Me: T-T I caught writers block! So Im'a write this to try to get over it.

Ty sighed as once again, something was in his way of getting his daily dose of Deuce. This time it took the form of a puppy. The filthy animal was all over Deuce, always licking and trying to play with him. Frankly Ty was sick of it.

"Come on Ty look he's soooo cute. Look at his little paws!" Deuce exclaimed while cuddling the puppy. Ty pouted for second. I'm the only one that can be called cute by Deuce he thought. He glared at the animal until finally Deuce pushed it in his arms.

Ty never was a dog person but looking at the thing he suddenly couldn't stop comparing the dog to Deuce. The cute brown eyes, the black fur/hair, the wagging tail. The dog was even as hipper as Deuce was.

"...That's it, I'm taking him." Ty said suddenly.

"Wait what?" Deuce said confused by Ty's sudden change in mood. Ty said nothing as he kissed Deuce on the lips and left the apartment. Deuce stood there for a minute then sat down and turned on the TV then the realization of what just happened sunk in.

"...Hey! He just stole my dog! "

Me: Ehh...