The sky was the color of blood, though the silvery moon still glowed brightly bathing the torn land below in its white light. It's long silver tendrils curling down into a massive crater that within were three humans, two of which were standing, the last lying silently between them in a pool of her own blood. Her hair that had once been pink was barely recognizable being as thickly matted with the crimson liquid which oozed out from a sharp gash across her temple. Though that was not the most severe, down across her chest a massive slash and gaping hole through her right side, through her abdomen a large burn that turned into a large cut that sliced through her side.

The blond that stood to the left sobbed brokenly while the raven haired stared horrified at the mutilated body between them. The fallen woman laid there her eyes closed and her breath just barely moving her chest. But she still clung to life, slowly she cracked her eyes open to stare at the luminous moon and with a painful breath she spoke.

"Nah-Naruto… Sah-Sasuke…" she choked out, both looked toward her broken body in shock, having believed her to be dead.

Naruto raced to her side his tears still flowing, he dropped to her side anxiously carefully lifting her head into his lap and choking back another sob, "S-sakura-chan…" he whispered tearfully.

Sasuke stood slowly stumbling to her as well dropping to his knees beside his two ex-teammates, though he did not know if it would stay that way much longer. He couldn't help the pained look that crossed his face as his red eyes took in all the damage that scared her body.

Sakura smiled up at them weakly, taking another painful breath, "Please…" she whispered, both looked at her questioningly, "End this war…" she coughed blood slipping from the corner of her lips. "Destroy Madara… and Kabuto…"

Both looked at her wide eyed, "Sakura-chan…?" Naruto whispered, "Madara is immortal… Even Sasuke and I together won't be enough."

Sakura gave him the best grin she could, "You two… always…. Manage to…" she was cut off by a fit of coughing that over took her.

Naruto looked more worried, "Sakura…"

She again regained her voice, "You always manage…" she took a gasp of breath, "to make the impossible, possible." she smiled at them, "I know you can do it…"

Both boys glanced at each other, "We will… Anything for you…" Naruto cried, tears again swelling in his eyes.

She smiled up at them, "Thank you…"

Naruto nodded and for once she saw a soft smile on Sasuke's lips, it was only a quirk at the corners but it was enough. His eyes hardened, "On one condition Sakura…" she looked to him as she felt herself being tugged away, "Meet us at the gates between life and death…"

Her own lips twitched into a smile as Naruto too began to grin, "I'm always waiting…" she whispered.

"Can you wait a little longer?" Naruto inquired.

"Always…" she answered as her eyes slid closed, "I'll always wait for you…" and with that her life left her with a soft breath of air and a serene smile on her lips.


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