Thanks for the reading and reviewing my story. First I put some back story in to help understand the story and relationship between the characters better.


Jane and Maura were childhood friends. Then Maura went away to medical school, but she dropped out and joined the secret service to help protect the president. She then changed her name to Caitlin Todd. She started working for NCIS, and basically goes along with the show NCIS from there. Her life became in danger then when Ari became obsessed with her so she was asked to go into witness protection. Instead she opted to go back to her old life and resumed the name Maura Isles. She got her doctrine degree quick, thanks to her close relationship with the president and went into the autopsy field in honor of Ducky, the only one from NCIS who knows her secret.



"Protection detail's over Kate." Gibbs ordered.

"You did good." I told her, helping her up off the ground.

"For once, DiNozzo's right." Gibbs replied.

"Wow, I thought I'd die before I ever got a-" Kate laughed, before she fell to the ground, her blood splattered all over my face.

Flashback over

"Kate?" I whispered, shocked at seeing her again.

"Hi Tony." She said weakly.

"Maura, what's going on? Do you two know each other?" Jane asked surprised. Nobody said anything for a while, we just sat there staring at each other. Jane kept looking at me, then Kate, Maura. I kept my eyes on Kate, while she looked at Jane, and the floor, ignoring my attempts to make eye contact. I slumped back in the booth. Was this really Kate? Was my Katie still alive?

"Somebody better start talking." Jane ordered.

"I- I don't know what to say." The Kate look-a-like replied.

"Start from the beginning." Jane told her, making room for her to sit on the bench beside her.

"Jane, Tony and I used to work together." The woman said, looking at her friend. So it was Kate. How was that possible?

"Used to, what happened?" Jane asked, going into cop mode.

"She died. Or so we thought." I replied, trying to keep my anger from showing. Kate looked down at her hands. I saw a tear run down her cheek.

"Died how?" Jane questioned.

"A bullet to the head, she died right in front of me." I said with my eyes on Kate.

"Wait, you use to work for NCIS?" Jane asked surprised.

"What's your name, the real one?" I asked suddenly. She looked up at me then and took a deep breath.

"Maura Isles." She answered my question, finally looking at me.

"Jesus Kate, how could you do this?" I asked angry.

"I'm sorry Tony, I had to." She said, reaching over to grab my hand. When she touched me I pulled away quickly.

"Did you two, were you ever," Jane started asking if we were together. Luckily my phone rang and I went to answer it, it was Gibbs.

"Where the hell are you DiNozzo?" He hollered in my ear. I pulled the phone back, wincing. Kate, I mean Maura, laughed at this, probably remembering how loud Gibbs could be when he was angry. I frowned, not ready to reminisce about old times.

"On my way boss." I assured him. I hung up the phone and looked at the two women across from me. What on earth was I supposed to do? I couldn't keep seeing Jane that was a given. And I didn't want to leave Kate, it hurt just as much as the first time. But how was I supposed to forgive her for this one?

"I have to go. We'll talk later." I said to know one in particular.

"Okay, later." Jane replied.

"Right, later." Kate said at the same time. The two of them looked at each other then, and I was glad to be leaving. Kate was still alive, and that's all I thought about on my way back to the hotel.


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