I'm discontinuing this story. I have enough on my plate as it is, and that's all I can do. All plots, plot points, and plot twists will be shown at the end.

Did you know that when Tidus washes up on Besaid's shores at the beginning of FFX, that he never gets his food? "You do remember the prayer, right?" "Take a nap, you look bushed," … shut up already, Wakka. This is why I like Rikku better- she actually gives him food after she promises.

I had a dream that I was Rikku from X-2, except I was afraid of heights rather than snakes and I'm pretty sure that I wore more clothes. Me and the other Gullwings were climbing Mt. Gagazet at the start of the game, but then at the top, we had to fight Seymour Natus, which was weak against lightning for some reason. I ran off, since I was scared of heights, and Yuna helped me come back to fight. By then, Paine had killed him with a Thunder spell. Whoops.

Yuna's explanation is simplified a bit, so that Ginny could understand.

Chapter 4

Lenna and I met in the fields outside the house on Friday morning. The air held the first breezes of autumn, smelling fresh and cool. The grass was short enough to walk on without any difficulties, perfect for training. Lenna got out her bag, and began to pull out weapons that fell out of use centuries ago. "Let's see… knife, dagger, sword, axe…" Finally, she spread out all her basic weapons on the grass. "Try the knife first,"

I picked it up and tried some knife techniques that she showed me. Although it was simple to use, it wasn't my style. I wasn't going to run straight into an enemy's range.

"Sword, then," she handed me a durable-looking sword. As much as I would have liked a sword, it was too heavy for my eleven-year-old body.

"Axe?" While it was even heavier than the sword, it wasn't that awkward.

"Maybe this would work," she handed me a lance. Light enough for me to easily hold, and well balanced, I held it high. "Follow my movements," she said as she got out another spear, and thrust it at a stalk of grass. I copied it, steadily.

"Not bad, but let's look at other weapons first." She handed me a double-ended lance which she showed me how to throw, a bow and arrow, which I could shoot but took too long to reload, and a short sword that was light, but had no power that could compensate for my own weakness.

"Maybe I'm doing this wrong… Ginny, use this," she handed me a broom. "Think of your ideal weapon, and pretend that the broom is whatever it is,"

Let's see… I want something light, fast, and mid-range. I don't like thrusts or stabbing… My mind flashed to Soul Caliber, a game that Dad tried to figure out without directions. I didn't like it much, since it didn't have much of a plot, but I loved the weapons, especially Seung-Mina's weapon. I couldn't pronounce it, since it was Korean, but it was like a lance, but used for slicing rather than stabbing.

I picked up the broom- no, halberd- and spread out my hands across the length of the pole. I whirled it around, knowing and feeling every inch of it.

Lenna whistled. "Not bad. I think I have a weapon that suits your needs." She rummaged through her handbag and pulled out a halberd. "Now, I don't know how to use this, but I can teach you some basic knowledge of stances and balance. I also think that you should learn unarmed combat, so that you know the difference between right and wrong."

And that was how my first hour of fighting lesson went- Playing with weapons and then playing pretend with a broom handle. The rest was mainly Lenna showing me how to kick, and me practicing. By the time we had finished, it was already noon, and I walked back to the house with tired feet. I was surprised that Lenna wasn't that tired, granted, she didn't do very much besides polish her weapons and do a couple kicks, but her weapons were heavy and her exercises exhausting. Then again, she was twenty, and I was only eleven. But her training would have been a great substitute for Wood's Quiddich practice…

When we got back, Mrs. Kramer and the other girls were cooking lunch. As far as I could tell, Mrs. Kramer was the best. Rinoa was raised in a rich family, so she never had to learn, and Yuna was never expected to marry for some reason, so she never knew how. Rikku and Paine were better. They weren't exactly good, but they had to learn how to make food out of anything from when they were my age. As Rikku said, "Anything is safe to eat when you set it on fire for long enough". That would have been good if you were a survivor in the jungle or on the run, but not here.

After examining all of the dishes, I could tell who was best. Yuna tried the hardest, and had made a decent plate of roasted Chocobo. I had no idea what a Chocobo was, but it tasted like chicken. Rikku was second, making hardtack out of little more than flour, water, and salt. Despite their drab taste, hers was better than Rinoa's. She had gone a little crazy, and boiled tinned oysters in fish oil for some reason. Paine wasn't that bad. She actually knew how to cook seafood, but her analyzing nature rendered her unable to salt to taste.

"What is a pinch, anyway?" she allegedly harassed Mrs. Kramer. "My hands are smaller than yours, so-"

"It's the largest amount of salt that you can get with one pinch," Yuna had said helpfully.

Unfortunately, Paine took that as a challenge, and dumped an entire tablespoon of salt into the soup she made.

I took a large helping of chi- I mean, Chocobo when I came around. Decent, but Yuna never learned how to cook. "I miss Mum's cooking," I groaned softly.

There was a silence across the table. "Did I say something wrong?" I asked, worried that I hit a nerve.

"No," Gippal said quietly. "It's not your fault, you wouldn't know,"

I glanced around the table. Everyone had a glum expression. "I'm sorry,"

"Well, let's all enjoy this delicious meal," Mrs. Kramer suggested awkwardly. Rinoa had said that she used to be a matron, so that made sense.

We ate the Chocobo (no one dared touch anything else) in silence, and cleared the dishes.

After lunch, I asked Yuna why everyone was silent. I caught her when we were on the cliff overlooking the sea.

"It was because… all of us lost our parents when we were young," she said quietly. "In our world, there was this monster called Sin, which plagued our world for a thousand years. My mother… was killed by Sin."

"I'm sorry," I had intruded on emotional territory.

"It's not your fault. After my mother died, my father became a Summoner to avenge her,"

Seeing my blank look, Yuna quickly explained, "A Summoner's job is to defeat Sin. To aid a Summoner in combat, Aeons, magical beings that come when called to assist the them, are granted to Summoners when they pray at temples. Summoners are also aided by Guardians, those who swear their lives to the Summoner. When a Summoner prays at all the temples in Spira- our world," she said quickly, "they have completed their training, and are ready to call the Final Aeon and defeat Sin,"

"Defeat? Not kill?"

Yuna nodded. "Sin is born anew months after the Final Summoning,"

"But then- couldn't the Summoner just defeat Sin again?" Yuna simply looked on at the sea. Don't tell me… "Do you mean… that…?"

She nodded. "After the Final Summoning, the Summoner dies,"

I was dumbstruck. It was just like Harry's parents dying to save him, and indirectly defeating Voldemort. Dad said that everyone celebrated that day, but none of them gave a thought to how Harry was going to live from then on.

"I used to be a Summoner, until about two years ago," Yuna continued. "Back then, I wore robes instead of the skirt you see me in now. Rikku used to wear the same shirt as you're wearing now,"

I tried to imagine Yuna in wizard's robes and failed. Black just didn't suit her.

"I still have them, if you want to see,"

"Thanks," I said, but I wanted to hear the rest of her story. She had quit, she must have!

"I wanted to follow in my father's footsteps, and save the world like he did, even if it meant my life. But it was on that journey, where I met…" She blushed. "Tidus,"

"Your boyfriend?" I blurted out. "The one who saw you off?"

She nodded. "It's a long story, but he claimed to be from Zanarkand, a city that was destroyed a thousand years ago,"

"When Sin appeared," I said.

She nodded. "It's a long story, and he didn't travel to the future at all, as it turns out, but he had no idea about the Summoner's sacrifice. He became one of my guardians, and traveled with me to complete my training. Rikku also became one of my guardians, but she tried to stop me whenever she could."

"What about-"

"I didn't know Paine and the guys back then, and Rinoa's from another dimension. You'd have to ask her about her parents. Anyway, when he found out, Tidus tried to prevent me from finishing my journey, at any cost. But when we got to the Final Aeon…" She paused, "It turned out that in order to call the Final Aeon, I had to sacrifice one of my guardians. Aeons originate from human souls who sacrifice themselves to aid summoners. The Final Aeon would be the soul of one of the Summoner's Guardians. In the end… we learned the truth."

Her face was so serious that I didn't dare say anything else. "The Final Aeon is possessed by Yu Yevon, an ancient spirit with no reason to exist. The Aeon then becomes Sin, starting the cycle all over again…"

"That's…" I didn't have a word for it. Nothing I knew about magic had this kind of permanence. Everything wore off eventually, curses could be lifted, or at least removed from someone, but a thousand years cycle? "That's horrible…"

"But in the end… we slayed Yunalesca-"

"I'm sorry, who?"

"In Spira- that's our home world- it is not uncommon for the spirits of the dead to walk among us, unable to pass on unless their regrets have been fulfilled or if a Summoner Sends them. Sending is… a ritual that allows the spirits of the dead to pass on. Yunalesca was the daughter of Yu Yevon, who told us of the rite."

"So you Sent her?"

"Yes. Our plan… well, it's a long story, but we faced Sin head-on, went inside it, and faced the one who became Sin."

"Your father's Guardian?" I guessed.

"Yes. Tidus's father, Jecht."

"His father? How did he-"

"He arrived before Tidus did. The sprits of the Aeons wanted to be free of their chains that bound them to the world of the living as shades, and so they took Jecht so that he could kill Sin without the Final Aeon. He failed, and became Sin."

"Arrived?" I asked. "Where did he come from?"

"That's an even longer story. Sin was made as a weapon in a war, as a last resort. The people of the city gave their lives so that their leader- Yu Yevon- could create it. Additionally, Yu Yevon wanted to preserve the memory of the city forever, knowing that the real city would die soon. He created a Dream city where there was no war or strife. Jecht and Tidus came from that city…"

"Anyway," she continued, "Our plan was to kill Yu Yevon inside of Sin, bringing the cycle of destruction to an end."

"But if the Summoner dies…"

Yuna nodded. "Tidus and Jecht would die as well."

I bit back tears. To save a world they never knew of, they had to give up their lives? No one I knew of was that selfless. Harry's parents, maybe, but not many others.

"But… you didn't kill Sin in the end?"

She shook her head. "We killed Sin, and he… faded away…"

Even if both of us knew that he was alive, Yuna was on the verge of tears. "Two years later," she continued, "Kimahari- one of my guardians- found a sphere on Mount Gagazet …"

A sphere? "By sphere, you're not talking about just an object with 4/3 pi r cubed volume, right?"

"No, a sphere is a… recording device that captures moments and imprints it on the sphere to be played back later." She withdrew a small orb about the size of a Remembrall. "This is the sphere." She pulled out a golden bangle and fitted it onto the sphere. "You need one of these to play back spheres."

Ah. So it's like a video camera, except it looks like it runs on magic. I wish we wizards thought of doing something like that…

She pressed a button, and a screen projected out of the top. She set it on the ground, and shielded it from the sunlight to make it easier to see.

That was all I got to when I lost all inspiration. They do get to Hogwarts, and this is what happens:

They are Sorted: Rikku, Yuna, Rinoa, and Lenna in Gryffindor. Baralai and Nooj in Slytherin. Gippal in Ravenclaw.

Baralai unfortunately has a phobia of being underground, and ends up being unable to sleep in the Slytherin dorms. He sleeps in all other classes.

His other phobia is of pianos.

When Moody Imperiuses them, Baralai jumps out the window, screaming.