A.N.: Hello all! So here is my newest story. It's set in S3 shortly after 'Dream a little dream of me.' so Dean has already vocalized that he indeed doesn't want to go to hell. He's racing against his deal and of course because he's a Winchester things just go horribly wrong. This will be a tad bit (okay probably a lot darker) than what I usually write, so consider yourself warned. Hope that you enjoy and thank you SO much for all those who read.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Dean groans as the plane jerks with turbulence, his fingernails biting into the fabric of the arm rest.

"Worst idea ever Sam."

Sam eyes him sideways and sighs. "We're almost there Dean. You okay?"

His hisses out a breath. "No dammit, I'm not okay. How the hell did I let you talk me into this shit anyway?"

Sam pats his arm softly. "The pilot is possessed remember? That guy Bobby told us about," he pauses. "Monty, said this demon could help us with your deal."

His older brother chortles. "That is just a screwed to all hell comment if I have ever heard one."

Sam dips his head in agreement. "Desperate times man."

Dean nods. "Yeah, yeah I get all that," he breaks off to raise an unsteady hand down his haggard face. "But is there a reason why we have to do it five million fucking feet up in the air?"

"It's not that bad Dean, and we're almost done."

Dean throws a scowl his direction and tightens his hold on the EMF meter. "It's not that bad Dean, we'll be done in no time Dean, we have to save these people Dean." He mocks, exhaling a shaky breath.

"I promise bro, as soon as we get some answers; I'll take you out for a drink."

Dean casts a small smile at him. "Steaks Sammy. We get some answers and then steaks."

There is another violent jolt of motion as Dean slumps forward in his seat with a bit off. "Son of a bitch!"

"You okay?"

"The sooner this fucking thing is over, the sooner I'll be okay." His hands fold onto the top of his head as he readjusts himself in the seat.

Sam tilts the face of his watch towards him. "Twenty minutes Dean and then we will be on the ground."

"Couldn't have just caught the bastard in the bathroom." He grumbles. "Stupid ass demons don't have to pee or what?"

Sam chuckles. "Just Winchester luck I guess."

A pleasant voice kicks over on the intercom informing them that they will be landing soon.

"The weather in Sioux City is just below freezing so I hope you packed your parkas folks, cause the whole city is dusted in the white stuff." The noise cuts off.

"We sure it isn't her Sam? She's too fucking perky for being on a tin can death trap."

Sam snorts. "You want to check her too?"

"No. I just want to get this done and over with. I will never get on another plane again."

"It's not that bad."

"Not that bad?" Dean's knuckles turn white as his hand clamp down even harder. "Oh it's bad Sam. And I'm thinking maybe I should forgo the barf bag for the front of your shirt."


"Just tell me when we land." He mutters, burying his head back between his knees.

Dean's rapid breaths don't even out until they have come to a complete stop, the overly perky flight attendant stopping several times to check on them.

"We're here doll." She cooes, placing a well-manicured hand onto his back.

"He's fine really, just food poisoning at the airport."

Her mouth twists into a pained expression. "Poor baby," she states.

"Yeah," Sam states, placing his own palm next to hers. "But I got him from here."

She nods. "Well, let us know if you,"

"We will." Sam says, waving her off. "Thanks."

"Was she hot?" Dean inquires, directing the question towards his knees.

"Um… no, not really." He eases his brother into a standing position. "You got the stuff?"

Dean rifles through the duffel in the overhead bin and pulls out the 3 oz. container of holy water. "It will have to do."

"Good, cause the pilot just walked off the plane."

Dean shakes the rest of the jitters out of his body and shoulders the duffel. "Lead the way ."

The man looks up as Sam clicks the lock on the bathroom door.

"Guess you freaks do have to pee." Dean gloats as he unscrews the cap of the holy water container.

The man smiles as he turns towards them. "Winchesters."

"So you know who we are, good, that makes this easy then." Dean takes a couple of steps towards him.

"Yeah, I know who you are. You are Dean and Sammy Winchester." He states swinging a finger between the two before landing on Dean. His hand takes on the shape of a gun and he pulls the trigger with a soft click of his tongue on his teeth. "Hell can't wait to get its claws into you boy." He straightens his pilot jacket.

"Yeah, so I've heard."

"Dean," Sam begins with a nod to the locked door.

"Wish we could stay and chat," Dean pauses as he squints at the name tag. "Tom, but we got some questions for you."

Sam retrieves the journal from inside his jacket. "Yeah, like how do we get Dean out of his deal?"

The man laughs, throwing his head back as his eyes turn black. "Out of the deal? Are you fucking dense? There is no out, there is only down." He replies, pointing a finger downwards.

"Bullshit." Sam spits. "There is an out and we know that you know it."

He laughs again. "Somebody lied to you son, you think I'm more important than I really am."

Sam exchanges a look with Dean. "We have a friend that told us all about you."

"Well boy howdy if your friend says so it must be true." He shakes his head. "What friend is this?"

Dean inches closer with the open bottle. "None of your damn business."

"Well it's not like you have much to choose from, that old drunk Bobby and a few stragglers that we haven't gotten to…" He breaks off and chuckles under his breath. "Yet."

"We know you know how to fix this. You tell us and maybe we let you go back to hell nice and easy."

"Nice and easy?" He lets loose a roaring guffaw. "That sentence is the very definition of irony son."

He strides towards Dean as he holds out the bottle in defense. "And I'll tell you what else," he starts as Sam leaves the door to stand by his brothers side. "Monty was a set up. You two chuckle heads are up shit creek without a paddle."

Sam's eyes widen as Dean launches the contents into the man's face.

He yells out in pain and grabs Dean by the collar of his shirt before he sends him flying into the bathroom stall.

"Dean!" Sam shouts.

"I'm fine Sam!" Dean calls back, leaning against the bent door for support. "Send that son of a bitch back!"

The man backs away as Sam pours the rest of the liquid into his open howling mouth.

His brothers' voice carries over to his ears as the man roars and tries to escape the constant barrage of attacks from the younger Winchester.

"That's my boy." He grins.

"You'll regret this." The demon promises as the hosts body shudders and the mouth elongates to let out the stream of black smoke.

Dean watches as the smoke hovers above the unconscious body for just a second longer than they are used to.

"What the," he starts as Sam turns to him.

His brothers eyes go impossibly huge in their sockets as all color drains from his face.

"Dean," his voice comes out in a gasp of harsh air as Dean spies what his little brother is looking at in horror.

The protection charm that Bobby gave him, lying in a heap several feet away from him.

Must have happened when…

His train of thought is violently derailed as his body kicks in to overdrive, scrambling on his hands and knees to retrieve the fallen protection.

"NO!" Sam bellows as Dean feels his body seized from all sides.

He can't move, can't breathe, can't speak, can't do anything but ache in every fiber of his bones as he is invaded. He can feel the evil son of a bitch take control as his hand flexes in front of his face before it swats the charm to the side.

Sam fumbles over the Latin words as he shoves the body of his brother into the door of the stall.

"Hold on Dean," Sam begs, pausing in his exorcism for just a moment to try and deliver reassurance to his brother.

A moment too long.

The demon takes the momentary weakness to haul Sam away from him and slam his head into the wall.

Sam paws at his brothers' shirt. "Dean,"

"Not anymore Sammy boy," he grins, slamming his elbow viciously into the younger Winchesters face.

He smirks as he hears the crack of bone, before letting the other man's body slide down motionless to the floor.

"Dean has left the building."