Hi, this is my first real fanfic, so go easy on me! Oh yeah, and sorry if I don't write like how Ginny would speak. The thing is, this takes place right after CoS, and that's when she avoids Harry. And since it's from Harry's point of view, I don't know how Ginny would speak to a person that she does not idolize. I am a reader too, and one thing that annoys me is when people write fanfictions when the characters say something that they would not usually say (like Yuna cursing or Squall saying something lovey-dovey). Disclaimer: Final Fantasy is owned by Square Enix, and Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.

Pairings- Rikku/Gippal, Cedric/Cho, Bill/Fleur, Ginny/Harry (one sided), and a bunch of unserious pairings during the Yule ball. Also Tidus/Yuna and Rinoa/Squall, but Tidus and Squall aren't appearing that much.

Note- The reason why Ginny knows so much about muggles is because Mr. Weasley is obsessed, and Ginny learned about muggle life from him.

Ginny Weasly and the Final Fantasy

It all began with the journal. I found it among my secondhand books that Mum gave me, and I thought it was harmless. Even when it began to write back to me. I should have gone and told someone, but I was afraid they would take it away from me. But then the blackouts came. Rooster feathers everywhere, and blood, too. I learned to be suspicious, but it was too late. I tried to throw it away, but Harry found the book. I wanted to warn him, but I could never get the courage. Courage… the pride of Gryffindor house. Not being able to stand up… I failed my house. Or at least I thought I did, until I saw the diary in the dormitory, with no one around… I stole it. Even if it was too late, if I died, everyone would live on and be happy. Those were my thoughts then. When I found myself in the Chamber, I was hardly surprised to be there.

I never expected Harry to save me, though. I never saw him fight the Basilisk, but I knew it was heroic. When I got out, Ron was waiting outside with Lockhart. Even they came…

Fawkes carried us out of the dungeon. The nightmare was over.

Or so it seemed.

I was home at last. The Burrow was right in front of me. The pigs were rolling in the mud, the chickens were scattering… was that a rooster?

I instantly took a step back.

"Ginny?" said Ron.

Sweat poured down my face, and Ron knew it.

"You're as pale as Nick," Even Fred noticed. I retched.

"Ginny!" George caught me as I buckled.

"We need to get you to St. Mungos straightaway!" Percy yelled. For once, both Fred and George agreed in a non-sarcastic way, and began to carry me to the house.

"I-I'm fine…" I managed to choke back in a weak voice of which reflected nothing of my health, the same wheezy echo that came out when I tried to speak right after I wake up. "I…really am alright…"

"Are you joking! You nearly fainted!" Ron was concerned.

"Look," I got to my feet. "I'm fine now; you don't need to worry,"

"Well, we might as well see why you puked," George began,

"Or else it might happen again, and you'll spit up Mum's cooking rather than those rubbish sandwiches on the train," Fred finished. I could see the sense in that, so I followed them into the house.

"GINNY!" Mum threw her arms around me. "I'm so glad you're alright!"

"M-mum… you're choking me," But I was happy. I'd never thought I'd see Mum again, after my decision to sacrifice myself.

"Mother, Ginny almost fainted a moment ago," Great. Leave it to Percy to spoil the moment.

"Fainted?" Mum immediately went to the stove and lit it, and put the rather large family kettle on it. "I'll make tea, don't move!" Now even Mum's acting like I'm sick.

But what if I am?

Later that evening…

It was late, but I couldn't sleep. Just what had happened in the chicken coop? I crossed the pen, saw a rooster- That's it! I was sick because of the rooster! I knew it sounded strange, but I had just been… "Possessed…" I said aloud. Tom Riddle had possessed me, and the rooster-illness was part of it. What else could be in store for me?

The next days were a blur. From what I could remember, I found out the other symptoms of my possession.

Symptom #2- Snake phobia

"So… you're alright after all, then," Ron said.

"Yeah," I answered. "I think that as long as I stay away from roosters, I'll be all right."

"Good. Give me a hand with this, will you?" He was setting the table.

"Sure," I took the plates and knives, and began to pass them around the table. Simple enough, I thought, as long as I stay in the house away from the roosters, I'll- "SNAKE!" I screamed. I knew this was silly of me; it was only a grass snake, but the sight of it sent shivers up my spine. I collapsed.

"Ginny!"Ron threw the fork in his hand at the snake, but it only distracted it. It turned to Ron and hissed.

"NO!" Not thinking, I stabbed the snake with one of the knives. Luckily, it was a steak knife, not that we ever HAD steak. Well, not counting the time Cream, our milk cow died.

Ron looked at the dead snake, and then at me. His expression was unrecognizable, a combination of fascination, shock, and… fear? "Bloody Hell…" he said. Was he afraid of me now? I had gone from his loveable yet bratty little sister to a knife wielding, roosterphobic girl he would barely recognize.

"DON'T SAY THAT WORD IN FRONT OF YOUR SISTER!" Mum descended on Ron like Filch with Mrs. Norris, except more frightening and homier at the same time. The tension was broken. But what would be next?

Symptom #3- Journal avoidance

I was back in my room, and I had long decided to write about my time while I was possessed. Maybe I could find any other problems. Maybe I could find a solution. Maybe I could find the cure for spattergroit while I was at it. Well, wouldn't hurt to try. I took out a blank journal…

All the breath in my body vanished. Journals… too? I thought. This was serious. I couldn't avoid this just by staying inside…


"Dad? Can I borrow your muggle… word processor?"
"What for?"

"I seem to have developed an aversion to journals, too. And I need to finish my summer reading project!"

And the days went on. Every day, I fed the pig, milked the cow, and cleaned the house, all the while avoiding journals, chickens, and snakes. It wasn't easy, and I almost freaked out at least half a dozen times. Summer vacation had lost its glamour, but the idea of school was worse. If I was traumatized there, then I would find even more problems. I knew I would sound like a spoiled brat if I told Mum or Dad, so I was cornered. I was resigned to that fact.

But hope came in the form of a letter. It was paper, not parchment, and it was printed in such neat letters that I recognized it as a printed copy. Dad showed it to me as soon as he got it.

"Ginny, look at this!"

"What is it, Dad?" I really wasn't listening, the only thing that kept me alive was Mum's cooking. Those kippers were so good…

"I think someone sent you this letter to help you with your problems! It says that someone wanted to help others with possession, and they've formed this group for those who need therapy!"

I wheeled around. "That's great!" Dad handed me the letter.

Dear Miss Ginevra Weasley,

I am pleased to inform you that your troubles with possession can be resolved. We are a therapy group that deals with problems with possession, and we have recently found out about your problems. On the twenty-seventh of August, at 9 o'clock at King's Cross Station, a train to our facility will be leaving. The program lasts until June the first, so be prepared to miss school/your job/your time with your family.

I hope that you will attend,

Edea Kramer

I looked up at Dad.

"I'll tell your mother," he said, "I'll try to catch you up with your second year stuff,"

I smiled the first real smile since Harry rescued me from the Chamber. From this day forward, I had hope, and that much strengthened my resolve.

When August the twenty-seventh arrived, I was tired. Very, very tired. I stayed up all night worrying about the therapy. Would it really work? What if it doesn't? Were there other people? What if they succeeded and I didn't? Thoughts plagued my mind until I realized the time, and I downed a Dreamless Sleep potion that I learned to make over the summer.

"Ginny?" Dad woke me up. "Today's the day. It's 8 o'clock, you'd better get up soon,"

I jerked myself awake. "Thanks," I said, and I began to put on my favorite outfit, a green t-shirt with a pair of cargo shorts, boots, fingerless leather biker gloves, and a belt where I could put my wand. I picked up my book bag that I crammed with clothes and books the day earlier, and made my way down the stairs, trying not to wake anyone up. I snatched an apple off the table, and followed Dad outside.

"We're going to have to Apparate to the station, hold on a bit," I took his hand.

FWOOSHH! The world shifted collapsed on itself. All the laws of magic and physics vanished. Air from all sides pressed on me, drowned me… And then it stopped. King's Cross Staion lay before us. I resisted the urge to vomit. Why did I eat that apple?

"Er, sorry," Dad said. I now had a new respect for him and anyone who could apparate. I got to my feet and entered the crowded station. People from all over the country were gathered there. I didn't know that it was like this, especially since I've never been here except to get to Hogwarts.

Hogwarts… If I had just resisted the urge to write, then I could be…. No, Ginny, I told myself. Be sensible. What's passed has passed, and there's nothing you can do about it now.

We came to a modern-looking train in Platform 13, where the muggles never came. We boarded, with one last look at England, and all that came with it. No turning back now. As quick as a Nimbus 2001, the train doors closed and we were off.

Before long, Dad had found the vending machine. He kept on hitting random buttons and managed to get at least a dozen different kinds of drinks, including this thing called an Ether. I settled down into a comfortable chair and drank some cocoa.

After half an hour, the train came to a halt. Seven people stood at the door, two girls, four guys, and someone who I could not tell which gender they were. All of them were in their late teens.

"Take care, Yuna," one of the guys said. He had blonde hair, and a weird looking outfit of yellow and black.

"I will!" the girl who responded, Yuna, was quite attractive, with a white shirt, and a long blue half-skirt. They kissed.

"See, I told you," another one of the girls, with long blonde hair, a bikini, a golden yellow scarf with a gradient said to the androgynous person, who had silver hair and wore black. S/he nodded.

The other guys didn't take it so well. A white haired man with mainly green clothing gaped, partially in shock, and also in- was he afraid? His friend was better. He wore an eye-patch and a weird blue/purple outfit that looked good with his spiky blonde hair. Instead of gaping, he simply looked surprised. The last one of them, a man with a mechanical arm, glasses, a long ponytail, a red body suit, and a peg for a leg glared at the guy. I noticed that he was fairly balanced for a guy with one leg.

"Bye!" the guy in yellow waved as the others got in. Probably wanted to see his friends off, I thought. The doors snapped shut. The new people walked around a bit. The girl with the white shirt- Yuna- came up to me. Now that I had a closer look, I saw that her shirt had a gaping window in the middle, barely held together by a metal symbol that looked like a rose, a T, or a J [1].

"Are you alright?" She asked. I instantly decided that I liked her.

"Y-yeah," I actually felt sick to my stomach. I forgot about the apparition…

"I think this'll help. Esuna!" She waved an object in her hand a bit, and a rainbow light flashed on me from below. I felt better than before, the same clean feeling that you get right after drinking cool water.


"My name's Yuna. What's yours?"

"Ginny. Ginny Weasley,"


"No," I said with a hint of a laugh, "Ginny is my first name; Weasley is my last name,"

"Kimahari's last name is Ronso, right Yunie?" The girl with the bikini came over. "My name's Rikku. We don't have last names where we're from."

"Nice to meet you, Rikku,"

"So you're in the program, too?" Rikku probably meant it as a conversation starter, but for me, it was too personal. "Yes," I said firmly, "But I don't want to talk about it,"

"Mm," Both Yuna and Rikku understood. "Hey, you see those guys over there?" Rikku pointed to the other group of people who came with them. They were exploiting some more 'Ethers' out of the vending machine. "We know them,"

"You do?"


"That's Paine," Yuna indicated to the androgynous person, "she's the stoic one of the group,"

"That guy with the eyepatch is Gippal!" Rikku seemed exited about him being there.

"He's Rikku's boyfriend," whispered Yuna. "Moving on," she said in a louder voice, "The white-haired guy is Baralai. He can be a little pompous at first, but he's nice if you get to know him,"

"And as long as you never get him mad!" Rikku piped in.

"Then who's the guy with the cane?" I asked.

"Nooj. He's a bit of a pessimist and a downer, but I think he's a good person," Yuna said, "Hey, do you want to go see what we can get out of the vending machine?"

"Sure!" We got out of our seats and Rikku swiped not only Ethers, but Potions, Hi-potions, Mega-potions, X-potions, Elixirs, Mega-elixirs, and somehow a bag that Rikku said could hold an infinite amount of different objects. "But you can only hold up to 99 items that are not weapons or armor, so try to use them while you can!" Rikku advised me.

"You're giving this to me?" I was surprised, "Something this good?"

"We already have one," Yuna said, "And you might need one,"

"Thank you,"

"You're welcome. Oh, by the way, you can link bags so that you can put items in one bag and take them out of another. It's useful for battle situations or when you want to send a message,"

"Cool!" We talked for so long that we barely noticed the doors opening again. This time, the train was in a station with a small group of people outside. Most of them were in their late teens, but several older men were present.

"Bye everyone!" A girl with shoulder-length raven hair and a blue duster came running towards the doors. Almost. She crashed into a window next to the door. How clumsy can you get?

"Rinoa!" one of the teenage guys came running over. He had a jacket and what appeared to be a fur boa around his neck. "Are you alright?"

"Right as rain!" she got in, stopped at the doorway, and waved. "Bye now!"

The doors shut. The girl turned to us. "Hi, my name's Rinoa! I like chocolate and I hate liver [2]! I hope to be friends with all of you!"

The guy with the eyepatch – Gippal- whispered something that sounded like gibberish to Baralai, and both of them laughed. Rikku turned on them and yelled "I heard that!"

I turned to Yuna for clarification.

"They're speaking Al Bhed," She explained, "It's Gippal and Rikku's native language as the Al Bhed people. I some of it, and I think Gippal said 'Another ditzy girl'. Some people think of Rikku as ditzy, so… you get the idea,"

"Rikku? Ditzy?" I never thought of Rikku as ditzy at all. Hyper, maybe. But ditzy was completely unlike her, even if I had only known her for ten minutes. I always thought of a ditz as a girl who always wears heavy makeup, goes to the mall every day, and clings to her boyfriend every time she's in trouble, generally making a nuisance of herself. "If anyone was ditzy, it was Rolmilda Vane. When I first met her, she was trying to snog Fred. I glad that she wasn't his type. I don't think I could stand her if he brought her home.

Yuna smiled. "I'm really glad that you think of her that way [3],"

"Hey, who's this girl?" Gippal seemed to only notice me then. I think that it was because I was there before him, and Rinoa made such a huge entrance that he had forgotten that I was here.

"My name is Ginny, got it?"

"Whatever you say, new girl,"


"I know, I just like calling you that,"

"Isn't that enough?" Rikku sprang up. "You call me 'Cid's girl' every time we meet, and now you're doing this to Ginny?"

"I'm just kidding. I know her name's Ginny; I only do that with you," It seemed to me that Gippal was flirting with her. Wasn't he already her boyfriend? Oh yeah, Yuna said it, not Rikku or Gippal.

The doors opened once more. This time, an even smaller group of people, only four of them stood outside. From what I could see, two were male, one was a young woman, and the last was a girl not much older than her.

"Thank you for seeing me off," The woman, who had short pink hair and looked about nineteen or twenty, seemed to be the one who would go with us. At least she wasn't a ditz like Rinoa.

"Aw, come on, you're our friend, of course we're seeing you off," One of the men, who looked about the same age, put an arm around her and smiled.

"Be sure to write!" piped up the girl.

"I will!"

"Not like we won't ever see you again," The last man spoke. He looked much more masculine than the other guy.

"Bye everyone!" the woman ran towards the doors and-

"Stop looking at your reflection!" The second man dragged the woman off.

"Sorry. See you next year, Big sister!"

Everyone's jaws dropped except for Rinoa, who wasn't paying attention. That was a girl?

"Hello, my name is Lenna. Pleased to meet you," Lenna climbed on board without us noticing. Probably when we were staring at her sister.

"I'm Rinoa!" She was the only one who was unfazed.

"I'm Yuna, and this is Rikku, Paine, Nooj, Gippal, Baralai, and Ginny," She pointed to each of us in turn.

"I hope that we'll get along!" She seemed genuine, despite her words. I guess that she was taught to speak like that, and never got to express her feelings in a clear manner without being overly emotional. I guess that's what Yuna thought of Baralai, given her description.

I guess that these were the people who I was going to live with for the year…

That's it for this chapter!

[1] I thought that the Zanarkand Abes symbol looked like a rose, or those larvae enemies.

[2] I totally made that up. But Rinoa seemed the type to like that sort of thing.

[3] I originally had a badly worded sentence that I could not put clearly. It was something along the lines of- "I don't mean as in not ditzy, but as in you like her," Since this is an author's note, I can sort it out better. Okay, so for Ginny, ditz=bad. For Yuna, ditz=neutral. Yuna thinks that Rikku is ditzy-ish, but Ginny does not think so because she thinks of ditzes as bad, and she like Rikku.