Legend of the Moon Child

Chapter One

"We have to protect the walls," Kakashi Hatake yelled to the ninja. Orochimaru was attacking and he was winning. He had the aid of Sand, Mist, Stone and Grass, four very powerful villages with heavy manpower. He also had the aid of four Bijuu. He had tails one, two, four and five. The force was devastating and it took all The Leaf had to just hold them off. Kakashi took a glance up at the Forever Moon. It had been nothing but trouble since it arrived twenty years ago. He still remembered when he first saw it. One minute it was a clear sunny day, and then suddenly there was a red flash. Next thing he knew there was a giant moon in the sky that had never set. Day and night. Every moment for twenty years it had been there.

He needed to focus, he was in charge, the third Hokage was becoming weak with fatigue, and he was, after all, in his eighties. The Fourth Hokage and his wife were engaging Orochimaru and Jaraiya and Tsunade were holding off the bijuu. The village needed a miracle. Right now there wasn't one.

"My lord Sandaime," Kakashi started as he ran up to the aged leader, "We are losing. Please there must be something we can do."

The Sandaime sighed, "Yes, there is something we can do. I need my crystal. Hinata, please help me to the tower."

Said girl turned towards her leader. She was tall and slender. She had long indigo hair with white tips, and opal eyes with faint red lines from her eyes to under her shirt. "Yes Lord Sandaime." She then grabbed onto the man and they left in a swirl of leaves to the tower.

Once at the tower the Hokage took out his crystal ball, "Hinata, please I need chakra."

"Yes Lord Sandaime," She said as she placed a hand onto Hiruzen's shoulder. She then began to channel her chakra into the aged leader.

"Thank you," He said as he began to focus into the crystal.

"My Lord," Hinata began, "May I ask what it is you are doing?"

"I am asking for help from the one person who I know who can help and defeat the enemy. He is a Dragon Warrior by the name of Naruto. He is our only hope."

Hinata sighed, no one believed the Sandaime, they all thought he was nuts on this point. However, Hinata believed that he met the man of legend; she refused to think the Sandaime was a wakadoo when he was a child. She just wanted him to forget about him, he never answered his calls for help. Naruto Uzumaki was the hero who had saved the Elemental Nations over 11,000 years ago during the Dragon Campaign from the evil ones to abolish slavery of humans, dragons and Bijuu. He was said to have died after the Dragon Campaign. She loved her aged Sandaime but there was only so much that one could believe. This was just a little too far fetched for the village.

"How, he is said to be dead." She did not want Hiruzun's heart to be smashed once more with a no show by Lord Naruto.

"That is a lie. Remember, I told you he found a way to travel through portals to other dimensions. I met him when I was a child, he had told me to become leader of my village and he would come to me in my time of great need. This, I believe, is what he was talking about."

"Lord Sandaime; that would make him over 11,000 years old. Is he immortal?" Hinata asked confused.

"Yes child, he holds the spirit of a dragon within him allowing him to live for the life span of a dragon, which is until it is killed." He then strained when he began to see an image in the crystal. Hinata was a bit winded at the amount of chakra being used.

In the crystal was a man, a very handsome man, who appealed to Hinata. Finding a man that appealed to Hinata was like finding a certain spec of sand. Every time a man touched her, her skin would sizzle and she would feel pain. Then the man was blown backward off his feet. It was overwhelming. She felt she would never have a family of her own. She will never feel the joy of being a mother and it would sadden her to her core whenever she thought of it. She tried her best to avoid the thought.

The man in the crystal was tall and muscular with spiky blond hair. He had the deepest blue eyes she had ever seen; they rested just above three whisker marks on each cheek (You'll see why later), and he was decked out in red armor. He had a chest plate with armor on his left shoulder and arm. (If you want to see the characters I am going to use then look up Legend of Dragoon characters for the PS2). He was wearing gray cargo pants and boots. He had a sword that rested on his hip. Hinata was growing red, "Who is that?"

"That, child, is the legendary Naruto Uzumaki." He then began to concentrate on the crystal. Soon he began to speak, "Lord Naruto? Lord Naruto, can you hear me?" Said man perked up a bit, looked around and realized where the voice was coming from and he pulled out a pocket mirror.

"Hello?" He asked Hiruzen.

"Lord Naruto, it is I, Hiruzen Sarutobi. I am in dire need of your assistance. Konoha is falling and your people need you. Please help me."

The man in the crystal smiled, "Ah so it begins, I see that the Moon That Never Sets is among you, is it not?"

"If you mean the Forever Moon then yes, it has been here for the past twenty years, its caused nothing but trouble. Please there are many demons at the walls; large forces have gathered, there are four Bijuu we need you."

"Lord Hiruzen, I will level the village and we shall rebuild from the ashes. I will be there with my dragon and my warriors; withdraw your men at once. I will unleash an unholy wrath among my enemies who dare to threaten my utopia and my people within it," He then glitches on the crystal ball. He yells to someone in his room, "Ready the Divine Dragon, we are moving out now."

The picture within the crystal fades and the room was left quiet, "That was him Lord Sandaime? Lord Naruto, the Dragon Warrior?" Hinata asked quietly.

Hiruzen was breathing heavily, he just wanted to sleep and never awaken, but that was for another time, he had a job to do.

"Hinata, go to Kakashi and tell him to quickly withdraw all forces from the village onto the safety of the Hokage Monument, direct orders."

"Hai Lord Sandaime" She said as she jumped to the window, "I will be back for you." She then left. She had served the third Hokage since she was twelve. She would be damned if she left him here to die.

"Please, Lord Naruto, hurry." Hiruzen said as he fell to the ground. His heart beat fading.