Chapter 4

Meeting Faded Amethyst and the Puppy Dog

When again crimson opened it was to see the same faded amethyst from before that hadn't recoiled at his warning growl. Those gentle wrinkled hands helping him to sit up.

"Who are you?" he asked the words foreign as they fell from his tongue and faded amethyst smiled slightly at him.

"Solomon Motou. You?" faded amethyst responded and he gave a slightly playful growl with a small smile.

"My name is Yami. Where…" he started to ask before his dry throat and empty stomach caught up to him and made their displeasure known. Solomon laughed having already propped him up on some pillows before placing a tray on his lap and Yami's mouth watered at the smell. There was a meat of some kind in the broth in the bowl along with noodles, while the glass held water, and there was a grilled toasted sandwich with cheese in the middle. "For me?" he asked hesitantly and Solomon nodded gently lifting the spoon and Yami opened his mouth practically moaning in pleasure as the soup slide down his throat. Solomon smiled at the innocent and childlike longing he was directing at the spoon currently heading back towards the bowl on the tray in his lap. A mostly skeletal hand picked up the water and took a long drink before he stole the spoon and started eating the soup, his tail wagging behind him.

"You are at my home. Do you remember what happened?" Yami nodded jerkily as he continued to inhale the soup only stopping to take drinks from the glass of water and bites of the sandwich. "Do you have any parents we can contact?" Yami shook his head. "An uncle or aunt?" and again Yami shook his head. "Any living relatives? At all?" Yami smiled sadly shaking his head a third time having finished his meal.

"Everybody is dead. They left me alone." He said quietly, his smile fading before tears welled up in his eyes. "All alone." Solomon moved the tray automatically wrapping the small hybrid in his arms and holding him close as he started sobbing. "Alone."

"Easy little one you aren't alone." Solomon whispered gently holding the small childlike male close, one hand soothingly rubbing his ears. "You aren't alone." He locked gazes with Yugi who stood in the doorway, clutching the frame in one hand tightly as the hybrid sobbed his heart out.

About an hour later…

Yami had finally calmed down and fallen into a sleep of one emotionally and physically exhausted. Solomon gently laid him back down on the bed and covered him with the comforter barely restraining his own anger at the life this childlike male had led.

"Joey is coming Grandpa." Yugi said quietly. "He wants to see if he can do anything to get back at the soldier's that did this." Solomon nodded, reigning in his anger and trying to get the image of Yami breaking down as he cried out of his head.

"Good. Joey is in a high enough position that he should be able to get away with investigating the occurrence." Solomon said angrily not really succeeding with calming down. "When is he supposed to show?"

"He should be here within a few hours. He was finishing a report." Came Yugi's quiet response

Fast forward 3 hours

Yami jumped up frightened when he heard the doorbell ring, immediately darting under the bed. Yugi frowned at that even as Solomon went to escort Joey in. Yami peeked out from under the bed catching a glimpse of bright golden colored hair and warm honey brown eyes.

"Hey Yugi." Came the quiet and gentle greeting as Joey tried not to scare the now cowering wolf hybrid, as Yugi got up to greet him. "So what's been happening?"

"You remember what I said over the phone about our new house guest?" Yugi asked and Joey nodded, that's when Yugi sunk down to sit on his knees next to the bed and smiled at Yami gently. "Hey Yami. Remember that guy I was talking about that acted like a giant puppy dog?" Yami nodded jerkily and Yugi's smile widened slightly. "While this is him. Can you come out and meet him for me?" He slowly stretched his arm out and Yami hesitated slightly before grasping the outstretched hand allowing Yugi to gently pull him out from under the bed. After all his Pharaoh wouldn't let anyone hurt him. Yugi pulled him all the way out and gently held him on his lap in reassurance even as Joey tried not to let his shock show on his face.

"Damn you weren't kidding were you?" He said finally running a shaky hand through his hair even as Yami's tail wagged in pleasure as Yugi scratched his head, right behind his ears. "Alright tell me what you know." Joey said going straight into cop mode and Yugi did just that.

Fast forward to end of talk

"Those…" Joey trailed off reigning in his temper through sheer determination and Yami watched him with wide innocent crimson eyes. Right then all Joey could think about was how anybody could hurt the absolutely adorable male and how the hell they were going to suffer for doing so. "Alright I will see what I can have Seto dig up on these guys and we will go from there." Joey caught Yugi's eye and Yugi nodded before calling in his Grandfather when he noticed that Yami had finally succumb to his emotional exhaustion.

"Can you stay with Yami while joey and i discuss what we are going to do to keep Yami safe?" He asked quietly and Solomon nodded taking a now sleeping Yami from Yugi's arms as he and Joey went out into the hallway.

In the hallway

"Yugi I don't like this." Joey said after a pause before holding up a hand to stop Yugi from talking. "I will do anything to make sure he stays unharmed and safe but I have a bad feeling that we haven't seen the last of whoever did this to him." He gave Yugi a stern look. "So keep your guard up and make sure that you take every precaution."

"Of course Joey. Thank you for this." Joey gave him a grin

"What are friends for Yugi?" He asked