to get going. "Never mind, you'll explain this later dude, but right now we gotta go."

Sam was really paying attention to Finn; he was just watching Quinn walk out the doors outside, "Sam! C'mon!" Finn called.

Sam shook his head, "I don't feel like it tonight guys," Sam called to his teammates, before running in the direction of where Quinn had just left; leaving a flabbergasted Finn and confused teammates.

"Quinn!" Sam called jogging over to her as she was walking on the sidewalk; making the long trip to her apartment.

Quinn turned around surprised when she saw Sam Evans jogging over to her. "Uh, hi, Sam."

"Hey," Sam said smiling. He knew she didn't hate him, if she did, she wouldn't have come tonight…he knew he still had a shot. "Can I get you something to eat?" Now, Sam Evans had never been shy when it came to girls before, but Quinn Fabray did things to him.

"Uh, I don't know," Quinn didn't want this to go further than she intended it to be, "I have a test tomorrow."

"It's Saturday, Quinn," Oh well, duh! You're such an idiot Quinn.

"I…uh," Quinn tried to come up with some decent explanation, but Sam just shook his head, stopping her.

"You don't have to go if you don't want to, I'll understand," Sam said; he would be upset for sure. He really wanted to spend time with this girl.

Quinn sighed, letting her heart take over again. She could've easily told him that she couldn't because of her 'boyfriend' or even because of the sheer fact that she didn't want to…even though she really, really did. What was the harm in getting something to eat with a guy? The harm was that that guy was Sam Evans. Before Quinn could even comprehend, she and Sam were walking into the nearest bistro.

"This place'll be one of the few empty places tonight," Sam said holding out the door for Quinn as they walked into the quiet, empty, worn down bistro. Sam wanted to bring some place better, but this was really the only place within walking distance that wasn't going to be jam-packed.

Quinn smiled when Sam opened the door for her and pulled out her chair for her; little things like this were what made her fall in love with him in the first place. She had just never imagined he'd be doing them for her. "Thank you," she said.

Sam looked around for a waiter to come take their orders, but there weren't any. There was only this young girl working in the back, with a pair of ear buds in. Sighing Sam, stood up, "I think we're going to have to order at the counter," he said as Quinn stood up and followed him to the counter.

"Excuse me!" Sam shouted, getting the girl's attention. Sam looked irritated, but really Quinn could care less where they were, she just liked that she was with him…

Several moments later, they finally had their food and were settling down on the table. They both ordered burgers, which were sloppily done, but nevertheless weren't as bad as they looked. Sam watched Quinn take a bite of her burger; she didn't take a huge bite and it wasn't disgusting or anything, but he seriously couldn't remember the last time he had seen a girl bite into a burger when out with him.

"What?" Quinn asked, after swallowing, catching him looking at her.

Sam just smiled and shook his head, "nothing. It's just I don't think I've ever seen a girl actually eat before. They're always dabbing their forks into some tiny salad or something."

Quinn didn't know what to make of that; was he saying that was a good or bad thing? Sam seemed to have sensed Quinn's confusion because he said, "it's a good thing; that you're actually eating." He chuckled and so did Quinn…being with him wasn't half as bad. Oh, who was she kidding, it was wonderful.

"Uh, thank you," Quinn said dabbing her lips with a napkin. The comment might've been harmless, but to self conscious Quinn, it kind of hurt. Sam had basically just said that she wasn't like any other girl…she had never felt so…so weird.

The stayed silent for a while, both eating their food silently, although Quinn made sure she took dainty bites of her burger. Sam seemed to notice this because he said, "look Quinn, I didn't mean anything when I said that." he looked apologetic, "I like the fact that you don't have a problem with eating carbs or whatever girls say they can't eat."

Quinn had to laugh at that a little, "I guess I'm not like everyone else."

"Which is a good thing." Sam said sipping his drink. Quinn looked at him questioningly. "It means that you don't need other people to see you, all you need is to see yourself and you're fine." Sam didn't know if he made any sense there, but hopefully Quinn had gotten what he had been trying to say.

"Are you saying I'm ugly then?" Quinn said, more teasing than serious.

"What? NO!" Sam said quickly, "you're far from it. Trust me." Now that made Quinn blush.

She needed to change the subject. She didn't like where this conversation was going…it was too flirty and just too…personal. "I'm glad you're okay after taking that hit," she said, yeah, turning it to the game was a safe topic.

Sam smiled, "thanks, so am I," he said lightly, trying to sound like he hadn't hurt at all, but in reality his shoulder was killing him because the painkillers had worn off and in all honesty he was so glad that he could get some time to rehab before the National Championship game.

"What happened anyways? I saw you clutching your shoulder, is it okay?"

Sam blushed a little, "its fine," hopefully she couldn't see through his lie.

But she did, she had been watching Sam Evans all her life, she knew a thing or two, "you're lying," she said crossing her arms on the table.

Sam blushed redder; how the hell did she know he was lying? "Fine, I'll be fine."

Quinn looked at Sam doubtfully, but nevertheless let it go. They fell into easy conversation after that, talking about what the had missed about each other even though they didn't really know each other that well to begin with…well Sam didn't anyways. Quinn told him about her parents and her sibling, her plans after college, which was becoming a writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, she even told him about her struggles and problems…he just made her feel so comfortable and when Quinn told him she didn't regret it.

Sam told her about his family, about how they had basically fallen apart, about how his parents had gotten divorced and now lived on opposite sides of the country. He told her about football, making it to the NFL and just life in general. He shared an apartment with Finn near campus and was majoring in business management, although he never expects to be a business man. He felt like he could open up around her, like he could tell her everything and she would listen and not judge.

They both stayed away from high school and well, everything before that too; it was too early. But the more Sam talked to Quinn, the more he fell for her. Everything about her drew him in; he couldn't believe he was so stupid to not have seen this before. God, he wanted her…too bad she had a boyfriend.

Before either of them knew it, Sam was walking Quinn home with his jacket around her shoulders to shield her from the cold night air. They were just on the topic of their most disliked professors, when Sam asked out of nowhere, "so, how's your boyfriend?"

At first Quinn didn't know what he was talking about, but then she remembered and before she even thought about it or anything she said, "we broke up." She had no idea why she said it, but she just found herself having a really good time on this…whatever this was, and she didn't want to have to keep going on with this lie, and she got some satisfaction of Sam knowing she was single.

"Oh," was all Sam said. But after a while he said, "I'm sorry," even though he wasn't. He was ecstatic, but he was never going to show it.

Quinn shrugged, "it's not really a big deal." She just then realized the proximity of closeness that they were walking, Quinn's shoulder would brush his arm every time she moved her arms, but she didn't make a move to separate them. In contrary, she took this as an opening in which she could ask him about his love life without prying.

"So, do, do you have a girlfriend or anything?" she asked suddenly embarrassed for the first time tonight.

Sam smiles, looking ahead, "no." that's all he said, not bothering to explain.

"That's surprising," Quinn said before she could stop herself.

Sam smirked and turned his head to look at her, "a hot and sexy guy like me should be taken huh?"

Quinn shrugged, not playing along, "eh, I was referring to the fact that the coeds must be all over you."

"You jealous?"

"What? No, why would I be?" Quinn stammered, while Sam grinned. Her cheeks turned a deep red, and she looked away. 'Great job Quinn, he totally knows you're head over heels for him now.'

Sam laughed, "It's kind of hard to pay attention to anyone else when you already have your eye for someone."

If Quinn was jealous, and she was green in envy, she didn't show it. "So you do have a girlfriend," she stated looking forward as they walked down the sidewalk.

"She's not my girlfriend…well not yet," Sam smirked at the last part.

"What do you mean?" Quinn was completely clueless, part of that was that he was being so ambiguous.

"I don't think she knows that I love her," that threw both of them off for a loop. Did he really love her? Love? Sam concluded that all those feelings, all those emotions had meant only one thing.

Quinn wanted to cry. How dare he flirt with her and lead her on when he was in love with someone else. She was heart-broken, but she showed no emotion on her face. "You love her huh?" she asked not daring to look at him, she was sure she'd break down if she did.

"Always have."

Quinn nodded and decided to take a risk, "tell me about her."

Sam smiled, "well, for one she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." he looked over at her and knew that he was accurate with his words, "She has this aura around her that makes me always want to be with her. She isn't like everybody else, but I don't love her in spite of that, I love her because of that. She isn't perfect, but she is for me."

Quinn bit her lip, continuing to stare forward as they neared her apartment, trying to not cry in front of him. Listening to him talk about another girl like that made her feel like she did when she was 17 again and she never wanted to feel that way again. This girl sounded like everything she wasn't, everything she wanted to be, but wasn't.

"Why doesn't she know?" Quinn asked, not wanting to hear him talk about how great this girl was anymore.

"I haven't had the courage to tell her, even though I've felt this way for a long time," Sam continued to look at her, "I don't think she loves me back."

"How do you know?" Quinn couldn't understand why any girl who was lucky enough to be loved by Sam Evans wouldn't love him back.

"I have a feeling she hates me."


"I did some things that I shouldn't have, said some things that I didn't mean, and acted a way that I didn't want to act." Sam assessed her face, or the side of her face that matter because she wouldn't look at him; she had no emotion or anything on it.

"Does she know that?"

"I haven't fully apologized I guess."

"Well, why don't you?"

"It's kind of hard to tell someone that you feel horrible for the way you treated them, that you were just scared and because you were a coward and an idiot that you did what you did. Even though it's not a real excuse. I just wish I could fix everything I did, all the ways that I hurt her. I hate myself for what I did." Quinn felt for him, she really did; he sounded like he really loved this girl. "I don't tell her mostly because I'm scared she won't forgive me and I don't know what I'd do if she didn't."

They were standing by Quinn's apartment door now, and all Quinn wanted to do was go in and cry her eyes out, but in sheer curiosity she asked, "are you going to tell me who this girl is Sam?"

Sam just looked at her. Was she serious? Did she seriously not get it? Did she not know he was talking about her? Hadn't he made it clear enough? Without another thought, Sam stepped forward and kissed her.

Quinn couldn't believe what was happening, her mind was going a million different directions at once, and she couldn't produce a single coherent thought. All she knew was that his lips against hers was the best feeling in the world. Sam help her while her kissed her, one hand leafing in her hair to hold her to him, and one arm wrapped securely around her waist. Quinn didn't move for a long time, before wrapping her arms around his neck and running a hand through his beautiful hair and kissing him back with everything she had.

The feeling of her lips against his was something Sam never wanted to lose. He never wanted to let her go. All his life, he had told himself he didn't like Quinn Fabray because she was who she was, but in his heart he knew that he had always loved her, always wanted her. If he could go back in time, he would change everything but he never wanted to leave the present either. Her lips where the softest place in the world and her arms around his neck made him the happiest man in the world. He couldn't believe how stupid he had been…well, that was in the past, he was never going to make that mistake ever again.

"You," he whispered when they pulled away briefly for air, "it's always been you."

Quinn wanted to cry; but these would be tears of joy, of happiness, and longing. Everything he had said to her, everything he had told her earlier made her melt to the spot. She had thought she wasn't going to ever forgive him, that she wasn't going to give up. But the words he had said to her, the honesty in his voice and face, the truth brimming in his eyes; made her completely forget and let go of everything she had been holding against him and herself for so long.

"I love you too," Quinn said after they had pulled away, wrapping her arms around his neck to hug him, burying her face in his shoulder, letting a few tears drop. "I always have."

Sam smiled, wrapping his arms around her body and holding her tightly, kissing her hair, he said, "I'm so sorry."

Quinn laughed a little on his shoulder before pulling away and taking his face in her hands, "I know," was all she said before attaching her lips to his again, both of them getting lost in the blissful feeling of each other as the world went on around them, they didn't leave each others embrace that night.

The End.

I might do a sequel or an epilogue or something to this. I don't know if I should though. What do you guys think? Writing fluff can be really fun, so I guess that's why I wrote this. We need some Sam and Quinn love, so hopefully this was good enough.

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