6 Months and 2 Weeks Later – In the Hospital

The little blue bundle cooed as Kensi nuzzled his cute little nose. "You know he has your nose Meg, and Callen's scowl," she smiled loving the fact that she had moved on and could tease Callen in a brotherly way.

"He's beautiful…just what we all needed to remind us of the important things in life," said Hetty, gently taking the bundle off Kensi's hands.

"After everything we've all been through, this boy birth is a true miracle," whispered Donald, overcome with emotion. His daughters looked at him and smiled.

"I have to admit I never thought you could produce something so cute, G…really he's wonderful. Wait til Raina and the kids see him," said Sam playing with the baby's tiny fingers.

"Not his genes Sam… he's all Meg…the only thing that's Callen's is his….gender," said Deeks wiggling his pinky.

The group broke into laughter. "Whoa…anybody would think people were celebrating the birth of a healthy baby boy," said a beaming Nell entering the hospital room with a very stressed looking Eric.

In his arms he had flowers, balloons, chocolates, a blue wrapped present and fruit, "Some help here."

Callen rushed over to him smiling, "Hen pecked?" Eric smiled shrugging his shoulders.

"You didn't have to guys," said Meg starting to unwrap the present which turned out to be the cutest little cap.

The team huddled around the new family when the nurse came in, "Sorry everyone but visiting times are over. Meg needs a rest and this cute little boy needs a nap. Ms Blye, does this boy have a name yet?"

"We haven't decided yet. He'll be Baby Callen for a little while longer."

"Do you mind if I take him to the nursery?" asked Callen not wanting to be away from his son for a minute.

"Of course not Mr. Callen. Everyone else you have 5 more minutes," smiled the nurse as she and Callen left.

The team was fare welling Meg and talking amongst themselves when a knock was heard at the door. Sam went over and opened it. There stood a bike messenger, "Package for Ms. Blye and Mr. Callen."

Sam eyes him suspiciously, "Do you have identification?"

The young man looked up at Sam, trembling in his shoes, "Sure…Kevin Ward, Sparks Couriers." Sam looked at his identification and then stared at the young man. Finally he spoke, "Where do I sign?" With shaking hands, the young man offered Sam the clipboard. Sam signed and took consignment of the small package.

""I wonder what it is," asked Kensi.

No one was nervous.

No one expected it.

Meg unwrapped it and remarked, "Oh it's beautiful. It's an antique silver spoon." She turned it over and stared at the writing. "There's something engraved but I can't read it. It looks Russian."

Hetty felt a sense of foreboding. No…not now!

"Who's it from?" asked Deeks picking up on Hetty's tense stance.

Eric picked up the card that had fallen from the package, "Umm…it says Welcome Baby Callen." Then Eric turned the card over and he froze as the card fell from his hand.

"Eric?" called out Nell picking up the card. He looked at her with overwhelming fear.

"Guys, you're scaring Meg?" interrupted Kensi comforting her sister.

Nell ignored the others in the room as her face turned to Hetty's, "Nell?" she asked.

"It's from the shop called An Etcher's Pen."

"Get Mr. Callen. NOW!" yelled Hetty with a look of fear on her face.


Callen felt like the luckiest man on Earth as he kissed his son goodbye. It had been a long day and he was exhausted. He neared Meg's room when he a frantic Donald raced up to him. Callen was on alert, "What's wrong? Is Meg OK?'

"Hetty needs to see you now. Go. I'll make sure the baby's fine," said Donald.

"Donald?" asked an anxious Callen.

"Just go. She needs to tell you something." Both men nodded and went their own ways.


Meanwhile, in a matter of minutes while the nurse on duty left to answer a patient's call, a hunched elderly figure in a doctor's coat bent over Baby Callen's crib. Two white gloved hands gently lifted the baby and placed him in his arms. The lonely figure walked out of the nursery cooing and whispering to the child.

"What a sweet harvest you are, Baby Callen!"

The cruel figure stepped into his car and admired the little bundle, "Oh Koba will be happy. Now it's his turn." Caressing the baby's face, the withered figure spoke, "Now let's see…what shall we call you…we've had A, B, C, D was a failure, E wasn't any better, F, G…well you'll learn all about him when it's time. So I think little man you will be H…Henry, Harry, Hallan…"

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTHE ENDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Author's note: Well that's the end. Am I cruel? Yes.

I've loved writing this story. I had a ball but it did take a lot of energy and time and it would've continued if I didn't have a life to get back to. I know I left a few things unresolved, but they will be answered in a sequel. But don't hold your breath ;)There are many ideas buzzing in my head at the moment because I'm missing the show So I hope to start writing a new story soon.

I hope you have enjoyed it. Many thanks to the wonderful reviewers especially the few that left encouraging comments…you know who you are It absolutely makes it all worthwhile. If you didn't leave a comment, it's ok. Thanks for reading.