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Summary: Eight-year old Harry Potter suddenly moves to Oregon when his uncle accepts a better job there. Ashland, Oregon to be exact. That's where he meets 11-year olds, Coraline Jones and Wybie Lovat.

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After the water incident yesterday, the Dursley decided that Harry wouldn't make breakfast in case he spilled, broke, or dropped anything else. And also because of the incident, Harry received no breakfast.

"Mum! I'm bored," Dudley told his mother. "I wanna go outside!"

"Dudley, honey, it's muddy out. You'll get dirty," said Aunt Petunia, trying to soothe her baby boy.

"No!" screamed Dudley. "It's boring in here and the frea-Harry will play with me. Won't you, Harry?" Dudley sent a twisted grin at Harry. Harry looked up from where he was shivering on the floor and stared at his cousin. No furniture were moved yet so he had decided to settle down on the hard, cold floors 'til his Aunt had him doing chores.

"Yes, Dudley..." Harry moved his stare to the ground.

Aunt Petunia glared at her nephew. Well, if something did happen, then the freak could be used as a shield for her precious, little boy. Fine, as long as he doesn't track any mud inside the house. Pursing her lips, she finally said, "Fine, but I don't want any trouble from you, boy. If I hear so much as a complain from Dudleykins about you, you'll be painting this whole place without breaks."

"Yes, Aunt Petunia." Harry said, "I won't be of trouble."

"Whatever, go get your coat and boots. I don't want anything filthy, you'll be getting it all over the place."

Harry nodded and went to go fetch his coat and boots. His teacher of two years before bought it for him. She'd said it had bothered her how he had come to school without one and giving it to his aunt and uncle, she told them that she hoped that it wasn't too weird for a teacher to be buying a single student something.

His aunt let him keep it only because it wouldn't fit Dudley and it might raise suspicion from the teacher. Harry was overjoyed when his aunt had said he could keep it. Due to Harry's malnourished frame, it was a bit big. Harry would put on the coat, button it, tie the sash around his waist, then put the green, knee-length boots on.

It wasn't much bigger than him. The sleeves were just long and so was the length of the coat, it stopped just above his boots.

As Harry put on his boots and coat, Dudley went up to him grinning, "Even if nobody else is here to play Harry-Hunting with me, I can still play by myself."

"Yes, Dudley. My, what a smart boy you are! Of course, it'll totally work. An over-sized whale chasing his smaller and faster cousin. I can already see how this is going to turn out!" Harry rolled his eyes as he said this.

Dudley's grin disappeared.

He snarled, "I'll get you for that, you little freak!"

Harry ran out the door and towards which ever direction his legs took him. Dudley may be over-weight, stupid, and slow, but he was strong. Harry was not going to take any chances at getting caught and flattened as a pancake if Dudley chose to sit on him.

Harry dared a look behind him. He had lost Dudley. He cringed at the anger he'd face from his uncle and aunt if Dudley told them something. Just then, he bumped into something. Or more like someone.

"Hey! Watch it!"


Harry was sprawled on the ground. Luckily, he was in a dry patch of dirt. He couldn't say the same to the person he had bumped into though.

"Ugh, great." the stranger said as she wiped off the mud off her yellow raincoat.

"Oh, um, e-excuse me! I wasn't watching where I was going and it seems I-I've bumped into you. A-are you okay?" Harry stuttered slightly, he hoped he didn't cause any trouble for the girl. This girl's appearance was a bit strange. Well, only her hair. She had short blue hair and brown eyes. She had on a yellow raincoat with yellow rain boots and a hat.

Harry looked different from both her and the Dursleys. Harry had messy, black hair which seemed as if it was never cut and were a bit below his shoulders. He had emerald green eyes, round glasses, and a pale complexion that may have been because of the cupboard and undernourishment. Oh, and Harry was quite short.

The girl, who looked to be eleven, glanced at Harry and said, "Yeah, it's okay. I wasn't watching where I was going too. Are you lost?"

"Huh? No, it's just...my cousin was chasing me and I really didn't want to be caught. No matter how slow he is."

"Well, did you just move in or were you already living here?"

"We just moved in yesterday." Harry looked up at the girl and cocked his head to the right.

"Really? We just moved in today! So, what's your name?"

"My name's Harry Potter." Would she actually be his friend?

"I'm Coraline Jones. Are you British? Your accent is really noticeable," said Coraline and she started wiping down her raincoat once more.



Harry flinched harshly. "I-I have to go...see you next time?"

"Yeah, sure. Bye Harry." Coraline had jumped a bit at how loud the voice was. Not like she was going to admit it though.

"Bye Coraline..."

'That was strange,' Coraline thought as she walked home. 'First that weird kid, Wybie was it? And the cat. Now Harry, but he isn't all that weird. Small, but not really weird.'

"Coraline, was that one of the neighbors?" her mother said from the kitchen as she typed away on her laptop.

"Yeah, mom." Coraline said as she headed upstairs. Today was just weird.

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