Hey people! Hope you liked the first chapter! I am definitely feeling this story. I just beat the game for PS2, Legend of Dragoon. It rocks, but without further ado I present chapter 2.

Chapter Two

"Kakahi-sensei! Kakashi-sensei!" Hinata yelled as she ran towards her teacher.

"Yes, what is it?" Kakashi asked confused of the girls' large smile in the middle of a battle field.

"The Sandaime said to withdraw all defensive lines. That—" She was then interrupted by a flabbergasted Kakashi.

"WHAT? HE WANT'S US TO GIVE UP?" He yelled with all his might.

"No, sensei, he has called for help, they will be here, and if we do not move we will be in danger and caught in the cross fire. He said to go to atop the Hokage Monument. Please trust your Sandaime!" Hinata then turned back to the Hokage tower and ran off.

"The man is either really sure about these people coming or he has lost his damn mind." Kakashi said to himself. He turned to his men, "DIRECT ORDERS FROM THE SANDAIME. WE ARE TO LEAVE NOW, THE BATTLE IS OUT OF OUR HANDS!" He saw Sakura and Sasuke running towards him, he knew what was coming; the unavoidable truth that his students were out to get him.

"WHAT?" Sakura yelled, "GIVE UP ON OUR HOME?"

"No Hinata brought word that the Sandaime has help coming and if we do not leave we will be in danger and caught in the cross fire. To the Hokage Monument."

The ninja began to evacuate and head towards the Hokage monument, where the villagers were waiting who were terrified out of their minds. The enemy had ceased their attack out of confusion. But, that would not last long.

Hinata made it to the Hokage's office and saw the elder laying on the ground. "Lord Sandaime! Lord Sandaime!" She yelled as she slid in next to him. She had been Hiruzen's right hand since she had graduated from the Academy.

She was five years old when she went over seas with her mother. That's where her mother died. The ship wrecked and they were separated. Hinata being swept away by rip tide, the only reason she survived was the fact that a white dragon and a beautiful, glowing woman saved her. They gave her a special power and the woman faded and Hinata fainted atop the dragon. The next day she woke up and she was different. Her hair and the lines that marked her body. It started under her eyes and snaked its way down to her toes. She was also very weak. That is until a man touches her, except the Yondaime and the Sandaime they aren't affected. Which is weird.

"Hinata, please take me to the monument." That's all he said as he closed his eyes. For a second Hinata thought he died, but he was still breathing. Thank the Kami's.

She then lifted him and left in a swirl of leaves.

At the monument, the entire village was gathered—At least five hundred strong. Hinata appeared and signaled to Sakura and Ino. They came running at full tilt. "Please, just restore his chakra."

"Who's coming to help?" Ino asked as she pushed back a blond strand of hair. She usually kept it over her eye but not when healing. When healing she needed to see what she was doing least she wanted to loose the one she was healing. Not a chance.

"That is a surprise." Hinata smiled; if this was the actual Naruto from the legends then her village and her people have nothing to worry about. Ino and Sakura just glared at her. No one really liked Hinata; they all thought that she could control her body's outbursts when a man touches her. They all thought she believed she was better than everyone else. They thought she was a prude. Not true.

Shikamaru came walking up, "It looks as if the enemy's done recollecting themselves and are moving into the village."

"That's even better. Then no one could be missed." Hinata said as she walked to the edge. The fourth Hokage was still out there along with his wife. Minato and Kushina were into their thirties which meant they were seasoned, Jaraiya and Tsunade were amazing. Lord Naruto was on his way. Advantage Home. She then saw Minato and Kushina come running up.

"What is happening?" Minato asked. He had not ordered an evacuation of the defensive lines. That thin line was the only thing protecting the village.

"Orders from the Third. We have help that we will all be grateful to have." Hinata said as she looked towards the sky. Suddenly the Forever Moon began to glow red. A giant purple and green mass sprung to life. Everyone looked on in awe as it began to rotate.

There was then a roar from the other side as winged people in armor flew out the swirling sphere: seven in all. The one with the Giant Hammer attacked first. There was a blue light as ice formed around her. She then blew it down on the village.

Next there was purple lightning flashing and killing people on the ground coming from an old man in purple.

A man with long hair flew down and corralled the people with a green tinted wind that flew with ferocity. The wind upturned house and uprooted trees in it's wake.

There was a very large man who was making it rain rock from the sky. There was also a dark force that was drawing in the biju against their will.

Everyone was in shock. "Hinata?" The Yondomie asked. She turned her head to him, the wind blowing around her white tipped hair, "Is this the help you were talking about?"

She just nodded, "There's one more." She then turned back to see the six fly towards them. The seventh stayed by the green, spinning mass.

The ninja picked up defensive stances, "Whoh people, we aren't the enemy" A girl flew down to the people and touched the earth. She was really peppy. "I'm Meru of the seven dragon warriors. We were sent by Dart. Or well you know him as Naruto but we call him Dart because he's really fast. I'm, just so excited to meet humans from this world again."

"Meru you talk too much" A woman said with long deep blue hair. She seemed a bit dark.

"I don't think so Rose" an elderly man in purple flew down.

"Show his people that you respect him. He is known as Lord Naruto." Rose said as she wiped a strand of her blue hair from her face and over her shoulder.

"Oh dear God, you are the actual dragon warriors," Minato said as he gasped.

"Yes, we are, I am Albert" a man dressed in green Armor and wings said, "This is Meru, Rose, Miranda, Haschel and Kongol." He then pointed them each out. (Please look up in the goolge search engine what they look like. It will take pages to explain). A bright light shown then they transformed into their human forms just as graceful as their dragoon forms.

The people all gasped together as they looked out further, "So, that's Lord Naruto?" Kushina asked as she stared at the man in the sky.

"Yes, that is him, now we are to destroy the enemy. Lord Naruto's calling forth the Divine dragon, this will not take long." Albert said as he transformed again and flew up into the air with Rose. Suddenly the wind picked up and the sky turned dark. "The rest of you guard the people." Albert and Rose then flew off towards Naruto.

The people all looked on in shock. Hinata looked on with a smile, 'Who's the crazy one now?'

*With the Dragoon's*

"How much longer?" Rose asked Naruto who was his divine dragoon form.

"Now much, just waiting for the final chain to break free my child on the Mountain of Mortal Dragon" Naruto said with a smile. It faded as he looked at the approaching Biju. Suddenly a magnificent roar was heard from the portal behind him. The Divine Dragon was ready. Finally.

"Let's do this" Naruto said to Rose and Albert as he turned to the portal. The tip of the dragon's face came through.

*With the people*

The people looked out at the dragon that was coming through the spiraling mass. It was huge. Two times any Bijju. The head seemed to be upside down with a large eye at the bottom and several smaller eyes in a row on the top just above millions of outward protruding teeth. The length of the neck looked to be vertebrae in shape. It had six wings attached to its torso and four long legs. It had a vent like chest and a long tube on its back. Finally its tail came through the vortex, it was long and spiny like the rest of it. When one took a second look they could see the chains hanging from its massive form. Why would they restrain this creature? Then again it is human nature to hurt all they did not understand. However, these people did not think that was the case. This beast had a legitimate reason for being chained up.

The mighty beast roared and Rose and Albert flew away leaving a single man up there. The man flew atop the dragon and shouted. They were to far to hear what he said but it was clear it was a command to attack as it flapped its wings into a vertical position and its chest glowed a deep red. Suddenly large red balls of energy rained down at the enemy ninja and leveled the village foundation. One energy ball was falling to close to the people.

"It's falling this way. It's falling this way. It's falling this way." Jaraiya said as he readied hand signs. Before he could finish his hand signs the massive man stepped in front of the people.

"Kongol will protect Dart's people from harm" He then lifted his ax and he transformed. The energy ball then connected with the ax and it went flying into one of the village walls. Three more were coming and Miranda readied her bow as all the warriors transformed. Miranda let go of the string and let the energy arrow fly and the energy ball disbursed. Meru readied her oversized hammer and smacked the energy ball away as she cheered. Haschel then readied his fist and punched the energy ball with electricity.

"That was quick work," Tsunade said with a grin.

"I guess this means sensei isn't a senile as we had originally thought. " Jiraiya said as he smiled.

There was then another roar as they watched the battle. The dragon landed on the ground and its head crashed to the earth. It then began to absorb energy through its large eye.

The man was above the dragon and was absorbing energy as well through his arm.

The people grew in awe as the man let loose the energy and it connected with the ichibi and the sand fell and the red head with it. Then the brightest light the people have ever seen was let loose by the dragon. It blew through the other Biju and caused them to revert back to their human hosts as they all fell to the ground.

The remaining men picked up the Jinchuuriki and fled into the woods.

*With the Dragon*

Naruto calmed himself as he flew in front of the divine dragon. He looked it in the face. The dragon huffed as it nudged him ever so slightly.

"I understand your pain; I am truly sorry to have sealed you into the Mountain of Mortal Dragon", you gave me no choice. You were being deprived of your very nature of war. You were going mad. I love you Bardok, King of Dragons, and I did it for your own safety."

The dragon looked at its master with its large nine eyes. They brimmed with an aged understanding. The dragon knew it was going mad. So many years of peace had sent it into a deep frenzy. It began to attack the people trying to create strife. Its master had no choice and Bardok understood the situation its master was in. Dragons had the mighty power and the Dragoons had the intellectual capacity to think of all scenarios and to use a higher form of deductive reasoning. That is why they obeyed the Dragoons. If they did then they would be unstoppable. None but a Virage and a Wingly could oppose them. But, we are getting ahead of ourselves. It calmed when it was sealed but it was a still bloodthirsty and this was a great way to vent. They weren't Winglies but the Biju and small humans would do.

Naruto smiled and led the dragon to his people. As he approached the growing mass he saw the terror on their faces. He then turned and redirected Bardok to the farther side of the Mountain. Bardok was not happy but he obeyed. He always obeyed. He had to obey.

Naruto then continued to his people as he smiled, "My people I have returned to you all."

The people all were confused. A random man spoke up, "You-you are the Dragon warrior?"

Another spoke up, this time ninja, "We thought you were just a story."

Naruto frowned, "I know I have been absent for a long time but I needed to protect the other world. The one I had created." He then transformed out of his dragoon form.

Minato walked up to Naruto, "Lord Naruto," He bowed, "It is an honor."

Naruto looked at Minato, "I see you are the new Hokage. Where is Sarutobi?"

Minato pointed to the man on the ground across from them. The man was weezing, "I knew you would come eventually."

"It is not your time old man" Naruto smiled as he motioned to Miranda, "I need you now, and as do your people."

Miranda walked up to Naruto, "You wish for me to heal him?"

Naruto nodded to her.

"Very well," she then called on the magic of the White-Silver Dragoon Spirit. The evening sky dimmed a bit behind the clouds. The archer then bent into a horizontal position and readied her bow. An arrow made from pure silver energy formed and she called out, "Moon Light" the arrow shot into the sky and parted the clouds as energy burst down and onto Hiruzen. The white light enveloped the old shinobi and he seemed to become very energetic. The old man jumped up to his feet like he was in his twenties again.

"I haven't felt like this in ages" He said as he did squats and a cartwheel.

"Yes that is what magic does to you." Naruto said as he smiled at the man; the woman next to him was struggling to hold him up.

"A young lady like you," Haschel started as he walked towards Hinata, "Shouldn't have to hold onto such a wryly old man." Haaschel then reached towards her. The second he touched her arm he was blown off his feet. Hinata's hair became fully white and the red markings became visible on her face. Such powerful magic had brought about a lasting affect on her as she swayed a bit. She then looked at the older man on the ground. She then ran over to Haschel, careful not to touch him lest she wanted to kill him.

"I am so sorry" She said, as she looked him in the face. She was confused by the look on the man's face. He wasn't mad at all.

She felt someone grab her arm. She turned and was face to face with Naruto.

Naruto had an unreadable expression on his face, "I've finally found you."

I wonder what's going to happen to Hinata. And what is Naruto's expression? Please tell me what you think. Ja Ne.