The surfing competition had just begun; surfers from around the world were ready

to compete and win the gold. But for one surfer he had enough of all the fans.

His name was Tane Mumea, he had been surfing all his life, but he's just sick of the

fame, the glory, he just wanted live a regular life without the press annoying the hell

out of him. "Up next, Tane Mumea!" Tane sighed and paddled his way into the ocean,

waiting for the perfect wave, waves past and Tane was getting frustrated. Then

finally the perfect wave came. "Perfect", Tane whispered to himself as he was about

to stand up on the board. As he did, he went up the wave and did a perfect 360, the

crowd went wild, he did even more tricks, finally he decided to do his signature

trick, "The Big Drop-In". He created the move by himself from imagination. The

crowd even knew what was coming, they all cheered yelling "Tane, Tane, Tane".

Tane didn't care about all the hype and laned his trick. " Awesome", Tane yelled out.

He finally ended his run and got a 9.5, probably because he slipped at the start of his

run, then after many riders went, no one could beat Tane and he won the gold, as

usual. He was standing on the podium receiving his gold medal, congratulating the

two who got sliver and bronze. When it was all over he went back to his penthouse.

Then there was a knock on the door; "Coming" if the press was there at the door he

would have just slammed the door right in front of their there damn face. He

opened the door and couldn't believe who he saw.

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