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Zoe kept wondering when Moby was going to arrive to The Canadian Inn, she feels that argument that day was all her fault, but she doubted herself, she didn't know what to think. A knock on the door alarmed Zoe and she immediately got up. All the others thought it was the maid wanting to clean their room. Zoe opened the door and kissed the man at the door, for about 5 seconds. It felt so good on her lips, waiting to see Moby's face. But as she stopped with kiss and looked at the man, she got the surprise of her life.

A man with a red headband was at the door, white with a tank top and a green jacket with baggy pants. The man had the spikiest hair she had ever seen. There at the door, was Psymon Stark with a huge grin on his face with all little confusion. Zoe couldn't get a word out, she just kissed Psymon, if Moby heard about this it would all be over with her and Moby. "Oh god," Elise said as she walked away from Psymon. Kaori hid under the couch frightened that Psymon was going to kill her. Mac was laughing his ass off as he literally rolled on the floor laughing. Tane just went up and greeted him with a smirk on his face.

" Hi, I'm Tane, welcome to our room, sorry about that but you may clean it later." Psymon's grin went to a frown in an instant. "First of all, I'm not a maid, I want to be a rider here for SSX and I've been with SSX for a long time so you follow my rules kid. Number 1: Don't bother me, 2: Don't act up to me. 3: Don't ever pull a prank on me or I'll kick your ass so hard you'll be on Mars in 1 minute, got it?" Tane just backed away and sat on the couch in embarrassment. " Okay I am so sorry I thought you were Moby so don't get pissed at me. So you're here for SSX, then make your self at home, we got room for 1 more in here and that's going to be you. So yeah welcome aboard.

Psymon muttered under his breath as he made his way across the room. Mac was still laughing his ass off in the middle of the room, so Psymon kicked him in the balls. Mac grabbed his privates and started spinning in pain. "WHAT IF I WANT BABIES YO!" Mac yelled out as Psymon rolled his eyes. Elise couldn't hide her laughter as Mac limbed to the couch. Kaori got out under the couch slowly. Psymon immediately say her and grinned "KAORI!" Kaori went back under the couch as she escaped Psymon's grasp. Psymon finally got her arm as he pulled her out of the couch and gave a huge bear hug. Kaori couldn't breath at all. Psymon gave Kaori one of his classic noggies then let go of her. "PSYMON! PLEASE DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!" She said as she sat next to Elise to lay her head on her shoulder. "Okay Psymon, even though your crazy doesn't mean you get to screw with Kaori, got it?"

Elise looked demanding while Psymon laughed and un packed his stuff. Zoe finally got calm and began to speak. "Okay, I think we only need three more people to do the nine deadly descents. So I hope your all ready. Now lets just go get breakfast, I'm starving." All of them agreed while Mac stood up, "I'll go get a table ready while you guys tidy up." Mac walked out the door while the girls got their makeup and the boys just watched TV.

As the SSX gang was walking into the elevator they could hear this strange noise below. They couldn't figure want the noise was as they went down each floor to the lobby; it kept getting louder each floor. Finally the doors opened to the lobby and can figure out what the noise was. It was many teenage and adult girls screaming at something. The gang didn't know who they were screaming until Mac ran through the elevator door, his clothes were torn up badly with scratches on his face. Mac was wide eyed with his mouth open gasping for air.

"CLOSE THE DOOR CLOSE THE DOOR!" Mac kept repeating this over and over, the screaming got louder and louder as Elise desperately tried to close the door. It felt like an earthquake as the girls were running. As the door was almost close, they all saw the girls trying to open the elevator door. Psymon just stared at the girls with a very scary looking face while flipping the girls off. The girls were frightened and the ovation died down very slowly as the elevators doors closed. Once they went up a few floors they busted out laughing at what just happened as Mac let out a little laugh.

As they reached there floor they stared teasing Mac "Wow! And I thought Mac would never get a girl!" Zoe said, "Looks like Mac could be a boyfriend to lonely teenage girls and single moms who want your baby!" They continued laughing until Mac spoke up. "Alright yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah just stop and let's forget that this never happened, ok!" They all nodded, but Mac knew that they were lying.

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