Chapter 3

Waking Up and Meeting Darkness

Crimson eyes opened blearily blinking to clear the fog that consciousness had shrouded his mind in. He remembered the escape and the blinding pain as the bullet tore through his side. Then there was faded amethyst filled with kindness looking at him and the amethyst hadn't even stopped trying to help when he had growled in warning. Then there was another amethyst one that was full of life and vitality. So much like his beloved Pharaoh from so long ago. He blinked in shock when he saw neither the white walls of his cell nor the empty walls of the isolation ward as punishment for his escape but comforting beige. That's when the softness of the bed registered and the pain of his wound that was only a dull ache instead of a sharp blade. He licked his dry lips wondering where he was even though he wasn't defensive as of yet. He turned his head to the side ignoring the pain in his sore neck just as the door opened and he saw amethyst and white.

"~~~~~~ ~~~~~." The male said and he frowned not understanding at all before he switched languages again, his mind allowing him to learn and assimilate new languages instantly. "Hello?" came the question and he made a questioning noise trying to sit up and gentle amethyst stopped him from doing so with arms around his torso. "No don't do that. You could reopen the wound." That's when He noticed the smell of Lilacs and Malika Roses, the scent of his pharaoh!

The male was rubbing his cheek against his chest making a humming noise that clearly stated his pleasure. This made Yugi blush slightly before letting go after getting the male to lie back down.

"What's your name?" Yugi asked while lifting up his shirt to get a look at the bullet wound before hearing the swish swish swish of the male's tail as crimson eyes looked up at him playfully making a cross between a growl and a whimper as wolf ears twitched listening.

"Yami." Came the quiet answer as he lifted his arms to give better access. "You aren't like those guns." Came the assessment before a small smile crossed childlike features.

"What do you mean?' Yugi asked calmly trying to reign in his temper and not scare the male since he was responding. Yami wiggled slightly at Yugi's touch to his stomach unable to stop the slight whimper as fingertips touched a little too hard to the wound. Gentle hands pushing him down as he tried to curl up. "Sorry." Came the apologetic whisper and crimson eyes reopened surprised before exhaustion started taking over again as he unknowingly slipped back into ancient Egyptian.

"You apologized. Nobody but him ever apologized." Yami murmured before drifting off again. Yugi watched as Yami fell asleep a small smile on both of their faces. One glad that these people weren't like the others that had held him captive and one glad that the small childlike figure wasn't too far gone to not be helped. Yugi sighed quietly before covering the male up again after gently placing his head back on the pillow.

"Sleep well Yami." He whispered before leaving the room.